Make Your Home Run More Smoothly

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In many ways, you can view your home like a business. When everything is running smoothly, you can reap the rewards. In a business, this comes in the form of profit; in a home, this comes in the form of a happy family! If you feel like your home is not currently running as smoothly as it could, there are one or two things that you can do about this which we are going to discuss in more detail in this article. So, let’s help to get your home life optimised!


Make a To-Do List

It helps a great deal to have a clear to-do list that you are able to follow. This helps you to work out your priorities and the things that you need to accomplish. When you have set your list, you should stick to it as closely as possible. And you should also get into the habit of tackling the big things first. Otherwise, they are simply going to fester away at the back of your mind. There is a great sense of satisfaction to be gained from crossing off a big task from the list!


Deal with Paper Straight Away

This goes for both physical mail and emails. The best time to deal with it is the moment it arrives. Not only will you not have to remember to deal with that particular task at a later date, you also won’t have it taking up valuable surface space in your home or inbox space on your laptop!

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Invest To Save: Skills To Top Up The Family Bank Balance

If you’re a busy parent, you’ll be juggling family life, jobs, duties, and an array of other things that will take up the majority of your time. It can be a challenge to find a spare moment to make any changes to your life, learn new things, or invest in yourself. However, there are certain attributes that will only benefit a hard-working mom, and a little extra effort and time for a while can pay off substantially in the long-run. Learning and developing skills can also be a great way to regularly save cash, and you’ll be able to make back what you’ve spent in both time and money, and continue to earn in the future. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to think about what would impact your family life for the better, and help you to cut costs further down the line.

It’s time to grab your notebook and pen and write a list of things you feel are a struggle in your working week, both financially and time-wise. The next step is to plan what you can do to rectify these issue. Now, you just need to grab your planner, diary, or calendar, and schedule in some time for yourself so that you can benefit your lifestyle and family in the future. If the outcome is a happier, stress-free (most of the time), and more relaxed you; learning something new or honing your skills in a particular area can’t be seen as a sacrifice. It will be a means to better everything, and could lead to new ideas and opportunities ahead. The following are some ideas and inspiration for parents who feel like they’re rushed off their feet but want to make positive changes now, to claw back some time and cash in the future.

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How To Reduce Auto Insurance Costs

Buying a car is pretty exciting, especially if you’re buying one for the first time. The freedom to be on the road with your family, the ability to take your time to get anywhere you need to go and the sheer convenience of a car make the cost worth it, especially if you get your car brand new. However, the costs don’t end after the initial amount that you pay, and this is where a lot of people struggle to balance their cash.

There are insurance costs to factor in along with the costs of gas, road tax, MOT and repairs. Car repairs can be account crippling, especially if something has happened that you didn’t anticipate. Insurance costs can also tend to creep up if the car has had a fair few accidents. Carchex offers Dodge Ram extended warranties, so if you want to add a little extra protection to your new vehicle you should invest a little money there. Sometimes, it takes investing a little cash to make savings; if you spend a little more on extended warranties, you can save money in repairs. When it comes to insurance, reducing the costs of it as much as possible can help you with your wallet this month!

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Making the Right Pet Choice for Your Family

Choosing to add a new face to your family is exciting but it also takes some research to get right. The default pet most people head for is a fluffy puppy, but that isn’t always the best or most compatible pet for your family. The list below touches upon some of the other fantastic pets that are both great for families and brilliant in their own right too.  

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Best Friend For Life

There have been hundreds of studies done on the benefits of owning a dog, from getting more active to the chances of surviving a heart attack being higher.

Some of the other reasons are:

  •    Dogs have been shown to help reduce stress in children with Autism, a study at the University of Montréal showed the hormones associated with stress were dramatically reduced when in contact or living with a service dog.
  •    Children of all ages learn to take care of something. The responsibility element of a dog shouldn’t go underestimated when making a list of reasons a dog might make a great pet for your family.
  •   Spend some time browsing the little bundles of delight on Puppy Joy. The excitement of a new puppy arriving in the home is almost as exciting, if not more, than Christmas! From buying what might be the new pups favorite toy, to water bowls and blankets. It is an exciting time.
  •    Children with dogs get more exercise than those without these furry friends. This one is pretty simple, puppies and dogs like to run, jump and play for years. The kids will be the best companion and full of energy ready to burn.

Remember to do plenty of research into breeds and the suitability of your home and family ages. Some puppies grow into huge dogs indeed, and not all are suitable for small children. If in doubt, spend some time online and

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Cats are brilliant pets for busy families who would love a pet, but something a little more independent.

  •    Cats are fantastic companions, while dogs can typically be more ‘needy’ a cat will provide some strong, silent and dependable companionship.
  •    Due to their nature, cats provide a great lesson in loving something and letting it explore life on its terms.
  •    Patience, cats like to roam and be alone a lot of the time. This furry feline will teach you and your whole family the art of relaxing until kitty thinks it’s time to play.

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Hassle-Free Ways To Save Hundreds Of Dollars Every Year

Would you like to have more disposable income each month or do you struggle to survive from one payday to the next? If money is tight, you may be searching for simple steps to save money at home. Here are some hassle-free ways you could save hundreds of dollars every year.


Cutting the cost of grocery shopping

The average US family devotes around 6 percent of their income to grocery shopping. This is a substantial portion of your earnings. If you’d like to lower your shopping bills, there are myriad ways to do this. One of the best and most convenient options is to shop online. When you’re in the store, it’s very easy to lose track of how much you’ve spent, and it’s also common to get distracted by marketing ploys and promotions. If you’re one of those people who loves a bargain and ends up buying things they don’t need, you’re definitely not alone. Online shopping is quick and easy, and it eliminates the need to travel, but most importantly, it gives you the option to view a running total. There’s also no risk of getting lured in by discounts and offers that will increase spending.

If you are going to the store, make a list before you leave, and stick to it. Plan a weekly menu in advance, write down the ingredients you need, and avoid adding anything else to your cart. Shop around for the best prices on items you buy in bulk, for example, pet food or diapers, and look out for offers on products that are on your list. It’s worth checking out discounted meat and fish, as you can usually freeze these items, and visiting the bakery and fresh food sections towards the end of the day when prices are slashed. Take advantage of coupons and loyalty bonuses and embrace the concept of batch cooking. If you have a large family or you’re short on time in the week, this will save you time and money. When you have got a few hours, you can make multiple portions of dishes like chili beef, soup, and casserole and then freeze what you don’t use for later in the week. Another tip is to avoid the store when you’re hungry. Research suggests that we spend more when shopping on an empty stomach.

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Lowering insurance premiums

If you’re paying out for car, home, health and life insurance every month, there’s a good chance that you’re sacrificing a significant portion of your paycheck. Insurance is essential, but there are often ways you can reduce payments and get more for your money.

Health insurance covers the cost of medical treatments and services, but there are so many different plans and providers out there, and this can make it virtually impossible to determine which policy to buy. If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible for Medicaid insurance, you have questions about your entitlement to social support, or you haven’t got a health insurance policy, it’s well worth doing some reading and getting some advice. Investing in a comprehensive policy could save you a lot of money in the long-run. If you’ve got queries about Medicaid, you can find out online, and if you have questions about health insurance in general, it’s really helpful to seek advice from an independent expert. The Internet is a great resource because it enables you to compare prices from hundreds of different providers within seconds. You can also see what each company offers for the fee to make sure that you’re getting the best plan for your money. You can apply this rationale to all types of insurance. Simply enter some details, for example, the location and value of your home if you’re looking at property insurance, and you’ll be provided with a list of prices and providers. Another useful tip is to avoid renewing your policy without checking whether the renewal quote can be beaten. Contact your current provider and ask about negotiating a better fee and see what other companies offer. You’ll often find that providers save the best deals for new customers, so it may pay to switch.

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Reducing energy bills

Research shows that the average person spends approximately $3,000 on energy per year. If your energy bills are too high, there are myriad ways you can reduce energy consumption and make your home more efficient. Start by trying to negotiate a better rate with your energy provider. If you have the option to switch, it’s worth comparing prices. It’s also wise to check that you’re on a tariff that is suitable for you. If you’ve got a tariff that has high charges during the day, and you tend to use most energy at this time, it’s advisable to see if there are options out there that would enable you to access lower daily rates. Try and reduce the amount of electricity you use at home. Don’t leave appliances on standby or lights on when you leave the room. Swap old bulbs for LED light bulbs, which last a lot longer and consume much less energy, and keep an eye on how much water you use. Take showers rather than baths and turn the taps off while you’re brushing your teeth. If you’ve got old appliances, consider replacing them with newer, more eco-friendly versions. If you tend to leave the TV switched on, lights on and run several appliances, such as consoles, washing machines and coffee makers, all at the same time, it may be worth buying a smart meter. Smart meters enable you to keep track of your energy usage, and they also give you an insight into how much you’re spending. Using a meter can help you lower costs and become more conscious about wasting electricity.

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The 7 Best Sources of Protein

Protein is an important part of human body. In order to maintain a healthy body at all times, it is important to consume protein in the right amount. It helps in the efficient functioning of tissues and body organs. The body uses protein to build and repair tissues; it also helps make enzymes, hormones and other chemicals essential for the body. It is the building block of muscles, bones, skin, blood and cartilage. It is important for every individual to understand that protein should be consumed in the right amount since the body does not store protein; there is no reservoir to draw on it when it requires new supply. Mentioned below are the 7 best sources of protein:

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1. Fish: A fabulous source of protein and nutrients, consumption of fish is recommended for human body. It is also rich in vitamin B12, iron, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and protein. It is suitable for individuals who are looking for protein which is low in saturated fat. Health experts recommend the consumption of fish at least twice a week. It is a rich source of protein and helps prevent heart diseases.

2. Poultry: When it comes to protein in your diet, poultry is one of the most recommended sources. In addition to protein, poultry is rich in zinc, selenium, choline, vitamins and magnesium. It is low in saturated fat and reduces the risk of cholesterol and heart disease. It is highly popular among the fitness community and has sufficient quantity of all the essential amino acids required in the human body.

3. Beans and legumes: Another great source of protein, soybeans has the highest quantity of proteins. Additionally, they are perfect alternatives to meat while providing a great deal of protein. They are low on calorie and provide zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6 and fiber in addition to proteins.

4. Lean meat: If you are going to consume only one dish for protein content, choose meat. It is a powerhouse for protein but should be consumed in leaner cuts to reduce the fat content. Lean meat is complete protein which is an added bonus for human body. It has creatine which gives energy to the muscles.

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Make No Mistake: Your Career Success Is In Your Hands

It can sometimes feel like life is against us, but it’s important to remember that is only a feeling: in reality, you have much greater control of your circumstances than you may realize. If you have little spare cash, you can cut your expenses. If you’re feeling bored, then you can find a hobby or join a club. And if your career isn’t going quite as you planned, or you’re continually overlooked for promotion, then you can make a few changes and put yourself back on the path towards success. Below, we take a look at how you put yourself into contention for the better-paying jobs and thus improve the quality of your lifestyle.



Do Your Job

No-one’s going to just give you things out of the goodness of their hearts. You need to earn everything that comes your way! For example, if you’re only doing the bare minimum when it comes to your jobs, then why would your superiors feel the need to give you a raise, or to promote you to a more senior position? Then won’t. Before you begin thinking about the extra money you’d like to earn, make sure you’re doing your present job as best as you can.


Get into the Mix

Of course, your job isn’t about more than just your workload. It’s something of a lifestyle, and workers in more senior positions like to see everyone in the workforce buying into the overall philosophy. If you’re leaving the office as soon as 5 pm rolls around, or you’re skipping after work drinks, or saying no to social bonding trips, then the job that you want will be given to someone who is. Beyond just your duties, make sure you’re getting into the mix and showing that it’s where you want to be.

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The Important Dos and Don’ts for Beautiful and Radiant Skin

Flawless faces are, to many people, a complete myth. You usually have to use some kind of makeup in order to cover up blemishes and acne scars, but it’s quite a paradox. By using makeup, you make your face look much nicer overall and you hide those imperfections, but you’re also ruining your face in the long run by drying it out and smothering it in different types of chemicals that could potentially damage your skin.

There are plenty of ways to get naturally beautiful skin, but there are also some common activities that we all do which can seriously harm the quality of our skin. If you want to have beautiful and radiant skin, then we’ve listed a couple of dos and don’ts that you should always keep in mind.

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Do: Keep Track of What You’re Eating

There are lots of healthy foods that we can easily incorporate into our diets that will give our skin a boost. The idea is to focus on nutritionally rich foods that are high in vitamin C yet low in sugar and unhealthy fats. To give you some advice, here are a couple of good foods that can positively affect our skin.


  • Healthy fats – Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, an essential component to help reduce inflammation in the skin and keep our skin looking supple and moisturized. Lacking omega-3 fatty acids can also cause our skin to dry up. If you don’t like the taste of fish, then at least consider taking supplements.
  • Broccoli – Broccoli is full of vitamin A and C and loaded with zinc. Broccoli is like a cocktail of healthy vitamins and minerals that can help to protect and bolster our skin while keeping it healthy and free of wrinkles.
  • Soy – Some studies have shown that the isoflavones in soy can help to improve wrinkles, boost collagen production and improves skin elasticity.


While you can’t have a diet that consists of only these three items, it’s good to try and include them as often as possible to reap the benefits.


Don’t: Indulge in Foods That Are Bad for Your Skin

There are a couple of foods that are absolutely horrible for your skin. A couple of examples include:


  • Heavy dairy products – This includes yogurts, lattes and, cheesy meals. These dairy foods can cause skin breakouts especially if they are loaded with sugar or additives. If you have to include dairy, then make sure it doesn’t contain sugar or additives and make sure the cow has not been treated with hormones.
  • Strong alcohol – Alcohol can dry out your skin and cause you to become dehydrated if you don’t consume enough water. It will wreak havoc on your skin the next day if you decide to overdo it and end up hungover.
  • Milk chocolate – If you absolutely have to eat chocolate then stick to varieties that are high in cocoa content and low in sugar. The sugar content will be hard on your skin and the dairy doesn’t help either.
  • Spicy foods – This one depends on the person. Certain people develop sensitive skin if they eat spicy foods. It can trigger inflammation and flushing, both of which can be damaging to your skin.


In short, you want to avoid these foods as much as possible if you want beautiful skin. Having them now and then is fine, but eat too much of these and you’ll quickly see the negative effects. It’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different. Our skin reacts different to different types of foods, hence why it’s important to keep track of what you’re eating to determine what foods are bad for you, which foods cause breakouts and so on.

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Why Good Skincare Relies on More Than Just Expensive Products

Who wouldn’t love to have silky smooth skin that is healthy and hydrated? We can use as many skincare products as we want, but the fact is that unless we use them properly and take care of other aspects of our life such as our health, their effectiveness is limited and we won’t get the desired results that we’re looking for.

To help you make the most of your skincare products and look fabulous, we’ve prepared a couple of realities and tips that will bolster your knowledge.

It’s easy to buy into over-exaggerated advertisements and claims regarding some bogus or fake skincare products. (Source: Pexels)


Never Believe Advertisements

You’ve probably seen plenty of adverts on TV or on the internet where a skin cream claims to be able to perform miracles. You might even see pictures or videos of it working, such as a before and after photo comparison. Unfortunately, most of these are scams that are trying to get your money and they are definitely not worth your time, effort or money. It’s best to avoid these like the plague and realize that they’re fake.

What you should believe instead are your own results and the testimonies of people that aren’t directly affiliated with the brand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beauty serum, a regular cream or some special ingredients that are all the rage–you need to look for a trustworthy source of reviews and legitimate information instead of overblown advertising “promises” in the advert itself.

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Tried and Tested Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

A good lifestyle and proper hydration are necessary for our skin to be healthy and glowing. The change in weather does affect our skin and especially during the winter. This season can be really harsh at times. Temperatures below freezing level, dry and cold winds and the low levels of humidity always result in dry air. The dry air causes our skin to lose moisture each and every second of the day. Stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin requires good amounts of water to be healthy. Cold weather causes dehydration and our skin ends up being dry, flaky, itchy, and could also lead to cracks and bleeding. The cold and harsh winds make such a situation worse.

The skin care products that you use to moisturize and cleanse your skin vary depending on your skin type. The following suggestions would help you take good care of your skin during winter.

Skin care in winter: things to remember

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Drink plenty of water

Intake of good amounts of water is necessary to stay hydrated and healthy and it is also important for your skin to stay hydrated from the inside out. During winter most of us forget to drink the required amount of water though one does take plenty of hot beverages. Make it a habit to drink quite a few glasses of warm water throughout the day to stay healthy and hydrated.

Use warm water instead of hot water to wash and shower

In the winter, though it’s really tempting to take a bath or shower in hot water it really does have some negative effects on your skin. Hot water tends to remove all the natural oils from one’s skin and this, in turn, causes your skin to be drier in winter. It’s true that hot water feels extremely good in cold temperatures but it’s best to use lukewarm water, especially on your hands, and face, to prevent the removal of oils from your skin.

Choose the right moisturizer

Avoid moisturizers that have ingredients that are petroleum based because that can cause your skin to be drier during winter. A moisturizer that is oil based tends to work better than a water based moisturizer as this help to retain moisture during the cold winters. You can check out The 10 Best Face Moisturizers For 2018 to find one that works for you.

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