Do you Pluck or wax?

Majestic Bombay Tweezer

Majestic Bombay Slant Tip Tweezers

  • Perfectly aligned tips
  • Tips are hand filed
  • Lifetime sharpening guarantee
  • Meticulously calculated tension ensures tips close evenly and firmly with no gaps, creating the cleanest, most advanced pulling power
  • The choice of make-up artists, models, celebrities and the most discerning consumers, this cult classic has been setting the standard for quality and excellence for over 25 years

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How do YOU spiral?

Xtava Curling iron

Xtava Professional Spiral Curler

  • CURL PERFECTION – Achieve perfectly symmetric curls every time with the Xtava Curlz spiral guides
  • LED ON BUTTON -Never forget to turn off your Curler with the LED button indicating the device is ON
  • EASY GRIP – The xtava curlz handle is made of high quality insulation materials desgined for safety
  • SECURE CLIP – The secure hold clip guarantees the perfect curl as it locks your hair in place
  • 360 SWIVEL CORD – 360 Degree rotating swivel cord allowing complete freedom of movement

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Do you have a little princess?



Petunia, The Girl who was NOT a Princess

Petunia is NOT a princess. She doesn’t want to be fancy or frilly and she certainly doesn’t want another little princess moving in next door. But, when the newest neighbor likes pink and climbing trees, maybe Petunia can make a new friend and stay true to her self. [Read more…]

How many have you dated? Are you Dating the Wrong Man?

dating the wrong man

Dating the Wrong Men

  • Laugh, cringe and identify with each “Wrong Man” story.
  • Check the “Signs You’re Dating a … ” at the end of each “Wrong Man” chapter.
  • Discover how a serial “Wrong Man” dater breaks the cycle of bad relationships and finds the ‘Right’ partner.
  • Find and maintain your dignity and self-worth in any “Wrong Man” situation.

Kelly Rossi has hit the nail on the head with her book Dating the Wrong Men.  Her book depicts her life as she deals with a great number of the wrong ones.  She hilariously, and often seriously, depicts each character over the course of her misguided dating years before she finally was able to find HER Mr. Right.

Following, you might like to read a few of mine.  Please feel free to share some of your “wrong men” dating fiasco’s in the comments section!  I’d love to hear the types that you have been through. [Read more…]

Are you looking to add walking to your fitness regimen?

Ozeri Pedometer

Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Bosch Tri-Axis Technology

New 3D Tri-Axis Bosch Sensor from Germany (with X, Y, Z vector detection) provides superior accuracy in any position.

-Designed for high-performance athletes, the 4x3razor is the world’s thinnest and lightest pedometer — 0.5cm (less than 0.2″) thick and weighs just half an ounce.

-Records steps, distance, calories, fat burned and exercise time with the most advanced Tri-Axis technology. [Read more…]

Nasopure Little Squirt to Go


Nasopure Little Squirt to Go

Nasopure Nasal Rinse for Kids – Improved Sinus Rinse for Kids

Dr. Hana’s Nasopure Little Squirt to go is the preferred alternative sinus rinse for kids. Instead of flooding your sinuses like a neti pot or treating symptoms only like allergy medications, shots, steroids and antibiotics, Nasopure for kids attacks the origin of sinus issues. This nasal rinse for kids cleans the pollens, bacteria and dust before it even roots itself in your child’s sinuses and causes problem. Unlike a sinus rinse for kids, our kid’s nasal rinse is comfortable and effective. With consistent use of a child’s nasal rinse some of the benefits you can expect to see for your child are improved sleep, comfort and general health marked by fewer expensive doctor appointments.

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Have you heard of My Friend Paris?

Paris theme

My Friend Paris Theme Song

My Friend Paris songs, and especially Paris’ theme song, are wholesome songs that all children will love.

It is very hard to come across music, movies and books that will not only appeal to children, but that won’t corrupt their morals either. [Read more…]

These Billboards Clean The Air And Provide Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air | Spirit Science

These Billboards Clean The Air And Provide Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air | Spirit Science.


If we, as a society, have this much technology it is imperative that we do something to ensure that there is clean and fresh drinking water, including in our own country where water can be sometimes scarce. [Read more…]

So, You want to learn to dance?


Ballroom Dancing Mastery System – Ballroom Dance Lessons Beginner’s Guide

Ballroom Dancing Is hot! We see it on “Dancing with the Star”s, we see it on “So You Think you Can Dance”. It’s everywhere! Ballroom Dance is fun, and it s incredibly social. Spanning Ballrooms around the world, dance clubs, wedding songs, and nightlife, Ballroom Dance is everywhere [Read more…]

This headlamp is so cool!

powertek headlamp

Power Tek Flash Premium CREE LED Headlamp

-168 Lumens of Darkness Busting Power for Up To 110 meters of Visibility – MUCH BRIGHTER THAN THE #1 HEADLAMP ON AMAZON!

-Up To 120 Hours of Battery Life on 3 AAA Batteries – Efficient Enough for Weeks of Use

-Superbright CREE XP-E LED Lasts a Lifetime – Never Worry About it “Burning Out” – 6 Different Lighting Modes Including SOS and Red Night Vision Modes

-Adjustable Super Comfortable Headband Allows Extended Use Without “Brain Squeeze”


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