The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Kid

Kids can get up to all sorts. It’s part of the magic of childhood; the innocence of not really knowing the consequences of your actions until something goes right or wrong. It allows a freedom that you rarely get in later life, but with this freedom comes the ability to get into all sorts of trouble – especially when it comes to their bodies. Scrapes, scratches and broken bones are all par for the course in our younger years, and you’d be hard pressed to find somebody who didn’t know someone as a kid who had one of these things happen to them if they didn’t happen to themselves. But can we do anything more to prevent them happening?

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You Can’t Keep Them Wrapped In Cotton Wool

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The Moving Jobs Kids Will Love

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Out of sight, out of mind – this is the way that the majority of parents moving home to tend to think when it comes to their kids. By distracting them or placing them with family or friends when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it all, they are essentially out of your hair until it’s time to go and pick them up again. But for the parents who are pawning children that are over the age of being a toddler, there’s quite a lot that you can get them to do which will be able to help you during your move rather than hinder. And for the most part, they will find the tasks that you are setting them fun – after all, our perception on enjoyment changes over time, and we base what they will want to do on what we probably want to do with our time now. So what are the jobs that the little people can do?

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Helping Your Child Get To Sleep When It Is Hot

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Any parent will know how hard it can be to put a small child to bed even when the conditions are absolutely perfect. So trying to put a small child, or a baby, to sleep when the summer sun is at its best can be a seriously testing time. Not just that, but quite a worrisome time too.


That is why we have come up with some top tips on how you can your precious bundles of (agitated) joy cool in the remaining summer months.

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Every day is a holiday? #holiday #kids #celebrate


Did you know that every day is a holiday?

Yes!  That’s right, almost EVERY, single day is a holiday of some sort.

They could be national, historical, silly, made up, little known, unknown, or recognized only by certain people.. but each day has something to celebrate.

I have decided that each day I will be focusing on a holiday.  Yes, that means it could be a made up day.. but I am hoping that each day brings a bit of joy to your lives and gives you a reason to celebrate either alone, with your children or families.

Some days, I’ll show you what my family and I have done for each of these holidays, and I would LOVE to see what you all have come up with for holidays that you celebrate.

Diggy eBook



Diggy is an adorable story about an excavator (a piece of construction equipment) that takes you through

a day in the life of construction work.  Diggy likes to dig holes, and throughout the story children will watch as Diggy

does what he does best.

The story is repetitive and engaging.  It’s great for both boys and girls, children who love cars,

trucks and getting dirty.

Your child, like mine, will be asking to read this story again and again.

The characters are brightly colored with fun names.  My children identify with each

character, as their daddy works in construction, so to them they get to keep Daddy around throughout

the day even though he may be at work.

This product was received complimentary for my personal use and enjoyment and an honest and unbiased review. Regardless, all opinions and experiences expressed are my own, and I only recommend products that I feel will greatly benefit Mean Mommy Magic’s readers.

Have you heard of My Friend Paris?

Paris theme

My Friend Paris Theme Song

My Friend Paris songs, and especially Paris’ theme song, are wholesome songs that all children will love.

It is very hard to come across music, movies and books that will not only appeal to children, but that won’t corrupt their morals either. [Read more…]