The Financial Complications Of Sending Your Kid To College

There are tough moments that pretty much every parent has to go through in life. We have the first day of school for our child, dropping them off at the school gates with a tear in our eye as we can’t believe they’ve grown up. Then there’s the first big argument with your teenager as they scream how much they hate you. That’s definitely never a fun one, and those teenage years can be nasty. After that, you have the big one; sending them to college.

It’s an emotional time, but it can also be a tricky financial time for parents too. There are many financial complications when you send your child to college, and you must learn what they are and how to handle them.


College Tuition Fees

First and foremost, you have the issue of college tuition fees. These are basically what the college charges your child to study there. In theory, they should pay for things like the cost of studying on their course. There’s an article on that goes through all the most expensive colleges in the country. Immediately, you can help yourself out by avoiding the costliest options. It’s an issue for parents as you should try and help raise funds for your kid’s college tuition. The more you can contribute to this, the less dependent your child will be on a loan, which leads into the next point.

Student Loans

Unless you’re rich and generous enough to pay for the entirety of your child’s college tuition – or they get a fully financed scholarship – they’ll need a loan. This is problematic as it can cause them to fall into lots of student debt from the word go. It mentions on that there are two types of student loan; federal and private. A federal one comes from the government, while a private one is from a different organization. Immediately, you have the complicated task of figuring out which option is best for your child, and will help them stay out of as much debt as possible.

General College Living Costs

As well as tuition fees and loans you have the cost of living in college. Your child will have to pay for their food, toiletries, books, and a lot more. Over the course of a year, it can all add up and be hard to manage. Especially when you factor in most of their loan gets spent on tuition. This is where parents should try and take an active step to help their child with the cost of living. Send over care packages full of food and essentials, or make regular monthly deposits into their bank account.

From a parent’s perspective, college is just as financially complicated as it is for your child. They probably don’t realize this, but you’re working hard to ensure they enjoy an easy life as possible during college. Worrying about their financial situation will only distract them from their work. So, if you can figure out ways to pay for a portion of their college tuition, keep their loan down, and help with the cost of living, you’ll give them a much better college experience.

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