The Best Summer Ideas Involving Food And Good Friends #Food #Friends

I have commented recently that good friends are hard to find. That sometimes when you have things go on in your life those are the circumstances that you realize who your true friends are. So it’s vital you nurture those friendships as often as possible. Friendship is a two way street after all. So given that I have been thinking about that recently, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some great Summer ideas. That involve friends and some good food suggestions.



A big summer BBQ

Now that the summer is here we can enjoy some great weather. With that means, we can head outside as much as we can enjoy a few drinks and some BBQ food. You can’t beat having a gathering with your closest and enjoying some burgers. But there are lots of other things you can cook on the BBQ. If you have the time, you can slow roast ribs and steaks and even consider meat kebabs and BBQ some vegetables. Alongside it serve up some salads and garnishes, and you are good to go. Hanging out with good friends in the garden is quite a relaxing environment to create.

A feast around the table

Sundays are always a great day to get your nearest and dearest round and enjoy some great food around the table. It’s the last relaxing day before the new week starts. So it’s a great time to reflect with your friends on what you have been up to and plans. A great serving suggestion would be to serve up a joint of meat and lots of things to go with it. A fabulous suggestion would be something like a deep fried turkey. Crispy skin on the outside and succulent meat on the inside. You can get a turkey fryer quite easily online. Not many people will have tried it before so it could become a firm favorite amongst your guests.


A low key buffet in front of the TV

Whether you are into the latest season of Game of Thrones, or you all like to hang out and watch a game, then a buffet option is very low key and informal. You can do anything you like. You may want to serve up sandwiches or something hot to warm up on a cool evening. Or allow people to bring with them a tray of food and let everyone dig in.


Cook a course each and enjoy it as someone’s house

Finally, a real fun idea for spending an evening with friends is to each cook a course for a meal. One of you may tackle an entre while someone else may create the main event. You could decide on a theme or just cook up whatever you fancy. It’s a great talking point throughout the evening and allows each of you to share the workload.

It’s so important to keep those good friendships alive, so I hope this has inspired you to get something booked in with them soon.


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Unexpected friends #truefriends #hard2find

Today, as I’ve been reflecting on my life and the turn it’s taken us, I realized that truly GOOD friends are hard to find.  You may find that you have a number of acquaintances, but sit back and really think.  How many can you say are actually GOOD friends?  I can count on my hands the number of true friends that I have.  

Yes, I’ve had MANY that claimed they were.  Yes, I’ve been blinded on occasion by those that are there for a fleeting moment in time.  They SAY that they will be there, and for awhile they are.  Then comes that time when you truly need the shoulder to lean on that you’ve given them, time and again.  Then where are they?  Yup!  Gone.  You can’t do any more for them; they’ve simply left you high and dry.

It wasn’t until we needed to move, with nowhere to turn, that I have found just WHO those friends truly were.  The answer?  It may be a bit of a long story and it’s a story of just ONE.  

Back in October, we were in the market to buy a horse.  We’d found our first, but were looking for at least 1 or 2 more.  We’d searched craigslist for weeks, when we responded to an ad that had a herd of them for sale.  We called him, and began to spend time over there with him.  Over the course of thetime that we’d spent with our horses, picking up feed that we buy in cooperation with him, and hanging out, we found that we’d connected.

I know, I know… The dreaded Craigslist.  I thought the same.  “We need to really be careful.  You never know who you’re going to meet.”  That sentiment couldn’t have been more true.  We’d been looking for a “for sale” ad, but at the end of that long road, we’d actually found a friend.  A friend who is able to not only accept friendship and help, but able to also reciprocate that friendship and loyalty. 

Who would’ve thought?  

In Loving Memory #love #missingyou #alwaysremembered


In Loving Memory

Leo Richard Baroody

August 10, 1937 – January 13, 2016

How does one cope with the loss of a loved one?  How do you get past the ache in your heart, or the skip of the heart that reminds you,  day after day, that your loved one is not coming back?  In January, I lost my father.  So far, it has been the absolute WORST feeling I have ever felt in my life.  In the days and months preceding his passing, I tried hard to prepare myself. Talk about a fail of EPIC proportions.

October 2015.  My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastasized Kidney Cancer.    Metastasized means the cancer has spread to other areas.  After various blood tests, CT scans, ultrasounds and MRI’s, the doctors determined that it had spread to his lungs.  What we didn’t know, and didn’t want to know, was how much time he had left.  We didn’t want an expiration date put on him.  Human life shouldn’t come with an expiration date.

Being 78 years old, and having been through so much already, he and my mother decided to not pursue any kind of invasive treatments.  They decided, together, to simply try to enjoy the time that we had left together. Mom decided that they were going to get out EVERY day, even if just to go for a drive.  They took trips to Busch Gardens, went to dinner, visited with family and friends, and spent a few hours here and there at our little ranch.  Dad LOVED to watch the kids on their horses. [Read more…]

The Worst Day #sadpoetry #lossoflovedone #grieving

It was the worst day

The saddest one I ever knew

He fought the battle for his life

Sadly, now it’s through.

The most wonderful man

So brave and so strong

I watched him quickly fade away

Angels must have chosen wrong

The angels that watched

Must’ve made a mistake

With this man I’ve loved so long

Please answer me why, this one, they’d take?

Their choice not quite right

Where’s the joke, I can’t smile

As he faded from sight.

I can’t move.  I can’t breathe.

It was the worst day.

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