The Summer Bills Don’t Have To Leave You With Nothing


The summer can really make a dent in your finances, what with vacations, bills, entertainment, and treats – you’ll be left feeling exhausted, and so will your bank account. Having said that, there are plenty of ways you can save up and use every opportunity you have to put a plug in that leaky purse.


Household maintenance

When the weather warms up, you will find the usual maintenance of your home will increase. This includes things like your gardening, as a lot more plants are likely to show their face, including all those dreaded weeds, and quick-growing grass that will need to be cut regularly, as well as watering the plants to keep them from dying.

To cut down the costs of your water bill, hose your garden down early morning or late evening instead of the afternoon as it will evaporate a lot quicker in midday so you’ll need more water. You may also find that it will work out the same price or cheaper, to hire a professional gardener to take care of everything for you, in which you may benefit more from this than trying to do everything yourself, as this can be very time-consuming.

You should also consider growing your own produce like fruit and vegetables.

Backyard parties

Summer means friends, family, parties, barbeques, and games. And while this all sounds great, you’ll most likely want to buy some funky patio furniture to be able to throw these parties in style. If you plan on getting some, try and plan in advance when the prices are low. – Everyone will be thinking the same thing as summer begins which means shops will raise their prices to sometimes even double the amount.

In terms of food, there are often great promotions on meat when bought in bulk, which is ideal for you as you’re throwing a party, so take advantage of these offers. Any extra meat, just stick it in the freezer and use it whenever you wish. Cooking on a barbeque is such a low-cost way of preparing food, all you need to do is make a fire, and you’re good to go.


Monthly bills

If you want to reduce the energy costs of your home, then never leave the air con on when you leave the house, or are no longer in need of it. You can also close the doors of any other rooms so that it is working on the area you need it to, as a pose to using up more and more energy to cool the whole house, when really you’re only staying in the living room.

Combine errands so that not only do you save time, but you’ll be saving yourself money on gas too. Another trick is to introduce carpooling into your lifestyle. If you have to drop your child off at school and a few other Mothers are going to the same location, offer to take their kids with you, and vice versa, taking it in turns. This will not only cut the costs, but it’s a step towards saving the planet. And of course, public transport work wonders for this too.

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