3 Summer Trip Ideas For The Whole Family

The summer break for schools is finally upon us and this means that we have to work around the children and teenagers in the house to decide what to do for the best. You need to be armed with activities and trips to keep the whole family happy and this is going to mean you need to schedule a family meeting and make a plan. The summer vacation may seem endless, but that doesn’t mean your wallet is!

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Beauty Product Holiday Checklist

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We all pack for a holiday in different ways. Some of us like to be prepared days in advance, carefully checking to make sure they don’t forget anything, while others like to throw everything in a suitcase the night before they go away on their break! Whichever group you are in, this blog has been designed to give you a helping hand with regards to one area – beauty products. Since you only have limited space in your luggage, it can be tough to know what to prioritise and what to leave behind. Well, hopefully after reading this blog, you will be in a much more comfortable position!

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