Back To School In Good Health For You And Your Family

A new school year begins and now is the perfect time to embrace new resolutions – you know everything you said you’d do this year and still haven’t! – and focus on keeping your family healthy. The last thing kids want when they start a new school year is to get sick, not only because it makes it extra difficult to make new friends when you’re bed-ridden, but also because they’re missing out on new lessons. Similarly, for adults, it’s the last run before the festive season, and now is not a good time to catch an infection or to struggle with health issues. You probably know what health issues are about: It’s about healthcare costs. The more you spend on your health, the less budget you have for all other things. While this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be ignoring your health, it’s a matter of keeping your family healthy in the long term without breaking the bank.

Walking the dog


Avoid issues in your house

The easiest way to make sure that everybody is best equipped to stay healthy is to control your environment. How healthy is your home? Now is the best time to check for water infiltration or windows that let the air in, because you can still get these fixed before the start of the cold season. Additionally, you should be checking for pest presence such as termites – which can lead to naphthalene poisoning – and mice. If you noticed anything out of the ordinary, droppings or damage food packaging in the cupboard, then you should get in touch with Natura Pest Control for a simple and effective pest control. They can help you to deal with pest infestation before it becomes a health issue for your household.

Healthy and affordable lunch boxes

Do you know where your children are the most likely to develop unhealthy diet? At school! As terrifying as this sounds, most school canteens don’t provide a balanced meal option for kids. Consequently, it’s important to prepare a lunch box that provides them with all the nutrients they need, and that doesn’t break the bank either. Healthy food doesn’t have to cost an arm or to be boring! You could pack their lunch boxes with a wrap full of veggies and soft goat cheese, which is easy to prepare and doesn’t need complicated ingredients. Worried they will still feel hungry? Add plenty of mashed chickpeas to bulk it up! How about creating a grilled sandwich of broccoli and plenty of melted cheese? That’s all their dairy, carb and greens for the day!

Sweet lunch box meal for a happy tummy


Encourage everyone to stay active

What you eat is only one side of your health requirements. The other side is about keeping an active lifestyle. Why so? Because it helps to maintain essential bodily functions. While it might be easy for kids to enjoy sports activities during the week, it can be tricky for parents to do so. If you have a dog, you could get used to walking the dog twice a day, in the morning and the evening, so that both adults can stay active. Or why not get a Sunday’s routine where you can take your family for a walk?


In the end, your health only becomes a costly business if you are not vigilant. Taking preventive care for your family by looking after the house, organizing healthy food options and encouraging everyone to stay active doesn’t cost much. But it can make all the difference!

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