3 Oft-Neglected Areas Of Home Security

Home security is a constant concern for many homeowners. The items inside of our house are expensive, not to mention the aftermath of a burglary is incredibly emotionally trying. Keeping your home safe and secure is thus a priority — but it’s not always easy.

While it’s never a bad idea to install cameras and potentially even keep a guard dog as a pet, there are always going to be areas that you might overlook. These areas are actually common across households, with thousands of people falling into the same trap when it comes to lifting focus from vulnerable areas. To ensure that your home is able to avoid these common burglar-friendly overlooked spots, inspect the areas below for any weaknesses.


1) Garage Doors



The garage is a strange area of the house, that has a tendency to feel more like part of the outdoors than the house itself. However, while it might not be as comfortable as the rest of your home, it is a direct access point to the entire house. If you don’t keep it under lock and key, then there’s a high probability that a burglar will see it as the perfect entrance route to your home.

If you notice that your door is damaged or in need of some TLC, then the likes of https://www.tiptopgaragedoors.com/lp/charlotte can provide invaluable assistance to keep your home secure. This is definitely not one you want to leave, so as soon as you notice a problem, take the steps you need to take to rectify it.


2) Upstairs Windows

It’s easy to overlook upstairs windows; after all, a burglar would need a ladder to be able to get into them, so why bother with security?

The truth is, some burglars are that bold. Your neighbors might not think anything is amiss, either — they will assume you’re having work done. So the security of your upstairs windows is just as important as the ones at ground level.


3) Garden Access



The garden always has the potential to grab a lot of your time when it comes to home maintenance, but the simple truth is that it needs it. When you have living plants to tend to, that’s tough enough, but don’t forget the security part your garden plays. For most houses, the garden is the ‘front line’, so to speak; it’s the part of your house that’s closest to the street, thus making it the prime entryway for any burglars.

Getting your garden security right is important. Cameras are a good investment, but shrubs can help as well — anything that’s particularly spiky such as those mentioned on http://www.hgtv.com/design/outdoor-design/landscaping-and-hardscaping/how-to-add-security-plants-to-your-yard will help to deter thieves, or at least persuade them to seek out another house that isn’t quite so well guarded.

Home security is always going to be tough; with every solution you put in place, there is always a chance someone will have a workaround. However, by ensuring you pay proper attention to the areas as listed above, you’ll have a more complete focus on home security than a lot of households manage.

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