Help Your Pooch Go From A Small Puppy To A Healthy Adult Dog

When we first got our puppy, we think they are going to be small forever. After all, they are so playful and little. But a lot of small breeds reach adulthood between six and 18 months. And we need to ensure they are ready to be a healthy and strong adult dog. In fact, it can often be down to us to lead them on the right path. Therefore, here are some ways you can help your pooch go from a small puppy to a healthy adult dog.

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Ensure they get plenty of exercise


It’s so important that you make sure your pooch gets enough exercise in their life. After all, just like us humans, they need exercise to stay fit and healthy. So if they aren’t getting sufficient time to be active, it can delay their development. And they might grow up to have issues with their bones. In fact, you might struggle to get them to move far without any help. Therefore, to stop this occurring, make sure you take them for a walk at least once a day. It will ensure they get some time on their paws and it can help them to be out and about. In fact, you will notice an improvement in their mood if you do get them to have regular exercise. And make sure you take them out for days out too. After all, it will give them a good amount of time to be outside of the home getting exercise. And it can be ideal for your family to bond with the pooch too.

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