How To Tackle Your Terrier’s Troublesome Side

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Terriers make fantastic family pets. Whether you opt for a West Highland Terrier, or a Jack Russell, these little guys have a lot of love to give. They’re excitable, passionate, and always on the go. So, they’re ideal for children who want to play all the time. Their independent natures also mean they’ll be happy to entertain themselves. It’s the best of both worlds.

But, many of us have heard people referring to Terriers as terrors. And, it would be naive not to address that accusation here. Despite their good points, there’s no denying that these dogs do have the ability to terrorize you if you let them. To ensure you reap the benefits without the terror aspect, we’re going to look at a few ways you can tackle your Terrier’s terrible side.

Take Training Head On

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Terriers have an amazing ability to learn commands. At the end of the day, they started life as working dogs. So, they’re ready and waiting for you to teach them their jobs. As such, you should start training as soon as possible. This is crucial, not only for curbing their behavior but also for teaching them the pecking order. Terriers, more than many other dogs, will take advantage of chinks in the pack’s order. You need to assert your role as alpha to achieve their long lasting respect. You could start at home by using resources like this dog training blog to get you off on the right footing. Once they’re old enough, it’s worth taking them to a class, where they’ll have the chance to meet other dogs, too. Remember to always reward for good behavior, and you should be on the path to success in no time.


Burn Some Of That Energy


For the most part, this ‘terror’ which we speak of comes from this breed’s endless energy. You’ll be hard pushed to find a dog with as much get up and go as a Terrier. So, keeping the terror in order is, in part, a case of burning that energy. As these are a small breed, many owners fail don’t realize the amount of exercise they need. But, long walks are essential for Terriers. These highly intelligent animals need the stimulation of a walk at least once daily. Otherwise, they’ll go crazy and take you with them.

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An Outlet For Their Natural Instincts

This is an aspect that many of us dog owners don’t like to think much about. But, Terriers were bred to hunt rats, mice, and so on. As such, they have an innate desire to run after anything small and fast. Worse, they develop a commitment to the cause. It’s testament to their intelligence that they don’t forget about a catch when it’s out of sight. They think about it, and try to hunt it out. This isn’t behavior you want your kids seeing. So, make sure your dog has toys which can mimic this behavior. Squeaky options, or mechanical mice, are sure to go down well.

Welcoming A Young, Lively Rescue Dog Into Your Family

America’s pet shelters are overflowing with pet pooches that would make perfect companions in a family home. So, if you’ve decided to rescue your new dog, instead of buying them from a breeder; you’re in for loving, and long-lasting relationship that will enrich your family’s lives for years to come. If you’re prepared to put in the time, work, and plenty of affection (and the odd treat); your rescue dog will integrate into family life with ease, and you’ll reap the rewards that a well-behaved canine can bring to a household. The following are some areas that you’ll need to consider before you go pick up your new family member from the dog shelter, with some hints and tips that should help them settle in.

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Good Boy! How To Reward Your Well-Behaved Bichon Frise

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The Bichon Frise has so many positive attributes. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they also have the most loving and affectionate temperaments of any of the dog breeds. They are all round stars: lap dogs and loyal companions for anybody who can show them a little love and care. But, as with every dog breed, there are always a few areas which could want for improvement. With Bichons, this tends to be trainability. While they are little bundles of joy, they can often prove difficult to train, as they will regularly lose interest in the task at hand, diving into your arms for cuddles instead. The problem? We often give in. But that’s not to say they are impossible to train. The solution to almost any difficulty? Treating them. Here are a few ways to reward your four-legged friend when they show positive interaction with your training.

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Now, walks aren’t as much a treat as a necessity. But it’s needless to say that Bichons love their daily adventure out of the house. So if they are doing particularly well with commands, give them an extra one! They’ll be ecstatic about the extra opportunity to stretch their legs and see some of their pals down the park. If you want to go all out, take them a little further afield than their usual stomping ground. Consider a new park, nature reserve or even a stroll around a reservoir. The new landscape will be full of new sights and smells, keeping them occupied from the start of their walk to the finish. Try encouraging them to sit before you will put their harness on for them. This combines commands with the positive knowledge that they will be taken out in return for their obedience. [Read more…]

Avoid These Hidden Country Walk Dangers

One of the biggest benefits of dog ownership is all the extra exercise you get walking them. You’re out of the house twice a day getting fresh air and being active. And your pooch loves it because you’re spending all that quality one-on-one time with them. No wonder so many pet lovers like to take their canine companions out into the countryside for a really long leg stretch. The trouble is, the countryside is full of hidden dangers. Some could even kill your four-legged friend.



Some plants that grow naturally all over the place can be poisonous if your dog licks or ingests them. You may not notice any problems for hours, so you might not have any chance of correctly identifying what was eaten. This means you may struggle with your veterinarian to help choose the right medicine to make your pup well again. Some plants can also cut, sting, or work its way into your dog’s body. Don’t let him off the lead if he tends to wander beyond your reach.

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Help Your Pooch Go From A Small Puppy To A Healthy Adult Dog

When we first got our puppy, we think they are going to be small forever. After all, they are so playful and little. But a lot of small breeds reach adulthood between six and 18 months. And we need to ensure they are ready to be a healthy and strong adult dog. In fact, it can often be down to us to lead them on the right path. Therefore, here are some ways you can help your pooch go from a small puppy to a healthy adult dog.

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Ensure they get plenty of exercise


It’s so important that you make sure your pooch gets enough exercise in their life. After all, just like us humans, they need exercise to stay fit and healthy. So if they aren’t getting sufficient time to be active, it can delay their development. And they might grow up to have issues with their bones. In fact, you might struggle to get them to move far without any help. Therefore, to stop this occurring, make sure you take them for a walk at least once a day. It will ensure they get some time on their paws and it can help them to be out and about. In fact, you will notice an improvement in their mood if you do get them to have regular exercise. And make sure you take them out for days out too. After all, it will give them a good amount of time to be outside of the home getting exercise. And it can be ideal for your family to bond with the pooch too.

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Why The Border Collie is the Perfect Dog For Your Active Family

When it comes to choosing a dog to suit your family, your kids will probably end up bringing up pictures of the cutest, smallest, fluffiest pooches imaginable. With the rise of teddy bear cross breeds, it’s not surprising. Their popularity is at an all-time high and they look like walking bundles of fur. But before choosing any breed, in particular, it’s important to bear your family’s needs in mind. Different breeds tend to have different characteristics, mannerisms, tendencies, wants and needs. So choose wisely. If you’re part of a particularly active family, with little ones running around and a hectic schedule, you might want to consider the Border Collie. Here are just a few reasons why the beautiful breed would suit your family down to a tee.

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Breed Statistics


The Border Collie is traditionally a herding dog and will generally grow to between one foot six inches and one foot ten inches at the shoulder. They will usually weigh around thirty to forty five pounds and have an expected lifespan of between twelve and fifteen years. These statistics are ideal for a family with children. Why? Well, firstly, the dog isn’t so small that he or she could be easily hurt or injured by young children attempting to pick them up in the wrong way, falling on them or generally playing a little too hard. Of course, children should always be supervised around dogs and should be taught how to pet them correctly and treat them gently. They should also be taught not to attempt to pick any dog up under any circumstance. However, as all parents know, accidents happen. Having a slightly larger dog is likely to reduce the potential detrimental effects of this. On the other hand, the breed isn’t too large. When it comes to large dogs like Great Danes, children will often view them as mini ponies and attempt to ride them. Larger breeds could also accidentally knock children down while running about the house and playing. The Border Collie is a medium-sized breed, offering the perfect middle ground in terms of stature. [Read more…]

Enjoy The Great Outdoors: Camping Adventures With Your Dog

Summer holiday means more time to do what we love and to enjoy the sunny season in the company you prefer; who better to spend your off-time with than your dog?

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If this is your first time camping with your pet, it’s understandable that you want to do a bit of preparation first. Here are the most trusted advice from other nature-loving dog owners, so that you and your companion can be as comfortable and safe as possible.


The Basics


As it is with anyone you take responsibility for, the essentials come first. We’re not only talking about food and water – although this certainly should be taken care of before you head off. A copy of your pet’s health record, for example, is especially important if she has suffered from any illnesses lately. That way, if you need to make a trip to the vet, all the documents you need will already be prepared.

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Day Out With The Dog: The Essentials You Need

A summer day trip is good. It gives you the chance to stretch your legs, relax, and see a section of the world you usually don’t have the chance to visit. But a summer day trip with the dog? Oh, now that’s a thousand times better still.

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Jolly Awesome Pet Tags

Jolly Awesome Pet Tags


Jolly Awesome Pet Tags


  • Super strong, non-metallic material
  • “Noise-free” tag
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Water resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Tag guarantee
  • Three (3) tags for one price


My Opinion:  I was so excited when I was chosen to create some tags of my own.  When I went to the website to create the tags, it was an easy step – by – step process, that takes you through from creating the front side of the tag, adding text to your photo, designing the back side and adding text.  It is a very simple process that is made even easier.

I got a little more creative with mine and made a couple of memorial tags of our 2 rottweilers that had passed, a male at the age of 5 and my female at the age of 13.  It was a wonderful way to keep them in our hearts and be able to see them still every day.

The 3rd tag I made, was one of my son, as a baby.  The beauty of these tags is that you can create them to be whatever you want them to be.  A memorial, a tag for identification, a tag for their collar to help bring them home if they are lost.  It can also be a way to create a special memento of loved ones that will be a keepsake for years to come.

I will be going back to the website to order a few more, as I have other children that I would like to create tags for, and these will make amazing gifts for special occasions.

The quality of the photos on the tags is just phenomenal, and not what you would normally expect.  The tags themselves are a high quality tag, that really does stand up to the elements.  They resist breaking, water and rain, and can withstand some of the roughest handling.  (My 2 year old likes to look at them alot and she is not the most gentle with anything yet. )

This product was received complimentary for my personal use and enjoyment and an honest and unbiased review.  Regardless, all opinions and experiences expressed are my own, and I only recommend products that I feel will greatly benefit Mean Mommy Magic’s readers.


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