Save Time, Money And Your Nerves With Smart Food Tips

The kitchen used to be the main room in the house. It was where the housewife and stay-at-home mother prepared delicious meals. She knew how to handle her grocery shopping effectively and how to make leftovers last for a few meals. Since then, women have taken over the professional world. As a result, the preferred room in the household is now the living room, where you can enjoy a simple tray meal from your local curry house or Chinese takeaway in front of the TV. With too little time and desire to prepare and cook, it’s likely that when you do, once in a while, treat your family to a home-cooked meal; it costs you a lot of money, time and a potential nervous breakdown while the dish burns in the oven. So how can you do food right?


Burnt food


Grocery Shopping Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

First of all, it’s important to get your shopping right. For most households, the idea of eating healthy food is appealing but far too expensive to commit to it for an extended period. But the healthy grocery shopping doesn’t have to break the bank , especially if you stick to your list and don’t give in to exciting products that you didn’t need. Combine your list with your coupons to get a significant discount on your preferred products – you might even get some for free! If you have a garden or even a conservatory that you can use as an indoor garden, you can grow your own vegetables. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and peas are great choices for beginners, as these are easy to maintain.

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Want To Be A Super Saver? Let’s Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

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We all know that buying a trolley load food for the week can be expensive and it’s often hard to keep track of how just much you’re spending. If you’ve got a family of fussy eaters, any particular dietary requirements such as vegetarians or vegans to consider, or kids that hoover up food like it’s going out of fashion it can be a nightmare to stay in budget while making sure that everyone’s happy!


Stick To Your List


Write your shopping list out in advance and plan your meals for the entire week as you’ll then know exactly what you need to buy. We’re aware it sounds slightly laborious, but by doing this, you can keep track of how much everything costs, look out for special offers and stock up on ingredients that you’ll need for each meal. Try to avoid going off the list as you’ll be inundated with what seem like good deals but our advice is always look at their size before adding items to the trolley. Don’t be tempted to buy just a ‘few treats’ to see you through the week or be swayed into purchasing a whole load of stuff for the kids that neither, you, nor they need.


Clip Those Coupons


One of the best ways to get money off everyday items is by couponing, so you know those little strips of paper you get with your receipt? Well, if you save enough of them, swapping ones you don’t need for those that you do with friends and family you can end up getting a substantial discount on many products or even for free. However, couponing will take up a fair amount of your time. You can spend hours at the kitchen table cutting them out of magazines and newspapers, while needing to know which ones are worth collecting, which appear regularly and what products sell like hotcakes so their vouchers never come up.


Make The Most Of Leftovers


Tons of perfectly edible food is thrown away every day simply because people do not understand sell and use by dates, are too eager to open brand new packets without finishing old ones first and don’t know how to make meals out of leftovers. If you find yourself with some leftover meat, potatoes, vegetables and sauce, you can easily make delicious fried potato hash cakes but ensure that the reheated meat’s piping hot before you eat them, as otherwise you could end up quite unwell. There are loads of fantastic ideas on how to turn a fridge full of leftovers into a meal fit for a king but Sana, at has a whole page dedicated on what to do such as turning them into salads, curries, soups and even delicious, meaty lasagnas.


Grow Something


It’s highly possible, and cheap, to grow your own carrots, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, and even cucumber which is what many people did before commercial supermarkets arrived. Why not turn it into a family project? Getting everyone involved and establish a weekly rota, so you know exactly whose turn it is to check on, water, maintain and, of course, pull up or pick your vegetables.