Forget The Superstore, Live Off Your Land

Going organic at home? It’s a smart move, particularly if you’re concerned about your health and the health of your family. You wouldn’t believe how much food that you buy in a store is altered these days. Chemicals can be added to vegetables to ensure that they grow as large as possible. In some cases, vegetables and fruits are even genetically altered before they are grown. Then there’s meat which is packed full of antibiotics and other substances that can still be present in the meat when it’s sold. You might think that you’re safe just buying produce labeled organic, but don’t be so sure. There is evidence to suggest that this label can have quite a broad meaning. It depends on the seller. So, how can you go organic at home?


Grow Your Own Veg

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This is perhaps the easiest option if you’re interested in going organic and growing your own food at home. To do this, you just need to buy seeds online, and then you can start preparing an area in your garden to grow your fresh produce. You can find organic seeds on You’ll need to dig out some soil and create a space for the plants to grow. Remember, they need to be in place where they will be warm but not too hot, so shade is essential. A good water source is also vital, and if you live in a hot and humid location, you might have to water them yourself.


If you find that your little vegetable plants are struggling to grow, try using fertilizer. This will help the plants as it gives them more the minerals and nutrients that they need to flourish. You shouldn’t expect miracles the first time you try this, but after a couple of attempts, you’ll probably see things sprout up. You can then try cooking them, and you’ll probably find they taste quite different from the veg you’re used to buying from a store. But in a good way.



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You can buy livestock for your home too, like chickens. Chickens are another great source of organic food that are fairly easy to look after at home in your garden. There are just a few things you need to think about. First, you might be purchasing chicken eggs for hatching. If that’s the case, you’re going to need an incubator. According to, there are various different types of incubators so you should be able to find one to suit your needs. Once your little chicks are hatched, you have to treat them as pets. Nurture them, feed them, keep them safe and make sure they are well looked after. This is the only way you’ll get good eggs. You’d be surprised how many people have their own chickens at home and live off the land in this way.


Other Possibilities?

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You don’t have to stop at chickens either. If you have enough land, there are plenty other animals, fruit, and veg that you can keep and grow in your own home. Who knows, you might reach the point where you never have to buy food from a store again. That way, you can make sure you’re definitely only eating organically and guaranteeing your family stay healthy.

It might seem quite difficult to picture yourself living this way, but all it takes is that first step, and you could even start with something as simple as making your own bread.

Great Storage Options For Your Garden


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The summer season is great and no doubt many of you are already heading out to the store to pick up some new equipment to make your vacation time great as you enjoy your garden. From gardening tools to games equipment for the kids, there are loads of items you are going to need, but one problem remains. Where are you going to put them all? Storage space is a problem many of us have but don’t worry! Here is some helpful advice to help you de-clutter your stuff and make your garden presentable again.

Build your own shed

We may not all be skilled in DIY, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect, and there are easy and affordable options that even you could have a go at. While many people go for the wooden option, there are alternatives. A lot of people are opting for steel sheds. Now, while the cost of metal buildings may not be the cheapest solution, they are great for security, keeping your valuable outdoor equipment safe.

Of course, you don’t need to erect your own shed, as you can hire somebody to do it for you or order them pre-made. Wooden, steel or plastic, it’s up to you, but as they come in a variety of sizes, you may find they are perfect for all your outdoor storage needs.

Make use of your pallets

Never discard your pallets as there are many uses for them, not least as ideal ways for storage. There are many creative options, and all it takes is a little refurbishment and a bit of imagination.

While pallets are not particularly attractive to look at, you can easily paint them with a splash of color. Make shelving for your gardening tools and sports equipment. Create a wooden storage box to contain your kid’s toys. Transform the wood into a storage bench, giving you somewhere to sit as well as hold your belongings. Build yourself a garden table, perfect for those summer barbecues and a placeholder for your family’s outdoor accessories, rather than scattering everything across the garden. Suddenly, those ugly old pallets stacked up against your wall are becoming a more attractive proposition.

Buy some buckets

Your kids have a habit of leaving their toys around when playing outside, so it’s time to get them into the habit of tidying up. There is a range of colorful tubs or buckets available that are perfect for storage. Attach a label to each of them, perhaps with a picture of a particular toy, such as a car or football, as this will be great for your kids learning as well as letting them know there is a place for everything.

Of course, the buckets will need somewhere to go after the sun goes down, so stick them in your shed or garage, or make a wooden shelving unit to hang the buckets from. Add a few extra hooks for items such as hula hoops and skipping ropes, and you need never have to search for any missing games equipment again.

Want To Be A Super Saver? Let’s Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

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We all know that buying a trolley load food for the week can be expensive and it’s often hard to keep track of how just much you’re spending. If you’ve got a family of fussy eaters, any particular dietary requirements such as vegetarians or vegans to consider, or kids that hoover up food like it’s going out of fashion it can be a nightmare to stay in budget while making sure that everyone’s happy!


Stick To Your List


Write your shopping list out in advance and plan your meals for the entire week as you’ll then know exactly what you need to buy. We’re aware it sounds slightly laborious, but by doing this, you can keep track of how much everything costs, look out for special offers and stock up on ingredients that you’ll need for each meal. Try to avoid going off the list as you’ll be inundated with what seem like good deals but our advice is always look at their size before adding items to the trolley. Don’t be tempted to buy just a ‘few treats’ to see you through the week or be swayed into purchasing a whole load of stuff for the kids that neither, you, nor they need.


Clip Those Coupons


One of the best ways to get money off everyday items is by couponing, so you know those little strips of paper you get with your receipt? Well, if you save enough of them, swapping ones you don’t need for those that you do with friends and family you can end up getting a substantial discount on many products or even for free. However, couponing will take up a fair amount of your time. You can spend hours at the kitchen table cutting them out of magazines and newspapers, while needing to know which ones are worth collecting, which appear regularly and what products sell like hotcakes so their vouchers never come up.


Make The Most Of Leftovers


Tons of perfectly edible food is thrown away every day simply because people do not understand sell and use by dates, are too eager to open brand new packets without finishing old ones first and don’t know how to make meals out of leftovers. If you find yourself with some leftover meat, potatoes, vegetables and sauce, you can easily make delicious fried potato hash cakes but ensure that the reheated meat’s piping hot before you eat them, as otherwise you could end up quite unwell. There are loads of fantastic ideas on how to turn a fridge full of leftovers into a meal fit for a king but Sana, at has a whole page dedicated on what to do such as turning them into salads, curries, soups and even delicious, meaty lasagnas.


Grow Something


It’s highly possible, and cheap, to grow your own carrots, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, and even cucumber which is what many people did before commercial supermarkets arrived. Why not turn it into a family project? Getting everyone involved and establish a weekly rota, so you know exactly whose turn it is to check on, water, maintain and, of course, pull up or pick your vegetables.