Taking Care of Your Child’s Ears

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As a parent, you want to do what’s best for you child, particularly when it comes to their health. You probably work hard to feed them right, ensure they get enough sleep and try your best to prevent them from getting sick, but how much time do you give to their ears? The ears are an oft-neglected part of the body, but since they are one of the most delicate, especially for young children, they are one of the most important pasts to take care of, especially if you don’t want to have to watch your child suffer from a terrible ear infection.

With that in mind, here are some simple tips for taking care of your young child’s ears:


Have them Tested

It’s really important that you take your child for a hearing test in those early years of development. Doing so will help to determine if they can actually hear normally so that you can get them the help they need if they don’t. In the US, newborns will have their hearing tested pretty early, but problems can arise later on, so keep an eye on your kids and if you don’t think their hearing is developing as it should, don’t hesitate to see a professional.



You should clean your baby or child’s outer ear very regularly. When doing this, you should use a washcloth that is as soft as you can find, because the skin of the ears is very delicate. You could also use a cotton swab, but remember you should never put those inside the ear.

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Special Memories with Unforgettaballs.com

Unforgettaballs 4 ball set

20 years ago, baseballs were still completely white.  That’s when Emily Wolfson something that only a true artist would think of.

She painted the American Flag on a toy shop purchased baseball to give to her husband, and that’s when Unforgettaballs was born. [Read more…]

VeraTemp Thermometer


VeraTemp+ Non-Contact Thermometer

The VeraTemp+ measures the temperature of a person or object by the energy emitted without touching them. Once the operator holds the thermometer 2-3 inches away from the patients forehead and activates the radiation sensor, the measurement is taken instantly. This thermometer is perfect for fast paced environments such as hospitals, emergency medical services, long-term care facilities, schools and other public settings. [Read more…]

Nasopure Little Squirt to Go


Nasopure Little Squirt to Go

Nasopure Nasal Rinse for Kids – Improved Sinus Rinse for Kids

Dr. Hana’s Nasopure Little Squirt to go is the preferred alternative sinus rinse for kids. Instead of flooding your sinuses like a neti pot or treating symptoms only like allergy medications, shots, steroids and antibiotics, Nasopure for kids attacks the origin of sinus issues. This nasal rinse for kids cleans the pollens, bacteria and dust before it even roots itself in your child’s sinuses and causes problem. Unlike a sinus rinse for kids, our kid’s nasal rinse is comfortable and effective. With consistent use of a child’s nasal rinse some of the benefits you can expect to see for your child are improved sleep, comfort and general health marked by fewer expensive doctor appointments.

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Have you heard of My Friend Paris?

Paris theme

My Friend Paris Theme Song

My Friend Paris songs, and especially Paris’ theme song, are wholesome songs that all children will love.

It is very hard to come across music, movies and books that will not only appeal to children, but that won’t corrupt their morals either. [Read more…]

Baby Rockstar – Frozen

Baby Rockstar Frozen

Baby Rockstar – Frozen


Baby Rockstar rearranges the chart topping hit as beautiful melodies played by soothing bells mixed with sleepy tones and light percussive effects. These calming and dreamy renditions will help get your little rockstars ready for bedtime. Baby Rockstar releases ignite a musical curiosity in your little ones and will be favorites of young children, and their parents, for years to come.

Track Listing

  • Frozen Heart
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman
  • For the First Time in Forever
  • Love Is an Open Door
  • Let It Go
  • Reindeers Are Better Than People
  • In Summer
  • For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
  • Fixer Upper
  • Vuelie
  • Heimr Arnadalr


My opinion: My youngest daughter’s favorite movie is Frozen, and we sing many of the songs all through the day.  This has become her most favorite CD, and we listen to it at nap time, quiet time and bedtime.  It is a very relaxing disc of lullaby’s, that enchant and relax her to allow her to fall asleep.  It definitely paves the way for sleep after a nice bath and quick snack.

Honestly, this has made bed time so much easier and more enjoyable.  I have very stubborn babies, and they are very much night owls.  We have had to completely change and recreate a routine, and I am so thankful that I was able to try out this program as it has been an invaluable tool to help get my 2 youngest ON a schedule.
This product was received complimentary for my personal use and enjoyment and an honest and unbiased review. Regardless, all opinions and experiences expressed are my own, and I only recommend products that I feel will greatly benefit Mean Mommy Magic’s readers.

Baby Safe Ink Print Kit – Basic

Baby Foot Print Kit

Baby Foot Print Kit

  • Greater detail in prints and no special paper required.
  • Safe for newborns – Non-toxic, latex free, and no harsh chemicals.
  • Can be used for adults and older children too.
  • Improved formula washes off easily with water.
  • Two sets of 3×5 ink strips (total of 4 sheets) makes up to 8 to 10 dark prints for most children under 12 months.

I have had so much fun with this kit.  I have wanted to have a way to best remember the little moments of my youngest daughter’s 1st years.  This kit is a great way to do just that.  Your baby changes so fast, and it seems they are growing and changing almost everyday right in front of your eyes.

This kit has allowed me to make some fantastic momentos for grandparents and family that live hundreds of miles away.  We have used it to create home made Christmas ornaments and beautiful artwork using my daughters feet and hand prints as the centerpiece. These are memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

The best part about this kit?  The ink is long lasting, but won’t stay on your child.  It is easy to remove from skin, but stays put on the paper where the images are placed.

Want a kit of your own?  Be sure to click on the link under the photo to take you to the listing!

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My Friend Paris MP3

My Friend Paris

My Friend Paris MP3

My Friend Paris is a downloadable music file on Amazon.  It is currently

listed at 99 cents.

If you have a young child, this song is great.

My youngest daughter (age 2) has listened to this song so many times

that she can actually sing along with her.

The song tells a story about a little girl (Paris) who

has just found out that her Mommy is pregnant with twins.

It is sung in a clear voice that young children can

easily understand.  It engages my daughter and

makes her want to sing and she dances along with the song.

I highly recommend this song to anyone with little ones.

Finally a song for the real young generation.

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