Heading Abroad? 3 Preparations To Consider



Heading abroad is sure to be an excellent time. If you’re going for business considerations, a vacation, or simply to visit family, getting out of the routine of your daily life can only be healthy. This is because it helps you break up the common and standard ‘routine perception’ which is so easy to fall into day after day. You’ve probably experienced this yourself – living on autopilot instead of living each day as it comes. Breaking out of your daily scheduled circumstances can be very useful in these situations, and not for superfluous reasons.

However, heading out abroad will mean you need to take a further degree of preparation before you leave, as any issues can’t be rectified with you quickly returning home. Often, it will take you booking an emergency flight home, and this can often be too late to solve whatever issue is occurring. For this reason, and in the interest of home and family safety, it’s important to consider the following give tips before stepping out on your adventure.



During long and extended leave of absences, it’s just not enough to pay someone to come and dog-sit. While checking up on your animals via a friend or neighbor is more cost-effective when taking a weekend or day away, taking weeks away will cruelly leave your animals inside and bored all day. For this reason, coming to an arrangement with a dog day care facility, and having your friend pick up the dog in the evening can be a more friendly and ethical way to treat your animals during this time.

These cage-free facilities will often give your pooch stimulation and active engagement with dogs in their local area. They are bound to enjoy the time so much that just like a moody child they won’t want to leave the area when you return to take them home for good. You may feel tempted to leave your dog inside the house as an added security measure while you’re gone, but simply making them deal without regular human interaction even if they’re being fed well can be distressing for the animal. This way, you will know that your pooch is getting the best treatment around, which also gives you an intrinsic peace of mind.


Much like your pets, your children will need taking care of if you can’t take them with you. Of course, leaving them in the house on their own even for a day is inadvisable at the very best, but leaving them with a care facility is also not as viable as it is with your pets. Your children have a range of emotional needs to consider, and so taking them to their family, such as with their grandparents, can be a much better method of resolution.

Even if you have to go out of your way to find these familiar lodgings, it’s worth it, and it could be worth taking the day off before you go to make sure they are set up and comfortable in their temporary new accommodation. Bring with them their toys/games console, all of their comforters as well as educating the familial carer on the food they enjoy eating, so they can feel happy and at home in their new surroundings.



The security of your home should be considered before you set off. While you may feel confident that nothing will happen to you, fools law suggests that this pride will come before a fall. Unfortunately, not every home has the potential for Kevin McCallister to fortify with booby traps, and so it’ll take some ingenious planning for you to defend your home well. If you haven’t already, consider implementing an alarm system which neighbors can hear. Enroll into your neighborhood watch program if you haven’t.

Alert all of your neighbors to the fact that you’ll be taking a short break away, so they can gingerly watch your house and notice any unusual activity around it. Purchase timed light switches which help alternate the light levels coming from your home in the evening to help it seem lived in and active. If you can, ask a neighbor to park their car on your drive in the evenings to help ward off anyone looking for vacant homes. While Christmas baubles can serve as good traps for shoeless criminals entering the property, it’s worthwhile focusing all on your property appearance to ward off criminals in the first instance.

If you’re still not happy, consider purchasing a fake and cheap home security camera, which can give the impression that you have a high-level security system. Purchase a ‘beware of the dog sign,’ even if you don’t own one. It sounds apparent to state, but make sure that all of your windows and doors are locked securely before you leave, and do a once over of the property before you get in your vehicle, trying all the windows and doors before you leave.

With these tips, you can be sure that your time abroad won’t be impeded by any unnecessary worrying you may be doing.

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