Green House: How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Making your home more energy efficient is not only good for the environment as a whole, but it is also good for your household budget. Both big and small, there are plenty of ways that you can do this. To start off with, you need to identify the areas of your home that you are using more energy than you need to. You can then start taking steps to reduce the cost impact that this is having. With new products and innovations coming out all the time, there are plenty of ways in which you can do this which we will talk more about here.

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The Calm In The Storm: Creating A Private Space In A Busy Home

When you have a full-house, things can get stressful. There’s a queue to go to the bathroom, and you can’t walk five seconds without bumping into each other. When this happens on a daily basis, tempers are sure to run short. As such, you could all become hostile. Instead of the happy space it was always meant to be, your home becomes a war zone.

The most obvious way around the problem would, of course, be to move someone larger. How better to give each other the space you need? But, while this would be ideal, it’s not an option for many of us. Larger houses mean larger price tags.

So, with that off the cards, consider creating a space in which you can all escape if you need to. You may find that this is all it takes to restore harmony. And, we’ve put together a few points you’ll need to consider to make it work.

What spaces could you use?

First, consider what spaces you could use. In an already crowded house, you’ll need to think on your feet to create the private space you all need. If you’re lucky enough to have an attic or basement, you’re in the best position you could be. These are ideal because they’re removed enough from the main house to create that much-needed sense of distance. And, despite what you might think, conversion doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can do a lot of the work yourself.

Dirty Old Empty Dusty Attic Wood Leave

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A Productive Rant about the Importance of Home Comfort

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People really underestimate the importance of comfort in any home. They seem to see it only as a luxury that people shouldn’t really pay much attention to unless they have absurd amounts of money. But a comfortable home isn’t merely some indulgence, nor is it merely an inviting one. A comfortable home is also a healthy home. Still, a lot of us don’t really appreciate this, and continue to see real comfort as a luxury that’s fairly low on our lists of priorities. For the most part, we seem to be in the mindset that we should just be grateful to have a roof over our heads.


This isn’t a terrible mindset to have; after all, perhaps more of us should stop and think about how lucky we are to have roofs over our heads. But more of us should also take the time to consider the importance of your families being comfortable. It helps your satisfaction in the short-term, but it can also help your health in the long-term. When you spend a bit more time and money on the comfort of your home, it helps encourage a clean and healthy atmosphere in ways that you may not have considered.


We’re going to take a quick look at the things you may want to consider when we talk about home comfort.

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Getting The Attic Ready For Decorating

When you need to expand the family home but your budget is tight, it can be a lot cheaper to make the most of the space you have in the house rather than buying an entirely new home. If you don’t have a spare bedroom to turn into a study/office/nursery – take your pick – why not look up? Not the ceiling, the attic!

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A lot of homes have a loft space that is generally filled with dust, spiders and other junk, and getting the attic ready for decorating and converting is a huge job. If you have a space in the roof that is sizable enough, you could create a teen den, a nursery or even a longed-for office that you’ve needed for a while. A big job clearing junk and waste requires a company like Same-Day Rubbish Removal to be on hand. Moth-eaten boxes and old wood often need a run to the local rubbish dump, and you need some help for that. Decorating an attic is a big job, and we’ve put together some ways you can get yours ready before the conversion job begins. [Read more…]

Beauty Product Holiday Checklist

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We all pack for a holiday in different ways. Some of us like to be prepared days in advance, carefully checking to make sure they don’t forget anything, while others like to throw everything in a suitcase the night before they go away on their break! Whichever group you are in, this blog has been designed to give you a helping hand with regards to one area – beauty products. Since you only have limited space in your luggage, it can be tough to know what to prioritise and what to leave behind. Well, hopefully after reading this blog, you will be in a much more comfortable position!

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Great Storage Options For Your Garden


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The summer season is great and no doubt many of you are already heading out to the store to pick up some new equipment to make your vacation time great as you enjoy your garden. From gardening tools to games equipment for the kids, there are loads of items you are going to need, but one problem remains. Where are you going to put them all? Storage space is a problem many of us have but don’t worry! Here is some helpful advice to help you de-clutter your stuff and make your garden presentable again.

Build your own shed

We may not all be skilled in DIY, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect, and there are easy and affordable options that even you could have a go at. While many people go for the wooden option, there are alternatives. A lot of people are opting for steel sheds. Now, while the cost of metal buildings may not be the cheapest solution, they are great for security, keeping your valuable outdoor equipment safe.

Of course, you don’t need to erect your own shed, as you can hire somebody to do it for you or order them pre-made. Wooden, steel or plastic, it’s up to you, but as they come in a variety of sizes, you may find they are perfect for all your outdoor storage needs.

Make use of your pallets

Never discard your pallets as there are many uses for them, not least as ideal ways for storage. There are many creative options, and all it takes is a little refurbishment and a bit of imagination.

While pallets are not particularly attractive to look at, you can easily paint them with a splash of color. Make shelving for your gardening tools and sports equipment. Create a wooden storage box to contain your kid’s toys. Transform the wood into a storage bench, giving you somewhere to sit as well as hold your belongings. Build yourself a garden table, perfect for those summer barbecues and a placeholder for your family’s outdoor accessories, rather than scattering everything across the garden. Suddenly, those ugly old pallets stacked up against your wall are becoming a more attractive proposition.

Buy some buckets

Your kids have a habit of leaving their toys around when playing outside, so it’s time to get them into the habit of tidying up. There is a range of colorful tubs or buckets available that are perfect for storage. Attach a label to each of them, perhaps with a picture of a particular toy, such as a car or football, as this will be great for your kids learning as well as letting them know there is a place for everything.

Of course, the buckets will need somewhere to go after the sun goes down, so stick them in your shed or garage, or make a wooden shelving unit to hang the buckets from. Add a few extra hooks for items such as hula hoops and skipping ropes, and you need never have to search for any missing games equipment again.

Helping Your Child Get To Sleep When It Is Hot

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Any parent will know how hard it can be to put a small child to bed even when the conditions are absolutely perfect. So trying to put a small child, or a baby, to sleep when the summer sun is at its best can be a seriously testing time. Not just that, but quite a worrisome time too.


That is why we have come up with some top tips on how you can your precious bundles of (agitated) joy cool in the remaining summer months.

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Save Time, Money And Your Nerves With Smart Food Tips

The kitchen used to be the main room in the house. It was where the housewife and stay-at-home mother prepared delicious meals. She knew how to handle her grocery shopping effectively and how to make leftovers last for a few meals. Since then, women have taken over the professional world. As a result, the preferred room in the household is now the living room, where you can enjoy a simple tray meal from your local curry house or Chinese takeaway in front of the TV. With too little time and desire to prepare and cook, it’s likely that when you do, once in a while, treat your family to a home-cooked meal; it costs you a lot of money, time and a potential nervous breakdown while the dish burns in the oven. So how can you do food right?


Burnt food


Grocery Shopping Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

First of all, it’s important to get your shopping right. For most households, the idea of eating healthy food is appealing but far too expensive to commit to it for an extended period. But the healthy grocery shopping doesn’t have to break the bank , especially if you stick to your list and don’t give in to exciting products that you didn’t need. Combine your list with your coupons to get a significant discount on your preferred products – you might even get some for free! If you have a garden or even a conservatory that you can use as an indoor garden, you can grow your own vegetables. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and peas are great choices for beginners, as these are easy to maintain.

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Clever Energy Saving Tips for Household: Summer Edition

Summer is a beautiful time for saving as much energy as possible. Just think about it; you get to be warm and enjoy loads of light with the help of the sun and don’t even need to spend anything on it. That is, of course, until it gets unbearably hot and you want to turn on the air conditioner. You have a lot of stuff in your house that creates heat. Have you ever been the last one to come home, after surviving that dreadfully warm commute back from work, only to open the door and meet a wall of stuffed air? The people inside don’t even notice it.

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Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for how you can avoid spending far too much on household energy – it’s green, natural, good for your wallet, and will give you healthy habits to help you save all year around.

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Stay Fit And Safe: How To Lift Weights Properly



When lifting weights, you should always use the proper form for two main reasons. One – you could cause yourself a terrible injury, and two – you won’t be gaining muscle if you don’t use the right technique. So never just assume you know what you’re doing, because that would just be irresponsible. It’s not always about the weight you’re lifting – that will be irrelevant if you’re not doing it correctly.

Here are some of the things that you should always take into consideration when you’re going to lift.

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