Lax Living: Making Your Home A Proper Chill-Out Space



Relaxation isn’t just something that would be nice to have on occasion, it should be something we have access to every day. But we all operate with very stressful lives, whether we have a stressful job or there are too many things to do, it can have an impact on our quality of life, and if we feel like there’s no let-up, it can severely impact every aspect of our day-to-day living. Your home should be a nice relaxing haven, somewhere that you can truly relax and be yourself but it’s not always possible. But there are ways you can decorate your home to help make your haven a truly relaxing one.

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Is Your Household Ready For Another Baby?

No Mom ever forgets the birth of their first baby. Holding your baby in your arms for the first time is a moment of unparalleled joy. It’s the culmination of 9 months of planning, crying, spending, crying, laughing, budgeting, crying, speculation, catastrophizing, optimism and crying. Then you have those precious months of watching what was once a little clump of cells grow into a living, breathing, eating, sleeping (and yes, pooping) little human being with a personality all of their own. Every family has to make provisions, even sacrifices when their first child comes along but inevitably they reach a point where everything becomes manageable.


And then… the next one comes along!

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After all the planning and budgeting the first time around you’d think your second (or indeed third, fourth, fifth or sixth) would be a walk in the park… But you’d be wrong. Whether you’ve just found out you’re pregnant for the first time (congratulations), or just starting to consider the prospect of a second baby, there are some serious questions you need to ask yourself…


Is your home big enough?


Many people see the coming of a new baby as the time to start looking for a bigger place, and while upsizing can be a great adventure, it’s not viable for everyone. If you have your sights set on a bigger property, it’s important to be mindful of the additional expenses that come with a larger property. Using a mortgage calculator will help you to get an understanding of what you can expect in terms of mortgage payments but be sure to factor in taxes, increased heating costs and the like alongside your mortgage payments. It’s also important to factor in the hidden costs of the move itself which could include, conveyancing, surveyors, valuations, mortgage arrangement fees, realtor’s fees, broker’s fees and indemnity fees.


A move is a great way to mark the start of this new chapter in your life but for many it may not be practical. Many parents assume that children do better if they have their own room but psychologists suggest that children who grow up sharing are actually at an advantage.

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Post-Holiday Blues: Creating A Home You’ll Want To Get Back To

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When that day finally comes around – the day you actually shoot off on your holiday – it can be all too easy to just pack the car and run away without a care in the world. You just want to get the hell out of dodge and enjoy that relaxing break you’ve carefully budgeted and been looking forward to for three months and twelve days (at least according to the red crosses on your kitchen calendar). However, running away without a care for the state you leave your home is a surefire way to ruin your homecoming and make your post-holiday blues even more horrendous than they have to be.


Yes, what we are telling you is there are certain things/tasks/chores you should do before packing the car and hitting the accelerator because, well, your future-self will thank you for it. That is because there is nothing worse than coming back from a gorgeous little break to find your house in a state of misery, dirty and messy, with the air con system not working and the smell of stagnant water filling the air.


So, whether you are heading out of town for a week, a fortnight, a month or the rest of the summer, by pulling yourself together and preparing your house in advance you can enjoy a crash back to reality that has a slight cushion to aid you.


So, without further ado, here are the little extra things you should tag onto your packing checklist. Like we said, you’ll be grateful for it when you get back from ‘olidays.

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Showing Your Kids The Way Through Sight Issues

None of us like to see our kids suffer. We do our best to keep them safe at all times. Sometimes, though, they face health issues or difficult situations. When that happens, all you can do is outline their options, and trust that they make the right ones.

Here, we’re going to look at the decisions your child will face if they’re struggling with their vision. Because, when else are they going to need you, so literally, to show them the way?

Kids suffer from site issues for a variety of reasons. Around 4.8 million children under the age of ten wear glasses. But, during those young years, appearance is everything. It makes sense, then, that they may not be keen to jump to the most obvious solution. Instead of pressuring them to do what you would like, it’s down to you to educate your kids about their options. To give you some idea of what those options are, we’re going to take a brief look at each.

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Creative Ways To Utilize Your Garage Space More Effectively


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Things People NEVER Tell You About Owning A Puppy


If you are a dog-lover, the idea of having puppies will fill you with excitement. After all, they are so cute and cuddly! And, they are a joy to be around day after day. That is what people assume, yet the reality is a little different. Yes, dogs are a great addition to the home if you are an animal person. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you take the plunge. Below are the things people never tell you about owning a puppy. Good luck!


They Go Crazy Without Warning


Most people assume puppies are a bundle of energy from dusk to dawn. The truth is that they are pretty quiet for long periods of the day. But, they will suddenly go crazy without warning. That means they will jump around, run into the furniture, and chew anything in reach. This usually lasts for between ten minutes to half an hour and happens around two or three times a day.


You Can’t Take Them Outside


The obvious solution to prevent them from going bonkers is to take them for a walk. Nope, that is not the case with puppies. Of course, over time they will need to get out of the house at least three times a day. But, while they are young, they can’t leave the house until they get immunisations from a range of diseases and infections. And, it can take up to a month before they are ready for the injections. Until that point, they have to stay inside and drive you crazy! [Read more…]

Mix Up Your Exercise Routine and Feel The Benefits

If you are reaching a bit of a plateau in your exercise regime, then look no further for some tips and tricks to help shake things up a bit. After all, you don’t want to reach a plateau with your exercise routine. It will cause a halt to your exercise, as well as any weight loss or weight gain that you’re looking for. So without further ado, here are some top tips to help to give your exercise routine a boost.



Improve Your Mobility


In order to reduce your risk of injury, then you should focus on your mobility. When you focus on certain areas, like your spine, hips, and ankles, you will increase the range of motion in those areas. Not only will that mean injuries are less likely, but it will mean that you can perform exercise better. You can get deeper in a squat, for example, or increase the length that you lunge. Having a different focus when you exercise is a good way to shake things up a little.

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Finishing Touches to Add After a Lengthy Home Renovation

Perhaps you’re planning a lengthy home renovation in the near future, or maybe you’re lucky enough to be close to finishing a long project that took over a month to complete. Whatever the case may be, finishing up a renovation is a time to celebrate. All of your hard work, planning and money will finally come to an end and you’ll soon see the fruits of your labour. However, the ride isn’t over until it’s over, and there will always be subtle (or sometimes large) ways that you can continue to improve your home even after you think the renovations are completed.


To help you out, here are some finishing touches to add to your home after a lengthy home renovation. Regardless of what type of renovation you had, these tips should all apply to the various rooms in your home and can add the cherry on top.



Flower Power


Adding plants and flowers to the insides of your home is a fantastic way to add colour and extra life to places that otherwise look dull and boring. Even modern looks should be accompanied by some floral decorations, and there are many choices you can pick from:



  • Artificial plants that are made from plastic or other types of materials are great if you want a low-maintenance decoration. These can typically be placed anywhere but are more commonly located in hard-to-reach areas where regular maintenance would be difficult (if they were real plants, that is)
  • Large potted plants are great to mark off certain areas and introduce wonderful centrepieces or pillars to a room. You can place these generally anywhere as long as they’re out of the way and enhance a room instead of cluttering it
  • Small decorative plants can add a touch of colour to shelves, bookcases and even end tables. These will breathe a touch of life into even the most boring parts of your home—even the guest toilet! Just remember the location of all these plants so they don’t wilt and die off



As long as you remember to replace plants when they’re not looking healthy anymore, these can add some fantastic finishing touches to any room in your home. Plants also have the added effect of purifying the air naturally. Plants like Boston Fern, English Ivy and even Palm Trees are fantastic for keeping the air in your house clean and free of pollutants.

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Signs That Property You’re Interested in is a Money Pit

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It’s easy to feel pressured into making an offer on a property you like, especially if you’re buying in an area where homes on the market get snapped up pretty quickly, but it really isn’t a good idea to go ahead with a sale without doing your due diligence first.


A home which appears to be in good shape at first glance might actually be a money pit when you look at the details. That’s why you should, at the very least, keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs that the property you’re interested in might not be quite as good a deal as you might think:


A Shabby Roof


Although a lot of homeowners don’t think of it as being so, the roof is actually one of the most important parts of any property. It is, after all, the home’s main defense from the elements. If the roof is in shabby condition before you buy, then it won’t be long after you move in that you need to call in a good roof repair service to deal with all manner of problems, including leaks. What you should be on the look out for in terms of the roof is missing slates, cracks or holes. If you’re serious about buying a property, it is always worth paying for a roof survey to look for this stuff.


Dodgy Plumbing


If you’re interested in an older home, I can’t tell you just how important it is to have the plumbing checked out. Older homes may be beautiful, but their plumbing systems are often pretty old, and that could lead to costly leaks and expensive plumbing service bills. So, make sure that you check the pipes, showers, toilets, and tubs to ensure they’re free from leaks and blockages and that the pressure is adequate.

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Playing Mom During Your Daughter’s Transition To Teenager

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There are moments in every woman’s life that they will never forget. Their first kiss, the day they passed their driving test, when they turned twenty-one, that drink they drank a little too much of and now can’t even look at anymore, the day they good engaged and then married, the day their daughter was born and, yes, those high-school years where they had to navigate puberty. Those last two moments are somewhat linked.


You see, you’ve been through puberty, and now it is time for you to help your high-school tween make the transition from a child to a teenager because, as you know, it is quite the ride. It is part of motherhood (and fatherhood for that matter). That is why we have come up with a few pieces of advice that will help you make this transition a lot easier for your tweenage daughter. Just remember patience and empathy and you’ll be fine.


Preparation Is Your Bestie On This One

The best thing you can do to help your daughter through the rollercoaster ride that is puberty is to prepare them for the changes they will start to experience. Make this chat as informal as possible and, if it will help, converse with their school to see what they teach on this subject and whether they cover things like menstrual problems. By knowing this you can see how far your role extends and what kind of education is needed. The most important thing, though, is to let your tweenage daughter know she can ask you any questions whatsoever. If they aren’t comfortable doing this (don’t be offended), try getting a book about puberty to allow some privacy.

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