What Household Checks Are Best Done In Autumn?

When you’re trying to run a household from the head, it’s not only your family that need health checks and repairs. The summer may have meant your house got a little bit messier, but your work isn’t over yet. During the autumn it’s incredibly important to keep up any checks with winter in mind. This makes your usual house head-to-toe a little bit more complicated, but let’s take a look at what you need to make sure is fixed up and working well in your house in the autumn.

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Check On Your Insulation

This is particularly important in your loft in preparation for winter. With a lot of extreme weather occurring around us these days, making sure your roof and loft will hold up against both the rain and the cold is essential.

Opinions can vary, but about 11 inches of loft insulation is the optimum amount of trapping material. That sounds quite a lot, but it’s worth it on the money side. You’ll be thanking yourself once the frost rolls around and you can’t put on anymore jumpers.


Check On Your Central Heating

Boilers and thermostats need to be in prime condition at a steady temperature. If you hadn’t had any maintenance on this during the summer, then it’s not too late to do so, and it makes sure everything is in order for next spring.

Run maintenance on your air conditioning as well. Services such as Kaiser Air Conditioning can make this cheap and quick to do whilst keeping your cooling system up and running throughout the autumn. This is important as humidity temperatures can still soar during this time of year as the air holds more moisture, and having a cool air supply circulating your house can keep it feeling light, breathable and free.

Similarly, if you have a fireplace, now is a good time to make sure an accompanying chimney is clear. If you’re planning to light a fire over the autumn and winter, make sure to use seasoned firewood, as the fuel won’t be wet and will last longer as it’s been cut and dried properly.

Give Your Outside Walls A Once Over

Knowing where cracks are forming and loose bricks can potentially come off is a life saver for the winter season. If you can repair them now, and make sure you don’t lose any heat or energy through these mishaps, then more’s the better.

Water can also slip into these cracks and make itself at home, which can then freeze and dampen your entire structure. Flooding could occur in the most extreme cases, so check your outside pipes over as well to be sure they’re in prime condition. Break out the ladder to get nearer the roof whilst the ground is still dry to make sure there’s no tricky flaking up there either.

Give your house the essential checks to prepare for the long haul of winter. It’s not as much fun when all you can think about is the wet and cold.

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