Give a Gorgeous Gift- Without Breaking The Bank

Giving gifts is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s lovely being able to treat a person you care about, to give them something that shows that you thought about them. But giving gifts can also be a source of stress, many people focus far too much on the cost and not enough on the value. If you don’t have much money to spend, here are some nice ways you can still show that you care.

Make Something Yourself

If you want something truly personal and that shows the recipient that you put a lot of time and effort in, you could always make something yourself. If you’re particularly crafty you should have no problem, sites like Pinterest have tonnes of inspirational ideas. You could make something from wood, fabric or metal, you could even bake something. This is an easy one since most people go crazy for home baked goods, you could buy some pretty boxes to display things like cupcakes in or glass lidded jars for cookies. Either way, it’s cheap and cheerful, and will work for most people. If you don’t have the best skills with creativity, how about putting together a hamper? You can buy baskets cheaply and fill it with some inexpensive bits and pieces. Bubble bath, a candle, a bottle of wine. You get the homemade element but without any real skill involved.


Get a Good Deal

If you want to buy a pricier item but don’t have the money to get it full price, shop around and see if you can get a good deal. You could browse the sales, or look in bargain shops that sell end of the line products for crazy cheap prices. You could see if you could get the item you want second hand for way cheaper, or you could even try an auction site. You can see sites like Dealdash reviewed here so you can read up and see if this is something that’s of interest. Giving someone an impressive gift that looks like you spent far more than you did is always great!

Do Something Different

Instead of handing over a physical item, how about doing something different? One idea is you could cook a meal for the person. You could find out their favourite dish and spend time making this for them- light some candles, put some music on. It’s less expensive than booking a restaurant but is a good option when a physical gift doesn’t seem quite right. It’s thoughtful and memorable, and can be done relatively cheaply too. A pasta dish for example would cost hardly anything, you might need to bypass the expensive steaks, lobster and other pricey ingredients but there’s plenty you can do on a budget. Along with this you could always present them with flowers, chocolate or a bottle of wine if you want to give an actual gift too.


What gifts do you give when money is tight? Have you ever struggled knowing what to get for someone due to your budget?

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