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EcoSak Nut Milk Bag


What is the EcoSak?

Pros: FDA Certified Food Grade Mesh, BPA Free

Best Uses: Making Nut Milks (i.e. almond milk, coconut milk), Soaking, Straining & Juicing

This product comes with a fantastic FREE e-book filled with a bunch of great Nut Milk recipes.

I used this bag the very first time to make some homemade juice.  I had been hearing so much about how to make juice without having to have an expensive juicer; without having to go through the whole hours long process of canning to make it.  It is so easy to use, even my kids were able to help!

I used our household blender (many of which cost less than $20 at any retail store) to puree the fruits that the kids wanted in their individual juices.  We added apples, grapes, kiwis, oranges, bananas, cucumbers, celery in varying recipes.  Once it was pureed, we poured the puree into the nut milk bags and the kids had a blast squeezing the juice out into their glasses.

Normally the whole juice making process entails a HUGE mess to clean up, fruit juice all over the kids, a juicer to clean up and pots and pans to wash.  Not this time!  A quick was of the blender, wash out of the nut bag, and wipe down of the kids and we were done!  The best part about the nut milk sak?  Thanks to it’s non-porous material, it was simple to wash out and let dry and there were no stains or stink left in the bag!

I can see so many more uses for this bag, and I can’t WAIT to try my hand at making some Greek yogurt!  Stay tuned, as we may have some wonderful recipes to impart very soon!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Fogless Shower Mirror

Fogless Shower Mirror

Pros: Not suction cup mounted! This will NOT fall at a moments notice. Mirror comes with stainless steel razor attachment.

Cons: Make sure that you mount the mirror EXACTLY where you want it because there is adhesive to mount the mirror with and once it is in place, it’s not going to move again.

My husband and I are loving being able to use this mirror. He is able to shave in the shower without cutting and nicking his face, the steam from the shower helping to soften the hair and make shaving an enjoyable experience. I personally like that I now no longer have to deal with hair all over my sink, hair in a towel that he didn’t wash down the drain, or a huge mess to clean up.

I myself love being able to use the mirror in the shower because it’s always such a headache (literally speaking) to try to shave your armpits while trying to LOOK at them sideways. It creates unnecessary stress on your eyes, usually for me ending with a headache. This mirror prevents all that because I am able to see exactly where I am shaving and not miss a spot. I also love that I can see my face while washing it without having to bend across a sink at an odd angle, thus hurting my back as well. There are so many ways that this is useful! I no longer end up missing shampoo or conditioner in my hair either, which often causes greasy looking hair! I want to thank you, because I have purchased other supposed “fogless” mirrors only to have them fog up immediately upon your first hot shower.

Don’t forget to grab your own Fogless Shower Mirror!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Stroller Organizer by Children n’ Us

Stroller Organizer #1

I had the wonderful opportunity to use this awesome stroller organizer.  It was created by a

set of parents, so you know that it is going to fit the bill.  This bag is very roomy, I was able to fit

my cell phone, wallet a COUPLE of sippy cups, my portable charger, a few diapers and a travel package of wipes

in this bag.  It is very easy to attach to your stroller or car seat headrest.  I have used it both ways, and put it to

a rigorous test.  In the car, it had her sippy, her reader and a couple of the board books, a few of her favorite small toys,

and a snack container.  I love the it’s velcro, and allows me to easily move it from stroller to car and

back again.

One of the best features of this stroller bag is that it has an insulated pocket for a bottle or sippy.  I didn’t have to worry that her drink was going to get warm or maker her sick.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Product Reviews and so much more

I am so excited for this opportunity to begin connecting with brands and to be able to bring you honest feedback from a Mom who actually uses the products!  Stay tuned for many more product reviews, giveaways, coupons, promotions and more!  We’ll also be featuring ways for you to make some additional money to help with those Christmas bills!  Why spend enormous amounts of your savings when you can earn free gift cards and money to do just that?

I have a lot in store for you, so stay tuned!

Product Reviews for Business

Are you a business owner that is looking to get the word out about your products? Then consider donating an item and allowing me and my family to use it and give a review about it.
Mean Mommy Blog would love to review your product with at least a $20 dollar value (not including shipping) to evaluate and review along with a product to use as a giveaway. The giveaway item must be the exact item or a gift certificate of the same value, excluding shipping and taxes.
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You (your company) must represent your product and agree to ship to the winner (which we will email you) within 10 business days and MUST include a Postal Delivery Confirmation Number or a UPS/Fed Ex delivery number. If you fail to deliver in time, we will be sure to note this in the review, ultimately giving you a bad review. 

If you have a product you would like reviewed, please send as a message (contact info at the bottom of this page) with the product, amount BEFORE shipping and any applicable taxes, and what you will be giving away (preferably the same item), along with a link to your item. I will review your request (please allow a 24-48 hours, as I am a parent also) and I will respond.
If your product is accepted: Once received, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for a review (of course if we don’t have anything else to review, it will be much shorter than that, based on time). We will notify you upon completion of review and will then ask you for any sale you might be having (this is important – if you want new customers, an exclusive offer for Mean Mommy Blog fans would be best), Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account ID, Google Plus ID, YouTube (if you have one).
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Star Baby Designs Review & Giveaway

I received a wonderful package from  Star Baby Designs for my little girl to wear and review.  I must say that the Gymboree outfit that I received was perfect.  It came Brand New with tags, and was the most adorable little outfit.

I could not have chosen a better match.  The top was a pretty shade of light blue with white long sleeves.  It had little Christmassy gingerbread men and candy cane embellishments, and the most precious little pink ruffle bottom pants.

Prior to shipping this package, we discussed my little girls sizes, my preferences on season and I asked her to surprise me.  The outfit that came has become my absolute favorite to put on her this season. 

Within just a couple of days of speaking with her, it arrived!  It had been shipped via USPS Priority mail, and was packaged very well.   

Star Baby Designs went above and beyond in meeting my expectations of product, customer service and shipping.  The clothing that she sells are from well known and loved companies like Carter’s, Gymboree and Osh Kosh!  They come exactly as described and photographed, and you can be sure that they are quality items.

Here’s the best part!  Star BabyDesigns has partnered with Mean Mommy Blog to give one lucky reader a chance to win their own clothing lot! (ARV $75) winner to choose whether for boy or girl, size, and season.  

This is so exciting!!!  Be sure you head to our Facebook page to enter!  Mean Mommy Blog

Click on the Giveaway tab to enter!


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Happy New Years!

I know it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted.  I hope this post finds you all well.  

Today marks the official end of a month long illness for my family.  As a mother of multiple children, I know many of you have faced similar circumstances.. But I have to say that caring for 3 young ones virtually alone can be a very daunting task.  You think you’ve just gotten one of them well, and the very same day the next one falls ill.  Then it seems the very next day, the one you thought was well, is right back down with it.  Phew!!
So, here we sit at the dentist.  It just amazes me.  They put you on a waiting list, and never call.  Then, you run into a problem, and *thankfully* get you in right away… Then want to do the work that should’ve been done months ago.  Ok, works for me, I guess.  
6 hours later…..
We spent the better part of the evening at the dentist.  We got there about 2:45 and you’ll never guess when we left!  My goodness that was a long appointment!  He was taken in almost immediately after we got him signed in, and by the time we left it was 5:45!  My poor little bug.  He was in there 3 hours! But.. He made it through like a champ!  He had a cleaning, X-rays, a filling, a baby root canal (nowhere near what an adult root canal is, from what I’m told) and a crown.  No more spacer, as his first one broke and insurance wouldn’t pay for a replacement..  Don’t EVEN get me started on that.  Poor little man was tender and sore by the time we got home, but like my little tough guy.. I heard nary a word.  Got him some pain meds and he was happy as a clam to play on his iPad until bedtime.  He’s now snuggled in like a bug in a rug and no more dentist for another month.  Phew!  Almost done with this and then it should be smooth sailing from then on!!
I’ll bid you adieu for now, and be back tomorrow with our third installment of Earning money and gift cards!  Watch for the new post forthcoming!

Boy are you brave!

Well, you wanted them to have the great experience of…  Dun dun duuuunnn… The sleepover!  WHAT were you thinking??  You already have 3, so you’re thinking what’s 3 more right?  “I can handle this!”

WRONG!  Whatever your imagination has created for you in that perfect little world known as your mind, throw it out!!  Dump that right in the trash!
Those party games you planned?  HA!  Too babyish.  The movies that you picked out and rented thinking they’d be perfect? HA! Better plan on settling in with the hubs for a movie night, because they want nothing to do with what you’ve chosen!
The world of sleepovers and slumber parties as you knew them are a thing of the past.  The “hit” at parties nowadays? The pizza (of course), the tablets (Apple or android doesn’t matter as long as you have youtube and netflix), and an xbox.  They are quiet and content, with the occasional giggle-fest.
So much for the days of monopoly, scrabble and scattergories, unless of course they’re electronic!
Ahhh, tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow they go OUTSIDE!  Tomorrow will be filled with hide and seek, laser tag, nerf wars and whatever else I can come up with to keep them going!  Oh wait!  There goes my fantasizing again.  
I guess we wait to see what morning holds.  There may not be enough caffeine in the house!
Wish me luck y’all!