How To Dodge The Shocking Cost of Home Repairs

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At the center of family life, we rely on our homes as spaces of sanctuary, mental and physical comfort, and shelter from the elements. And we love to decorate and create welcoming family spaces. But just like owning a car, your home can also become a significant drain on finances. Once you own a house, all the responsibilities for the upkeep of the building and its systems are yours – and if things go wrong unexpectedly, the cost can be a huge shock. There are certain things to take account of when it comes to yearly maintenance. Scheduling these items in advance allows you to plan for costs, and when things are able to be serviced, it can stop minor issues from developing into major faults. Here’s what to look out for

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An unseen space, fireplaces are often easy to forget about, but as they present a point of exposure in your home, regular maintenance is essential and having an annual clean scheduled can help to safeguard you again mold and damp entering the house, fire hazards and worse. This could potentially save you thousands in repairs to your home.  Fall is the ideal time to have an inspection and cleaning carried out. Using the same company each year will allow them to spot any small patterns and problem areas as well. Think of the little outlay as being an investment in the health of your home.

Carpet Cleaning
It’s a small thing, but in high-traffic areas especially, if you have invested in a carpet, it pays to schedule an annual cleaning, either by a professional company or by hiring a carpet cleaning machine to use at home. If you or your family have allergies, it can also help to ease symptoms by doing away with deeply-embedded bacteria and dirt. Cleaning is a fraction of the cost of having to replace carpeting, so it makes sense to take care of it.

HVAC systems
Where would you be if your heating or air conditioning systems suddenly broke down?It may be a good idea to identify a helpful local firm that does quick emergency call outs, such as Fahrenheit HVAC. But prevention is better than cure – all HVAC units need to be serviced at least once a year, and this ensures that you get the maximum lifespan out of the equipment too.

Roof repairs
They say that the quality of a home is only as sound as its roof, so make a yearly inspection of your roof part of the drill, as needing a replacement if it falls into disrepair can cost big.  The older the roof is, the more it will require these checks. Missing shingles need to be replaced quickly to prevent water damage taking hold, and any vents need to be sealed up. Taking preventative measures can add decades onto the lifespan of your roof.

Pest Control
Finally, pest control needs to be part of your planning too. Termites are the single biggest infestation to guard against. If they manage to take hold, they can destroy everything from drywall to priceless antique heirlooms – and by the time you’ve noticed the damage, it’s usually too late. A thorough inspection as part of your yearly rounds could prevent costly and irreversible damage.

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