Why stand up paddle boarding has become so popular

Why stand up paddle boarding has become so popular


Stand up paddle boarding may have been in practice for centuries, but even ten years ago, it was still not a common sight. Originating from Africa, this method of standing up on canoes and using paddles to propel riders forward was actually used for stealth attacks by warriors. They were also used by people of Hawaii when they went fishing.

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Now, it has grown so much in popularity that it has become common to see people flocking to beaches to try it. It has evolved from just being a hobby to now organized sports events for stand up paddle boarding. What makes this pastime so popular nowadays? Here are some of the reasons.


  1. You can do this activity almost anywhere – Unlike surfing, where you need a swell to do the activity, stand up paddle boarding can be done not just at sea. It can be practiced on lakes, waterways, bayous, streams, ponds and lagoons. It’s the perfect way to enjoy nature.


  1. Low Impact Sport – if you are looking for another form of exercise aside from the usual, then you can try this. Without putting too much strain on your body, stand up paddle boarding can strengthen your arms, legs and core muscles.


  1. Does not require too much skill – think of it as surfing but much less difficult. Surfing requires years of practice to master, but the same cannot be said for stand up paddle boarding. All you need to know are the basics, which is standing up on your board and learning to steer your board using the paddle. If you’re a beginner, you can learn this sport first on a still body of water. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can more to more difficulty.


  1.  A great group or individual activity with no age deterrent – since it is surprisingly not difficult to do, stand up paddle boarding is the perfect activity to do with friends and family. You don’t need to be a certain age to try it out, young and old can enjoy it alike.


To be able to maximize enjoying this activity, one must have the proper equipment. Choosing the right board is crucial. If it’s your first time and you are looking for tips and reviews, you can check out Just Paddleboard’s reviews for help.


Alex, who owns the site, is such a big fan of the activity that he made the website to assist anyone who wants to get serious with stand up paddle boarding. He has compiled a list of  buying guides to help riders in choosing the SUPs that would be perfect for them.


And his lists are not just for boards! He has even compiled lists of the best paddles, leashes, and wet suits for those who are not sure what kind they should purchase. Aside from that, he also gives practical tips on how to store your paddle boards and even how to enjoy the sport with your pet dog.

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