Canine To Five: Looking After Your Pets With A Busy Lifestyle

It appears to be a given, so many families have a pet. It could be argued that with the amount of money, time, and effort it takes to look after a pet now, especially with both parents usually working full-time jobs, and toddlers being in a nursery all day. And with limited time for the family to enjoy downtime as a whole unit or this precious time being used to clean your house, it could have a detrimental effect on a household pet. So how can you get the balance right?



Set A Routine, And Stick To It!

As a busy parent, you know the importance of sticking to a routine, and you know how bad it can be for your whole day if something is knocked out of sync. The same applies to your pet. If you set up a schedule to do the basics, such as feeding, exercising, and bonding with your pets, around your busy life, you will notice the difference in your pet. You will see that they are more secure and confident and will rely on this routine, especially if you have a dog.


Take Your Pet With You When You Exercise

This doesn’t apply if you go to the gym! But exercise is important for you and your pets. The best time to fit in a bit of exercise benefits you and the pet is first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be for long, but if you have a dog and take them for a morning run, it will stimulate them enough, and it will benefit you by waking you up, ready for your long day.

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Things People NEVER Tell You About Owning A Puppy


If you are a dog-lover, the idea of having puppies will fill you with excitement. After all, they are so cute and cuddly! And, they are a joy to be around day after day. That is what people assume, yet the reality is a little different. Yes, dogs are a great addition to the home if you are an animal person. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you take the plunge. Below are the things people never tell you about owning a puppy. Good luck!


They Go Crazy Without Warning


Most people assume puppies are a bundle of energy from dusk to dawn. The truth is that they are pretty quiet for long periods of the day. But, they will suddenly go crazy without warning. That means they will jump around, run into the furniture, and chew anything in reach. This usually lasts for between ten minutes to half an hour and happens around two or three times a day.


You Can’t Take Them Outside


The obvious solution to prevent them from going bonkers is to take them for a walk. Nope, that is not the case with puppies. Of course, over time they will need to get out of the house at least three times a day. But, while they are young, they can’t leave the house until they get immunisations from a range of diseases and infections. And, it can take up to a month before they are ready for the injections. Until that point, they have to stay inside and drive you crazy! [Read more…]

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Canine Worms, And How To Treat Them

Ever seen your pooch drag its hind quarter across the floor? Then it’s likely he had worm and was trying to get rid of them. Worms are in fact, a very common problem in dogs, and there are many different types you need to be aware of. So you can prevent and treat them when they do occur. This is essential because not only are they uncomfortable for your dog, they can also endanger their health and yours. Read on to find out more.




Roundworms are one of the most common types of parasitic infection that dogs can get. The symptoms often include a pot bellied appearance, diarrhea, vomiting, and pneumonia. Although many dogs have the infection without showing these signs. That is why it’s vital to regularly worm your dog from when they are a puppy.

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To do this, you can purchase dog worming tablets or liquid from your veterinarian or online. Of course, having the stuff isn’t the same as getting your dog to take it. Especially, if your pooch is one of the clever ones that can tell when medicine is coming from a mile off. If they are then why not use a product like these pill treats for dogs to help disguise it? Surely it’s easier than running all around the house after them trying to get them to swallow their pill?


Also, remember that you can easily get roundworms from an infected pet. Something that you will want to avoid. So ensure all surfaces that he has come into contact with are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. As well as getting the infestation sorted out as quickly as possible.

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The 5 Best Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

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If you’ve got a relative or friend that’s obsessed with dogs, you’re probably keen to get them a dog themed gift when it’s their birthday. So, here are the best gift ideas for dog lovers all over the world. Look through them all, and you’re bound to find something that suits the person you’re buying for:

Dog Necklace

Believe it or not but you can actually buy necklaces with dog pendants. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but they do exist. In fact, if you look here you can see an example of a cute little dog charm that goes on a necklace. Jewelry will always go down a treat with most of your female friends/relatives so this gift idea could be an absolute winner.

Pet Pillow

Everyone loves to have a special pillow on their bed. So, why don’t you get your friend a customized pet pillow? You can buy a pillow in the shape of a dog with their actual dog printed on it. It will be an amazingly personal gift that they’ll love and enjoy. Plus, it will be hilarious looking at their dog trying to figure out what’s going on when they see someone just like them! [Read more…]

Making A New Puppy Comfortable And Healthy While Adjusting To Your Home

When you bring a new bundle of joy home, in the form of a young, lively, excitable pooch, there are a few things you need to do for a safe transition into family life. You should try and treat, the arrival of a new puppy, the same way you would treat a newborn baby coming home. They are very similar in the fact that they need round the clock care, attention and love. The home itself must be made safe so they can’t get up to any mischief that would end up hurting them. They’re also, small, fragile and weak, so their health care must kept the number one priority while they adjust to normal life. You must be ready to provide even the smallest of things for your puppy because they solely depend on your for their every need. Building trust and reliability are crucial at this stage because, just like human beings, a dog’s childhood is where their outlook on life is first formed. Having a loving home, being safe and trusting your owner, is what every dog in the world wants.

Credit – Hailey R. Staker

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You’ve Got The Dog: Now What?

If you’ve just bought your first family pet and it’s a wonderful little puppy then congratulations. You’ve got another addition to the family, and he or she will exceed your expectations in terms of companionship (I may not know them, but I know that). Still, what you don’t see in Hollywood films are the chores that come with owning a dog. Eating, sleeping, and walking in the park are the three main things that you assume come with dog ownership. However, if you have children then you’ll know that you’d laugh if somebody told you all you have to do is feed them, put them to bed, and take them out for pleasant strolls now and then.


Of course, this isn’t to say that owning a dog is as difficult as bringing up a child. That being said, there are a lot of similarities. Most importantly, looking after a dog is a complex, and it’s a 24/7 job. You can’t neglect your pet; you have to be ready to give it love and affection. Still, as mentioned above, there’s a lot more to welcoming your new dog to your family household than simply giving him or her cuddles all the time. The following tips might guide you with what to do now that you’ve finally got the family pet.

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Which Dog Breeds Are The Most Kid-Friendly?

Dogs make an incredible addition to the family. Not only are they the life and soul of the home, but they’re also great companions for kids as they grow up.


But what makes a great dog? Which dog breeds are the friendliest?


Before even looking at dog breeds, it’s important to understand the ideal characteristics for dogs. One of the most important is whether or not the dog breed itself is sturdy. In other words, is the dog going to be long-lived and free from illness? Or will it need constant trips to the vet?


The next question is to ask whether the dog breed is friendly and intelligent? Some breeds are a lot less friendly than others.


Finally, you want a dog with the right energy levels for your family environment. If you’re an indoor family, then you’ll need a relatively low maintenance breed. But if you’re a sporty family and want to take your dog with you when you exercise, then you’ll need something a little more energetic.


Golden Retriever


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How To Tackle Your Terrier’s Troublesome Side

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Terriers make fantastic family pets. Whether you opt for a West Highland Terrier, or a Jack Russell, these little guys have a lot of love to give. They’re excitable, passionate, and always on the go. So, they’re ideal for children who want to play all the time. Their independent natures also mean they’ll be happy to entertain themselves. It’s the best of both worlds.

But, many of us have heard people referring to Terriers as terrors. And, it would be naive not to address that accusation here. Despite their good points, there’s no denying that these dogs do have the ability to terrorize you if you let them. To ensure you reap the benefits without the terror aspect, we’re going to look at a few ways you can tackle your Terrier’s terrible side.

Take Training Head On

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Terriers have an amazing ability to learn commands. At the end of the day, they started life as working dogs. So, they’re ready and waiting for you to teach them their jobs. As such, you should start training as soon as possible. This is crucial, not only for curbing their behavior but also for teaching them the pecking order. Terriers, more than many other dogs, will take advantage of chinks in the pack’s order. You need to assert your role as alpha to achieve their long lasting respect. You could start at home by using resources like this dog training blog to get you off on the right footing. Once they’re old enough, it’s worth taking them to a class, where they’ll have the chance to meet other dogs, too. Remember to always reward for good behavior, and you should be on the path to success in no time.


Burn Some Of That Energy


For the most part, this ‘terror’ which we speak of comes from this breed’s endless energy. You’ll be hard pushed to find a dog with as much get up and go as a Terrier. So, keeping the terror in order is, in part, a case of burning that energy. As these are a small breed, many owners fail don’t realize the amount of exercise they need. But, long walks are essential for Terriers. These highly intelligent animals need the stimulation of a walk at least once daily. Otherwise, they’ll go crazy and take you with them.

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An Outlet For Their Natural Instincts

This is an aspect that many of us dog owners don’t like to think much about. But, Terriers were bred to hunt rats, mice, and so on. As such, they have an innate desire to run after anything small and fast. Worse, they develop a commitment to the cause. It’s testament to their intelligence that they don’t forget about a catch when it’s out of sight. They think about it, and try to hunt it out. This isn’t behavior you want your kids seeing. So, make sure your dog has toys which can mimic this behavior. Squeaky options, or mechanical mice, are sure to go down well.

Welcoming A Young, Lively Rescue Dog Into Your Family

America’s pet shelters are overflowing with pet pooches that would make perfect companions in a family home. So, if you’ve decided to rescue your new dog, instead of buying them from a breeder; you’re in for loving, and long-lasting relationship that will enrich your family’s lives for years to come. If you’re prepared to put in the time, work, and plenty of affection (and the odd treat); your rescue dog will integrate into family life with ease, and you’ll reap the rewards that a well-behaved canine can bring to a household. The following are some areas that you’ll need to consider before you go pick up your new family member from the dog shelter, with some hints and tips that should help them settle in.

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Good Boy! How To Reward Your Well-Behaved Bichon Frise

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The Bichon Frise has so many positive attributes. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they also have the most loving and affectionate temperaments of any of the dog breeds. They are all round stars: lap dogs and loyal companions for anybody who can show them a little love and care. But, as with every dog breed, there are always a few areas which could want for improvement. With Bichons, this tends to be trainability. While they are little bundles of joy, they can often prove difficult to train, as they will regularly lose interest in the task at hand, diving into your arms for cuddles instead. The problem? We often give in. But that’s not to say they are impossible to train. The solution to almost any difficulty? Treating them. Here are a few ways to reward your four-legged friend when they show positive interaction with your training.

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Now, walks aren’t as much a treat as a necessity. But it’s needless to say that Bichons love their daily adventure out of the house. So if they are doing particularly well with commands, give them an extra one! They’ll be ecstatic about the extra opportunity to stretch their legs and see some of their pals down the park. If you want to go all out, take them a little further afield than their usual stomping ground. Consider a new park, nature reserve or even a stroll around a reservoir. The new landscape will be full of new sights and smells, keeping them occupied from the start of their walk to the finish. Try encouraging them to sit before you will put their harness on for them. This combines commands with the positive knowledge that they will be taken out in return for their obedience. [Read more…]