Saving Money When You Have Kids



Having a big family can make it feel impossible for you to save up money for anything. With shopping for food to feed the hoard, buying your kids new clothes when they get ripped outside, and treating your family to a cinema trip: there never seems to be any money left at the end of the month.

Luckily, there are a few genius ways that you can save up money for you and your family’s future.

Make Sure To Invest In Life Insurance

Not to sound too negative, but many of us don’t think about life insurance until it’s too late. The last thing you want is to leave your kids without any financial support as they adjust to life without you.

Watch TV Shows Being Recorded… For Free!

Instead of sitting at home every Saturday night watching whatever show is on the telly at the time, why not go and sit in the audience as the show is recorded? It will provide an amazing day out for you and the kids, and it won’t cost you any money!

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Black Or Red? Don’t Gamble On A Personal Loan

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Let’s face facts; money isn’t readily available. As an adult in the real world, bills come thick and fast, and you might not have the money to cover the costs. So, you turn to a personal loan in your time of need. There is nothing wrong with an influx of cash to keep your head above water. In the long-term, it might be the difference between staying solvent and going bankrupt. The error comes when you take too much risk. A personal loan isn’t hazard-free, but it should never be a gamble.


This is how to reduce the risk and keep your finances in the black.


Is It Necessary?


It sounds like a silly question to ask, but applying for a personal loan doesn’t have to be the answer. Yes, there are bills to pay and your account is empty, yet there are other alternatives. A family member or a friend, for instance, could be willing to lend the cash. Then, there is no reason to worry about getting into a web of debt and suffocating under the weight of interest payments. Alternatively, you can contact the creditors and ask for relief. They won’t write off the debt, but they might agree to a payment plan.

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Does It Have To Be Secured?


A secured loan is where a creditor can take assets as collateral if you default. Obviously, it’s the last thing anyone wants to agree to, yet you might have no choice. Still, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the competition for a better deal. A great place to start is because they are experts in good faith agreements. Or, can help you find the best-unsecured loans and guide you through the process. Whatever you do, don’t assume it’s a good deal because there is no collateral. Always research the company and the loan plan beforehand.


Is There A Grace Period?


Typically, the answer is yes. Credit card companies are pretty good at offering first-time deals with low-interest rates. The way it works is simple. The company gives you a promotion such as 0% of purchases for a year, after which the interest rate rises. Now, like all credit cards, there is an element of risk once the interest rate kicks in again. However, if you can pay the money back before the grace period ends, then it’s a flexible way to borrow. An excellent tip is to include balance transfers as well as purchases.

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Is It Legit?


Borrowing from a bank is one thing, but lending from a private lender is another. Although trust in banks is at an all-time low, they are regulated. Therefore, they have to follow the rules and are subject to fines and penalties. Private suppliers are different because they follow their own rules. A loan shark is an extreme example, yet payday loans companies can be as destructive. Always consider the legitimacy of the creditor before signing.


A loan can be dangerous, but you have the power to make it safe.

3 Big Expenses You Can Face In Your Lifetime

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It’s true what they say – Money is what makes the world go around. But some things in life can cost us a lot more than others. In your adult life, you will have to pay out for things that have the potential to affect you for the remainder of your life, which is a scary thought if your expenses are rising faster than your income. Here are some of the biggest expenses that you can face in your lifetime, and how much you should pay for them.

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  1. House

The largest cost for most families is their housing, and that’s just when we’re talking about renting a property. Buying a house is a whole other ballgame. You will want to ensure you consider all other expenses you have to pay, before deciding on any particular house. In general, you shouldn’t settle on any houses that cost more than three times your annual income. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pay the full amount for the house upfront, so you’ll have to apply for a mortgage, but it’s probably best to try to save up for the deposit, rather than getting a loan and costing yourself even more money in the future. compares the fees and rates of mortgages in different cities and states, to help you find the best deals. [Read more…]

Help Your Conservatory Reach Its Full Potential With These Four Inspirational Ideas

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Whether you have recently added a small conservatory to your home or you’ve had a languishing conservatory that has seen better days for years, you need to ensure that it’s reaching its full potential. All too often conservatories become dumping grounds for the kids muddy shoes after playing in the garden, a space where the pets get fed and watered or a stockpile area for the lawnmower and bikes. You need to reclaim your conservatory and give it the facelift that it deserves. By providing your conservatory with a purpose, you’ll be adding much-needed living space to your home.


Formal Dining Space

Open plan living is the way most people yearn to live in the twenty-first century. Large bright kitchen diners, like the ones seen at, adjoin the main living room and are commonplace in homes up and down the country. Somewhere along the way, the need for a formal dining area has become a little lost. That doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your hankering for a space that can cater for soirees and dinner parties. Make your conservatory into the dining room that you have always longed for complete with subtle lighting, soft furnishings and a large dining table and chairs set.


Haven Of Relaxation

As the hustle and bustle of modern family life encroach on your sanity, you need a space where you can retreat to in order to switch off and relax. Think about turning your conservatory into a beach hut themed area. Strap a hammock across the center of your space and take a look at to source a top quality ceiling fan to emulate a cool coastal breeze. You can close the door, and retreat with a book and a glass of wine to relax while the kids are off on a playdate.

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The Financial Complications Of Sending Your Kid To College

There are tough moments that pretty much every parent has to go through in life. We have the first day of school for our child, dropping them off at the school gates with a tear in our eye as we can’t believe they’ve grown up. Then there’s the first big argument with your teenager as they scream how much they hate you. That’s definitely never a fun one, and those teenage years can be nasty. After that, you have the big one; sending them to college.

It’s an emotional time, but it can also be a tricky financial time for parents too. There are many financial complications when you send your child to college, and you must learn what they are and how to handle them.


College Tuition Fees

First and foremost, you have the issue of college tuition fees. These are basically what the college charges your child to study there. In theory, they should pay for things like the cost of studying on their course. There’s an article on that goes through all the most expensive colleges in the country. Immediately, you can help yourself out by avoiding the costliest options. It’s an issue for parents as you should try and help raise funds for your kid’s college tuition. The more you can contribute to this, the less dependent your child will be on a loan, which leads into the next point. [Read more…]

The Help Needed for a Stress-Free Home Move

When you move home, you want the move itself to be as stress-free as can be, right? Well, to make your home move as stressless as possible, you’re going to have to do one important thing: ask for help. Yes, no home can be completely stressless without the help of others. So, if you’re planning a move soon, make sure to get some help on board! And make sure to read for advice on who and what to ask for such help.

Ask loved ones to help you pack

The best people you can ask to help you with your home move are those closest to you — so don’t be afraid to do so! And you should do so for a number of reasons. One is that they can not only lend another pair of hands in the act of boxing everything up in your current home, but they can lend another pair of eyes too. Yes, by having another pair of eyes during the all-important task of packing you make sure self far less likely to miss something of importance and not see it until it’s too late. What this other pair of eyes can also do is make the otherwise tedious act of packing a fun one; this can be achieved through you all spotting things as you rummage through your belongings that bring back old memories, such as old photographs or concert tickets.

Another reason why you should ask loved ones to help you pack up your belongings is because they will not charge anything for their troubles — you’ll maybe just have to get them a drink at some point! [Read more…]

Effective Ways To Ease Your Bunion Pain



A hallux valgus, or bunion, as it’s commonly known, is a bony bump that pokes out of the base of your big toe. They develop when the bones of your big toe become misaligned, which causes the toe to angle towards the one next to it, sometimes even over or underlapping it. This puts pressure on your toe joint, causing it to swell, and become very red and painful. Luckily, there are some simple and effective ways to ease this pain, so ensure you read ahead before taking another painful step.


Sensible Shoes

Bunions are seen as being genetic and are caused by being born with flat feet or feet that roll inward more than normal. However, bunions are triggered by the shoes you wear and are further irritated by them if the shoes aren’t changed. Shoes that are too tight and ones that are pointy and narrow at the end, as well as high heels, which result in your toes being pushed right to the front of the shoe, all make the problem worse, so it’s no surprise that it’s women who have 90% of all bunions. Switching your shoes is often enough to reduce the pain of bunions, especially if they have a square toe, to ensure your feet fit comfortably. Shoe Finale compares some of the best shoes for bunions, so go and check them out.


Braces & Splints

Some of these products claim to correct your bunion, which simply isn’t possible, but they can move your toe into its proper position. This will reduce the tension and pressure on the toe joint, and so it can reduce the pain of your bunion while you’re wearing your splint or brace. However, these aren’t a one size fits all kind of product, and different brands of splint and brace will look and feel slightly different. In fact, some can be worn with shoes, while others are bigger and are only meant to be worn at night, so you will have to try out a few different ones to see which one suits and fits you best.

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The Summer Bills Don’t Have To Leave You With Nothing


The summer can really make a dent in your finances, what with vacations, bills, entertainment, and treats – you’ll be left feeling exhausted, and so will your bank account. Having said that, there are plenty of ways you can save up and use every opportunity you have to put a plug in that leaky purse.


Household maintenance

When the weather warms up, you will find the usual maintenance of your home will increase. This includes things like your gardening, as a lot more plants are likely to show their face, including all those dreaded weeds, and quick-growing grass that will need to be cut regularly, as well as watering the plants to keep them from dying.

To cut down the costs of your water bill, hose your garden down early morning or late evening instead of the afternoon as it will evaporate a lot quicker in midday so you’ll need more water. You may also find that it will work out the same price or cheaper, to hire a professional gardener to take care of everything for you, in which you may benefit more from this than trying to do everything yourself, as this can be very time-consuming.

You should also consider growing your own produce like fruit and vegetables.

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Quick Tips for Decorating with Accessories

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It’s amazing how drastically a room can change when you add a few well-picked accessories, like rugs, throws and art prints into the mix. If you’re bored with your bedroom or think your living room is a bit lacklustre, you don’t need to carry out a massive renovation project to make a difference, all it takes is a few choice accessories to give the place a lift.

To ensure you get it right, here are some simple tips for decorating with accessories that will bring your room together and elevate it to new levels of beauty:


Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to decorating your home with accessories, you should always aim to follow this simple mantra. One beautiful sideboard will usually look better than lower-quality one, even if it is covered with all manner of knick-knacks, which have sucked up the budget, but which were individually cheap and low quality. Remember this when you’re shopping for accessories, and you shouldn’t go far wrong.


It’s All About Proportion

In terms of accessories, proportions are the biggest indicator of success or failure. If for example, you choose a rug that’s the size of a dollar and place it in a room the size of a large banquet hall, it’s going to look silly, but choose one that takes up all of your floor space, and it could overwhelm. So, take the time to study the scale of your room, preferably measuring it, and make sure to find pieces that will fill the space without overtaking it.

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Fund That Dream Family Holiday

With the run up to Christmas nearly here, your dream holiday plans might have been put on hold. But don’t let them be! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start planning it now. It’ll make it easier in the long run, cheaper, and it gives you something to look forward to! So stop dreaming of that holiday you need so badly, and make it a reality.



When you’re travelling with children, so much needs to be planned for. Firstly, start thinking of where you’d like to go. Whether it be heading for the sun, a forest escape, or some winter fun, it all needs to be planned for. You need to consider whether there will be enough for younger children to do to keep them entertained. So if you’re trying to head to somewhere like Rome, there really isn’t too much younger children can do there but follow you around. If it is the sun you need, look for the really popular tourist destinations such as Tenerife. There’s so much to do there, and most of the big hotels will have children’s activity days so you can go off and enjoy the island on your own. If it’s a winter holiday, it’s a little easier. Children will distract themselves all day with snow, and can really use their imagination.


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