Fund That Dream Family Holiday

With the run up to Christmas nearly here, your dream holiday plans might have been put on hold. But don’t let them be! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start planning it now. It’ll make it easier in the long run, cheaper, and it gives you something to look forward to! So stop dreaming of that holiday you need so badly, and make it a reality.



When you’re travelling with children, so much needs to be planned for. Firstly, start thinking of where you’d like to go. Whether it be heading for the sun, a forest escape, or some winter fun, it all needs to be planned for. You need to consider whether there will be enough for younger children to do to keep them entertained. So if you’re trying to head to somewhere like Rome, there really isn’t too much younger children can do there but follow you around. If it is the sun you need, look for the really popular tourist destinations such as Tenerife. There’s so much to do there, and most of the big hotels will have children’s activity days so you can go off and enjoy the island on your own. If it’s a winter holiday, it’s a little easier. Children will distract themselves all day with snow, and can really use their imagination.



If you’re looking to book it this side of Christmas, it might be a little financially tight. But there are options you can look for. Look for companies such as to help give you the little extra boost. Sometimes you just can’t wait or you’ll miss the deal. Once you’ve figured out a way to gather the foods, you’ll need to begin saving. Work out how much spending money you’ll need. Have a look how long it is until your holiday, and divide the spending money by the months. That way you’ll have a realistic idea of how much you need to save each month. It’s easier to do it this way rather than have a mad rush closer to the holiday.


Clothes & Packing

This bit is going to come in a little closer to your holiday date. But it’s definitely the most exciting part. Shopping for clothes for yourself really gets you in the holiday spirit. Although your kids might hate it, there’s nothing more exciting than picking out cute little holiday outfits for them either. But be sensible with it as well. It can get really expensive if you go overboard. See what clothes you’ve got from previous holidays, and if they still fit. Don’t over buy either. It’s all too common for people to buy one day, and one night outfit for each day. Yet if it’s a hot holiday, they’ll be spending most their days in their bikinis, or trunks any way. It’ll be harder to dress your children in last years holiday clothing, as they’ll probably have grown a fair bit since then. So focus on buying less for them, and more for you, as selfish as that sounds.

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