How to Complete Your BSN When You are Already a Busy Mom

Whether everyone realizes it or not, being a mom is a fulltime job, especially when your children are still young. Does that mean you cannot complete your RN to BSN once you have decided to start a family? No, it doesn’t mean that at all because every year, plenty of registered nurses complete their Bachelor’s degree after they have started a family, therefore proving that it can be done. Even then, it is not an easy feat, so everyone who successfully does it usually has a plan in place. If you are thinking along the same lines, then it’s time to let you in on how to get your Bachelor’s degree while managing your family at the same time.

The All-Important Support System

Let’s be practical here, no mother can handle everything alone all the time and therefore you will need a support system. This support system should include as many people as possible because that would make sure someone is there to help you, whenever you really need it. It could be anybody really; a neighbor, a friend, a relative, your husband, your mother or maybe someone at the institute who is in the same boat as you and would gladly help you out if you would do the same for them. Getting a BSN is not easy and it would help immensely if you had someone to take care of the kids and other essential family matters, so that you can concentrate solely on your studies for some time.

Getting Your BSN Online

Rutgers University Online has a CCNE accredited program that any registered nurse can take up to complete their BSN over the internet. This essentially cuts down on the cost of getting your Bachelor’s, but with the well-respected Rutgers University name on the certificate. In terms of professional value, it’s equal to the regular nursing course from Rutgers, but at the same time, the online nature of the course gives you all the flexibility you need to manage your family and your education simultaneously. Besides, when you don’t really have to go anywhere to attend classes and come back again, the time saved in the process is just priceless in this scenario.

Make Your Routine Public in Advance

Talk with your family in advance and make everything crystal clear so that there is no confusion or conflict of routine. Work with your husband in chalking out the routine so that both of you have a clear idea of what to expect. Mark the busiest days on the calendar and put it out so that everyone can know when you will be at your busiest. More importantly though, be sure to make full use of that smartphone by setting reminders and alarms about every important upcoming event so that you don’t forget any of them in all the craziness.

These techniques will help a lot, but there will still be some moments when you will feel overwhelmed by everything and during those times, it’s a good idea to think about what you are working towards. Think about the boosted salary and better career opportunities which will inevitably come to you after you get your BSN certificate and concentrate on the fact that whatever difficulties you are facing right now will be over before you know it.

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