Furry Friend Fitness: Keeping Your Pet In Shape


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Looking after a pet is much more than simply enjoying the company of an animal which will always be loyal to you. When you take on this responsibility, you also commit to something almost as important as having a child of your own. They will rely on you in every aspect of their life, with areas like fitness and health being completely at your hands, but you’re not alone, and you don’t have to struggle. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the key areas of pet fitness, and the ways that you can achieve them for your creature.

Keeping any animal in good shape will take at least some exercise. Some animals, like fish, don’t need this help, as they will do it on their own. Birds, reptiles, and mammals, though, might need some persuasion. Each species will have a unique set of acceptable exercises which you will find easy to perform. To find out about them, you’ll have to do some research for the particular pet you have.

Next, it’s time to think about health, and how you’ll keep your animal on top of their game in it. A big part of this is routine, and regular usage of options like Heartgard for dogs or an alternative for your pet can give them a huge boost. Along with this, though, most pets should also go for regular vet checkups to make sure that they don’t have anything going wrong which you can’t see. [Read more…]

Top Reasons Why You Should Get a Dog for your Kids

If you are considering getting a dog then you’ll have a lot to think about. After all, you have to think about whether or not getting a dog is right for you and you also have to think about what breed of dog you want. Of course, a dog isn’t right for everyone and if you are not ready to give one a home then you need to make sure that you do everything you can to accept this and not get one anyway in hopes that it will change things.

Responsibility and Care

If you are worried about getting a dog because you don’t always want the responsibility of walking it or even grooming it then you can get your kids involved. It’s important for your kids to learn how important it is to walk the dog and even feed it on time. This is the ideal way for you to teach your kids about responsibility and it is also the best way for you to show them that they do in fact have responsibilities and that their responsibilities are theirs to bear. A dog can also help a child to feel grounded and it can also help them to take initiative as well, showing them that another living thing actually depends on them.



Dogs are Great for Parents who have an Only Child

If you are not planning on having more than one child then you should consider getting them a dog. There have been a lot of studies done that show that children feel less lonely when they have a dog and in some instances they even view their pet as a sibling. Some children even learn how to share their parent’s time between the dog and themselves and they also learn how to respect another living thing. This is a great and valuable life lesson and it is the best way for you to teach your child, from a young age, how important it is to be considerate of other living things.

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Great Benefits of Dogs and Children Growing Up Together

Most children are going to love dogs; they are cute, cuddly, and fun. But there are many reasons why growing up with a dog can actually benefit a child, or a family in general, as a result. Both physically and psychologically, a dog can be a massive help at home. If you’re not convinced, then take a look at a few of the many ways that a dog could help in your home.



Always Have Companionship

Growing up isn’t always easy. But having the consistency of always knowing your dog is at home, can be reassuring to children as they grow up. Having a dog to play with and cuddle can be a great way to feel comforted as a child, especially if they’ve had a hard day at school or there are issues in the family. Having a pet can help them to relax and it has even been shown to relieve stress.


Be More Active

There are some pets that are really low-maintenance. They need food, cleaning occasionally, and then you just leave them be. So while a pet like that may be appealing, it isn’t a pet that is going to encourage your children to be particularly active. So if you want to get them off the computer or consoles from time to time, then having a dog that needs to be walked is a good way to do it. The time spent outdoors with the pet dog can be fun, and will get them in a healthy routine that will set them up for life.

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How Much Is Your Dog Costing You?


If you own a pooch, you will already know that they can be very expensive to keep and look after. But are you aware of how much your dog is actually costing you? Here’s a rundown of some of the major costs and what you can do to keep them as low as possible.


Spaying Or Neutering – $200

One of the initial costs that many pet owners face is getting the animal spayed or neutered. This is really important as it can calm down most male dogs and also prevents female bitches from becoming pregnant. If your dog ends up pregnant then you will have to face a lot bigger vet bills and you will also have to care for a litter of puppies further down the line. And that is certainly something that you don’t want to be faced with! Don’t worry if this initial amount to get your dog spayed or neutered seems excessively high – there are things you can do to help make this cost easier to manage. First of all, you might want to find out how to get rid of debt to ease your current financial situation. As well as that, it’s worth seeing if there are any pe charities in your local area who can help with the cost of vet bills.



Dog Training – $100

If you have a puppy or a very young dog then you will need to take it to a few training courses so that it can socialize with other dogs and learns good behavior. This isn’t particularly cheap, though, and it could easily set you back a hundred dollars or so. Can’t really afford that? Don’t worry – you can have a go at training your pup yourself. It might not be as hard as you would have thought! You should be able to train your dog to do simple tricks in the garden. There are quite a few good YouTube videos you’ll be able to use to help you do this. It’s also a good idea to take your pup to the local dog park as well so that it can meet other dogs and get used to being around them. If a dog isn’t socialized enough as a puppy, then they could grow up to become quite aggressive around other dogs.


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Sick as a Dog: Common Canine Health Issues

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While your average well-looked-after dog doesn’t tend to get sick too regularly, there are still a few common health issues which may crop up from time to time. There are plenty of steps which you can take to keep your dog in peak condition, while regular visits to your vet can help you to discover health issues before they spiral out of control. Keep a close eye on your dog for common illness signs. These are just a few of the main problems which could affect your canine.


Skin Issues

There are a wide variety of skin issues which dogs can suffer from – itching, scratching and inflamed skin are just a few common symptoms. The reasons why your dog is suffering vary from allergies to parasites. If you think that fleas may be the issue, visit website for some products which could help. If you can’t identify the issue, make sure to pay a visit to your vet as your dog can easily become irritated and miserable.


Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in dogs – particularly the ones with big, floppy ears. If you see them shaking their heads, scratching excessively or there is discharge or debris, this is likely to be what the problem is. If they are left untreated, they can lead to more serious conditions so you should make sure to go to your vet if these symptoms persist for more than a couple of days. You can help to prevent issues by routinely cleaning their ears.

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Teaching Your Kids to Play with Dogs Safely

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They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but I think we all know that it is children who bond the most strongly with dogs.

There’s nothing cuter than a kid/dog combo, but whenever kids and dogs are in the same company, it’s important that safety is taken into account. So, if your child has shown an interest in a pooch, whether it be your own or someone else’s, here are a few things you should teach them so they can stay safe and enjoy a meaningful relationship with the four-legged friends around them:

Never Leave a Dog Alone with Your Kid

Even if it’s your own dog and you think you know his temperament, any dog behaviorist will tell you it’s never a good idea to leave a young kid alone with a dog. Dogs can become easily irritated and threatened by kids, especially those who want to pet them no matter what, which leaves them open to being bitten or worse. If you want to keep your kid and your dog (or anyone else’s)  safe, ensure a responsible adult is always around when they’re together until the child is older and more able to handle him.


Ask the Owner

Your child should know that, if they meet a new dog, they should always check with the owner before giving the dog any attention. Some pooches are pretty skittish and many, particularly those who haven’t been trained or haven’t exactly had the best start in, life, can be very wary of people they don’t know, and they may act to protect themselves, so asking is the very first thing anyone should do before showering new dogs with attention.

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Canine To Five: Looking After Your Pets With A Busy Lifestyle

It appears to be a given, so many families have a pet. It could be argued that with the amount of money, time, and effort it takes to look after a pet now, especially with both parents usually working full-time jobs, and toddlers being in a nursery all day. And with limited time for the family to enjoy downtime as a whole unit or this precious time being used to clean your house, it could have a detrimental effect on a household pet. So how can you get the balance right?



Set A Routine, And Stick To It!

As a busy parent, you know the importance of sticking to a routine, and you know how bad it can be for your whole day if something is knocked out of sync. The same applies to your pet. If you set up a schedule to do the basics, such as feeding, exercising, and bonding with your pets, around your busy life, you will notice the difference in your pet. You will see that they are more secure and confident and will rely on this routine, especially if you have a dog.


Take Your Pet With You When You Exercise

This doesn’t apply if you go to the gym! But exercise is important for you and your pets. The best time to fit in a bit of exercise benefits you and the pet is first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be for long, but if you have a dog and take them for a morning run, it will stimulate them enough, and it will benefit you by waking you up, ready for your long day.

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Things People NEVER Tell You About Owning A Puppy



If you are a dog-lover, the idea of having puppies will fill you with excitement. After all, they are so cute and cuddly! And, they are a joy to be around day after day. That is what people assume, yet the reality is a little different. Yes, dogs are a great addition to the home if you are an animal person. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you take the plunge. Below are the things people never tell you about owning a puppy. Good luck!


They Go Crazy Without Warning


Most people assume puppies are a bundle of energy from dusk to dawn. The truth is that they are pretty quiet for long periods of the day. But, they will suddenly go crazy without warning. That means they will jump around, run into the furniture, and chew anything in reach. This usually lasts for between ten minutes to half an hour and happens around two or three times a day.


You Can’t Take Them Outside


The obvious solution to prevent them from going bonkers is to take them for a walk. Nope, that is not the case with puppies. Of course, over time they will need to get out of the house at least three times a day. But, while they are young, they can’t leave the house until they get immunisations from a range of diseases and infections. And, it can take up to a month before they are ready for the injections. Until that point, they have to stay inside and drive you crazy! [Read more…]

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Canine Worms, And How To Treat Them

Ever seen your pooch drag its hind quarter across the floor? Then it’s likely he had worm and was trying to get rid of them. Worms are in fact, a very common problem in dogs, and there are many different types you need to be aware of. So you can prevent and treat them when they do occur. This is essential because not only are they uncomfortable for your dog, they can also endanger their health and yours. Read on to find out more.




Roundworms are one of the most common types of parasitic infection that dogs can get. The symptoms often include a pot bellied appearance, diarrhea, vomiting, and pneumonia. Although many dogs have the infection without showing these signs. That is why it’s vital to regularly worm your dog from when they are a puppy.

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To do this, you can purchase dog worming tablets or liquid from your veterinarian or online. Of course, having the stuff isn’t the same as getting your dog to take it. Especially, if your pooch is one of the clever ones that can tell when medicine is coming from a mile off. If they are then why not use a product like these pill treats for dogs to help disguise it? Surely it’s easier than running all around the house after them trying to get them to swallow their pill?


Also, remember that you can easily get roundworms from an infected pet. Something that you will want to avoid. So ensure all surfaces that he has come into contact with are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. As well as getting the infestation sorted out as quickly as possible.

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The 5 Best Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

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If you’ve got a relative or friend that’s obsessed with dogs, you’re probably keen to get them a dog themed gift when it’s their birthday. So, here are the best gift ideas for dog lovers all over the world. Look through them all, and you’re bound to find something that suits the person you’re buying for:

Dog Necklace

Believe it or not but you can actually buy necklaces with dog pendants. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but they do exist. In fact, if you look here http://estore-us.pandora.net/en-us/devoted-dog you can see an example of a cute little dog charm that goes on a necklace. Jewelry will always go down a treat with most of your female friends/relatives so this gift idea could be an absolute winner.

Pet Pillow

Everyone loves to have a special pillow on their bed. So, why don’t you get your friend a customized pet pillow? You can buy a pillow in the shape of a dog with their actual dog printed on it. It will be an amazingly personal gift that they’ll love and enjoy. Plus, it will be hilarious looking at their dog trying to figure out what’s going on when they see someone just like them! [Read more…]