Curious Kids: Explaining House Repairs & Maintenance

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Children are curious. In fact, it’s one of their most endearing qualities. They are always keen to explore the world around them, learning things they don’t know, and expand their knowledge.

The majority of the time, this is endearing and lovely. However, there are times during which their natural propensity for curiosity can cause you a few problems.  If you find yourself facing down a repair emergency like a burst pipe, the last thing you may think of is how your child is coping with the situation. That’s understandable; you’re too busy juggling emergency plumbers and wondering how you’re going to find room in your budget to pay for the work. Not a soul could blame you for being distracted, and not quite having your usual level of patience to explain what’s happening to an eager, enquiring young mind.

However, look at the situation through your child’s eyes:

  • Something has gone wrong
  • They don’t understand what’s gone wrong…
  • … but from your reaction, they know it’s pretty important
  • Someone is going to come into their home to do the repair work

It’s a pretty confusing time, which can cause upset in more sensitive children. So whether it’s routine maintenance or an emergency, it’s worth taking the time to explain to your child what’s happening and why.

#1 – Allow Them To Ask Questions

If you’re having to DIY a fix yourself or call someone in to help with an emergency, then allow your child to ask any questions they have about the process. You don’t need to engage in a long question-and-answer session; just five minutes answering their questions is worthwhile doing.

This question and answer session is both useful and necessary, given the importance that you…


#2 – Don’t Let Them Bother The Tradesperson

If your child is friendly and inquisitive, then that’s great, but there’s a time and a place for it. The last thing you want is to be paying someone to fix something on your home, and that person to be distracted or interrupted by your curious child. If you allow your child to ask questions before the work begins, then they’re more likely to be content to step back while the work is taking place.

If necessary, distract your child while the work is going on, just in case they want to get more involved than is appropriate. For a quick and easy distraction, download a child-friendly cellphone game, or encourage them to play outside if the weather is suitable.


#3 – Talk Through the Repair So They Understand What Happened

With the work complete, take the time to teach them a little about the repair, why it worked, and how happy you are with the result. They don’t need to understand the literal nuts and bolts, but explaining in a child-friendly way can encourage their interest, as well as furnish them with new knowledge for the future.

So even when you’re panicking about your home repairs, it’s beneficial to both you and your child to take the time to encourage their curiosity about the home they live in. You can take care of your home security, maintenance, and repairs, and allow your child to learn something new– a win/win situation.

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