Affordable Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

We all want our bathroom to provide a spa-like experience; for it to be somewhere where we can completely relax and enjoy a bit of luxury. However, building a spa is expensive, and we don’t all have the money to splurge on opulent extras, such as flat-screen TVs built into the wall of the shower enclosure and a hot tub that is big enough to fit in the entire family. The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank in order to give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Here are some great suggestions.

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The Yearly Home Checkups Everyone Forgets

The home is our hardy protection from the environment outside. But every homeowner should be well-aware that wear and tear will always play its inexorable role. You should always be well-prepared for the issues this brings and the fixes you have to fork out for in the future. But, without making semi-regular checks of some of the big issues in the home, you’ll be forking out for those fixes a lot more often than you would like. Here are three of the biggest checks you should make of the home every year.

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The barriers of the home

When you feel a draft in the home, your first thought is to check if any windows or doors are ajar. But if they aren’t, you need a closer look. Air leaks caused by gaps in windows or otherwise can result in big heating bills. But if those problems are up on the roof, then you can be looking at something much more serious. Warped, cracked, or missing tiles don’t just let the heat of summer and the cold of winter in. They also let in the rain. When it comes from above, damp gets a lot of time to settle into the attic and the insulation, rotting them away before you see physical signs of mold. That’s why you should inspect the roof at least once a year, in particular before the rainy seasons start again. [Read more…]

Low-Cost Improvements: Make Your Home More Attractive Without Overspending

Whether you want to sell your home or just make it look nice, the suggestions from this article are going to help. You don’t always have to break the bank to make improvements if you’re smart. As all readers will discover, sometimes you just have to use some creativity. It’s possible to get fantastic results for less than $200 if you’re willing to perform some research and think outside of the box. Lots of families make the mistake of investing far too much cash in their properties. The issues arise when they come to sell and realize the house isn’t going to make a profit. With that in mind, use this information to achieve your goals without emptying your accounts.

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Paint exterior walls


The first and easiest task involves giving your house a new coat of paint. You could spend a small fortune if you paid for the services of professionals. So, you need to take the DIY approach when it comes to this idea. All you need is some suitable paint and a couple of ladders for this cosmetic overhaul. You should ask your children and partner to help out to ensure the job doesn’t take too long. With a bit of luck, you would add lots of curb appeal, and you should notice the difference immediately. It’s especially important to consider that idea if you haven’t painted the property for more than five years.

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Is It Better To Buy A New Build?

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There will be a time in your life when you start to think about buying a home for your family. You can get away with renting when kids are younger, but eventually, they do need some sort of permanent place that they know is their home. It gives them stability and offers comfort. If this is your first home, you’re going to have a lot decisions to make. Where should you buy? Should you purchase a house or a property within a residential building? Perhaps one of the most important choices is whether to purchase a new home or get an older one at a far lower price. For my money, you should always opt for a new property, and there are a number of reasons why this might be the case.


The Walls Are Haunted


Ghosts of the past are often still present within the walls, roofs, and foundations of older buildings. Don’t forget these homes were typically built when health and safety standards weren’t as high. The best example of this would be asbestos. Up until the late 80’s asbestos was being used to provide insulation for homes. It was only recently that a link between cancer and the substance was discovered. As such, if you buy a home that is more than around 30 years old, there’s a good chance it has asbestos. You might think that you can just leave it alone and you can. Undisturbed asbestos is harmless, but you might accidentally uncover it when completing renovation work. At that point, it will cost you thousands to remove.


It’s not the only issue from the past that could still be present in older homes either. Some properties do still have lead paint on the walls, and this is toxic to young children.

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Forget The Superstore, Live Off Your Land

Going organic at home? It’s a smart move, particularly if you’re concerned about your health and the health of your family. You wouldn’t believe how much food that you buy in a store is altered these days. Chemicals can be added to vegetables to ensure that they grow as large as possible. In some cases, vegetables and fruits are even genetically altered before they are grown. Then there’s meat which is packed full of antibiotics and other substances that can still be present in the meat when it’s sold. You might think that you’re safe just buying produce labeled organic, but don’t be so sure. There is evidence to suggest that this label can have quite a broad meaning. It depends on the seller. So, how can you go organic at home?


Grow Your Own Veg

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This is perhaps the easiest option if you’re interested in going organic and growing your own food at home. To do this, you just need to buy seeds online, and then you can start preparing an area in your garden to grow your fresh produce. You can find organic seeds on You’ll need to dig out some soil and create a space for the plants to grow. Remember, they need to be in place where they will be warm but not too hot, so shade is essential. A good water source is also vital, and if you live in a hot and humid location, you might have to water them yourself.


If you find that your little vegetable plants are struggling to grow, try using fertilizer. This will help the plants as it gives them more the minerals and nutrients that they need to flourish. You shouldn’t expect miracles the first time you try this, but after a couple of attempts, you’ll probably see things sprout up. You can then try cooking them, and you’ll probably find they taste quite different from the veg you’re used to buying from a store. But in a good way.



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You can buy livestock for your home too, like chickens. Chickens are another great source of organic food that are fairly easy to look after at home in your garden. There are just a few things you need to think about. First, you might be purchasing chicken eggs for hatching. If that’s the case, you’re going to need an incubator. According to, there are various different types of incubators so you should be able to find one to suit your needs. Once your little chicks are hatched, you have to treat them as pets. Nurture them, feed them, keep them safe and make sure they are well looked after. This is the only way you’ll get good eggs. You’d be surprised how many people have their own chickens at home and live off the land in this way.


Other Possibilities?

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You don’t have to stop at chickens either. If you have enough land, there are plenty other animals, fruit, and veg that you can keep and grow in your own home. Who knows, you might reach the point where you never have to buy food from a store again. That way, you can make sure you’re definitely only eating organically and guaranteeing your family stay healthy.

It might seem quite difficult to picture yourself living this way, but all it takes is that first step, and you could even start with something as simple as making your own bread.

Giving the Outside of Your Home a Cosmetic Overhaul

The outside of your home is something that you personally see very rarely. After all, do you ever stop to take a look at your siding, your roof or even your front yard when you return home from work? Most of us just rush indoors and decide that we need a nice hot shower or a bath to relax, and we pay very little attention to the wear and tear that the exterior of our homes experiences.


However, there might come a day during your holiday or weekend where you notice that the siding is broken, you have loose tiles in your roof that need replacing, or the plants in your front yard have completely died and you’ve only just realised. Take some time off work when you have a chance and buff up the exterior of your home. In fact, why not go a few steps further and actually give it a cosmetic overhaul? Not only will this improve the appearance of your home, it’ll also protect your house from further damage especially if the problems are in places such as your roof. Loose tiles or warped shingles are usually signs of wear and tear on your roof, and they need to be replaced or else you’ll start to experience leaks in your loft.

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Without further ado, here are a couple of ways to give the exterior of your home an overhaul and a redesign. Note that many of these renovations require the use of a contractor unless you have extensive DIY knowledge and some power tools to use. If you want to do them without paying a contractor, then seek advice online or ask a couple of friends to help you out over a weekend or two. [Read more…]

Getting The Attic Ready For Decorating

When you need to expand the family home but your budget is tight, it can be a lot cheaper to make the most of the space you have in the house rather than buying an entirely new home. If you don’t have a spare bedroom to turn into a study/office/nursery – take your pick – why not look up? Not the ceiling, the attic!

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A lot of homes have a loft space that is generally filled with dust, spiders and other junk, and getting the attic ready for decorating and converting is a huge job. If you have a space in the roof that is sizable enough, you could create a teen den, a nursery or even a longed-for office that you’ve needed for a while. A big job clearing junk and waste requires a company like Same-Day Rubbish Removal to be on hand. Moth-eaten boxes and old wood often need a run to the local rubbish dump, and you need some help for that. Decorating an attic is a big job, and we’ve put together some ways you can get yours ready before the conversion job begins. [Read more…]