Don’t Let Summer Burn Up Your Cash!



Summer is finally here! But if you checked your bills and other expenses thoroughly at the end of last year’s summer, you may have found that you spent quite a lot more money than you’re comfortable with. That’s why it’s essential you have money-saving on your mind when the hot months come to town!


Think twice about air conditioning


When the sun blazes down upon your home and seems to turn it into some sort of oversized oven, it’s tempting to get the AC going at full blast. But you should consider all your options before turning to the AC, because it’s the most expensive option when it comes to cooling your home down. Open up all your windows to ensure there’s a good airflow. Use fans that are pointed outside; instead of having air blown at you, you should aim instead of getting the warm air blown out of the room!


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Green House: How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Making your home more energy efficient is not only good for the environment as a whole, but it is also good for your household budget. Both big and small, there are plenty of ways that you can do this. To start off with, you need to identify the areas of your home that you are using more energy than you need to. You can then start taking steps to reduce the cost impact that this is having. With new products and innovations coming out all the time, there are plenty of ways in which you can do this which we will talk more about here.

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With Groupon Coupons Saving Money Has Never Been Easier

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The household bills, piled on top of the grocery bills, can sometimes be overwhelming and make a huge dent in our wallets.

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