Beautiful Bathrooms On A Budget

Bathrooms are the places where we often go to relax and unwind at the end of a long and hectic day. However, the downside to many bathrooms is the fact that they can be expensive to design, maintain, and run. That being said, just because bathrooms can be expensive places, that doesn’t mean that they have to be.

Do you wish that your bathroom could be a more luxurious space, without costing you too much more to run? Believe it or not, designing this kind of space doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, it’s just a case of understanding what steps you need to take to keep the cost low. For all the best tips and ideas for a less expensive bathroom that has a sense of luxury about it, read on.

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Revamp and reuse

It’s always better to revamp and reuse wherever possible, which is why instead of replacing older bathroom feature, such as your bath tub and your shower cubicle, it’s best to revamp and update them. After all, new features like these can be pretty pricey. So it’s always worth considering revamping and reusing. Whether this means having your bathtub and shower professionally redecorated or it means purchasing second-hand replacements and doing them up, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are finding little ways to reduce the cost of upgrading your bathroom and making it look and feel more luxurious.

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Create a Perfect, Pinterest-Worthy Pantry!

If you’re looking to stay organized, save money and always have the means to whip up a tasty meal- a home pantry is a smart move. Thanks to the likes of Pinterest and social media, a well-equipped home pantry is definitely back in Vogue, but not only does rows of neatly organized dried good look satisfying but is extremely practical too. If you want to boost your domestic goddess status or you’re just sick of rooting around in tiny cupboards for the ingredients you need, here’s how you can create the perfect pantry at home.


Decide On a Location

If you already have a pantry area in your kitchen, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, you’ll need to find the perfect location. Do you have a boiler cupboard or storage cupboard in your kitchen? Is there a nook anywhere that you could section off by adding some doors? If not, you will have to get a bit creative. Your pantry doesn’t necessarily have to go in the kitchen, if you have a space under your stairs, this could be transformed into a fantastic pantry area. A shoe cupboard could be repurposed, any downstairs area really could work.


Fit The Shelves

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, the next step would be to add the shelves, If you add rows of shelves from the floor to the ceiling you maximise the space and can make the most of every inch you have in there. A cool idea would be to add a fridge freezer, this could be your main refrigerator or an extra one for backup storage. You could even find a second hand one cheaply, or find one that’s not working for free. People get rid of these all the time without having the problem diagnosed, you could even snag a good brand like Sub Zero. From there you’d just find a Sub Zero repair company and have it fixed. This is far cheaper than buying new, and could be the perfect addition to your pantry!


Find The Right Storage

Once the main pantry is set up it’s on to the fun part- organizing! Here’s where you can decide exactly what is going in your pantry and how you’re going to store it. Glass lidded flip top jars are a good option, they keep everything fresh, and if pests find their way into your home, there’s no way they can get in. Fill them up with things like flour, sugar, pasta, rice, lentils, grains and arrange them in a way which makes sense to you. Don’t forget to label everything, so you don’t forget what’s in each jar- you can get label makers cheaply online and it gives the pantry a cool look too. Don’t forget to add best before information and allergy information too.  Baskets and storage bins on shelves are another option, you could hang hooks on the walls, use plastic lidded boxes for more bulky items. Either way, spend some time deciding how you’re going to store and organize things based on what ingredients you will have in your pantry.


Teach Your Children About Road Safety


It’s very important that your children know about road safety so that they are able to keep themselves safe and out of harm’s way – especially when going to and from school. Having said that, you don’t want to give them too much information either, otherwise they won’t be able to retain everything.

Here are the basics that should be learned.


Know the signals

Your children should be aware of all the different signs that are out on the road, from the meanings of the traffic light colors, to the basic signs.

– Green means go. All the vehicles must move.

– Red means stop. All the vehicles must stop.

– Yellow means slow down. All the vehicles slow down and get ready to stop.

– The picture of the green man walking means you can cross the road. Always make sure you look left and right even when the cars have stopped.

– The picture of the red man walking means you must not cross the road.

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This Is What Experiencing A Burglary Feels Like

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Home security advice is everywhere these days, even on this very blog. It’s impossible to avoid it; the constant talk about how to keep your home safe, how to avoid your house falling victim to a burglary, how to protect yourself etc. etc.

Have you ever wondered why these points are made so sternly? Why the importance of security is beaten into the public consciousness at every turn, from simple online blog posts down to warnings on the local news?

The reason isn’t just a simple matter of home security in and of itself. Sure, that’s important, but what this advice is trying to do is prevent harm. Some of the harm it’s trying to prevent is to your home and your possessions, but for the most part, the people giving advice want to prevent the real, emotional damage that falling victim to a burglary can cause.

If you’re lax on your home security, you likely have a justification for it. You might think that it’s only possessions; you’ve got insurance, the items lost can be replaced. However, you may be massively underestimating the true impact of what it feels like to experience a burglary. It’s not about the items you lose; it’s about the damage it can do you mentally and emotionally. You might think that you’d handle it fine, but those who have actually lived through a burglary would argue differently.

Those who have fallen victim to burglaries are vocal about the impact going through the experience had on them. So what do they say it’s like to experience a burglary not as an abstract concept, but something they have to live through?


A Feeling Of Being Violated

A burglar will have been in your home; your private space, where you should be safe from the world. They will have gone through your drawers; your wardrobe; every nook and cranny will have been inspected by malicious hands.

The feeling of invasion, of violation, that this knowledge creates can be incredibly traumatic. Your home was meant to be your sanctuary, but now it has been disturbed. Some victims even report they never feel comfortable in their home again.

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Curious Kids: Explaining House Repairs & Maintenance

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Children are curious. In fact, it’s one of their most endearing qualities. They are always keen to explore the world around them, learning things they don’t know, and expand their knowledge.

The majority of the time, this is endearing and lovely. However, there are times during which their natural propensity for curiosity can cause you a few problems.  If you find yourself facing down a repair emergency like a burst pipe, the last thing you may think of is how your child is coping with the situation. That’s understandable; you’re too busy juggling emergency plumbers and wondering how you’re going to find room in your budget to pay for the work. Not a soul could blame you for being distracted, and not quite having your usual level of patience to explain what’s happening to an eager, enquiring young mind.

However, look at the situation through your child’s eyes:

  • Something has gone wrong
  • They don’t understand what’s gone wrong…
  • … but from your reaction, they know it’s pretty important
  • Someone is going to come into their home to do the repair work

It’s a pretty confusing time, which can cause upset in more sensitive children. So whether it’s routine maintenance or an emergency, it’s worth taking the time to explain to your child what’s happening and why.

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Quick And Easy Techniques To Bump Up The Value Of Your Home

If you’ve spotted a dream house on the market, you might suddenly find yourself under pressure to start marketing your own home for a quick sale. That means you have limited time to give it the facelift needed to reach the best price you can get. There is no time for clever building works, conversions or even renovations. All you can do is make the most of what you already have. Are you ready?


Clear Out

The quickest and easiest thing you can do to impress the real estate agent and potential buyers is to clear everything out. This gives the illusion of more space, and it offers a tidy home to create those wow photos you need to sell. How can you clear it all out? There might not be a lot of time to sort and tidy. Instead, box everything up for each room. You can store it in a rented storage unit, or even in the car! Do take the extra time to clear out the garage and shed. These are important additions to your home that buyers will be interested in.

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Once all the clutter is gone, you can start to see just how much space there really is. You might also see the odd mark on the wall or a carpet stain or two. We’ll come to those in a minute. What you’re trying to sell isn’t just a spacious home. You want to sell a desirable lifestyle too. Tidy up and clear out to make the home look easy to manage.

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Financial Lessons You Must Give To Your Young Adult Children


As your children mature into adulthood, you will need to bestow upon them life lessons they can keep for the rest of their days. Of course, it’s not up to you to give them a complete manual to life, as it’s likely you’re not even in possession of one of those yourself. No one is. However, there are a number of things you can teach them which will make a difference, and make a difference well.

Let’s assume that their self-care and rational safety understanding is taken care of, and they are as wise in those fields as you are. Which could be considered the most important life lesson, or collection of lessons to give to your children as they become independent? Of course, it’s always about the finances. Your child will either experience an excellent and secure life or one defined by struggle one, dependant on how wise they are with the income that comes their way. For this reason, it’s essential to get the ball rolling from the offset and try to show them positive means of keeping their financial house in order.


Keep Them Credit Friendly

Credit cards and financing can be a positive way to help them acquire the things they want, while also improving their credit score substantially. Not only does it require a sound financial sense to keep up with the repayments though, but it takes a great emphasis on the importance of completing these requirements right to make sure your credit stays as a friend and not a foe. Use resources such as to know where to begin in the educational handbook. If you can, show them how a solid use of credit has benefited you in your efforts developing and maintaining a family home. Show them that with good financial sense, they too can find a property and a family to call their own.

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How To Dodge The Shocking Cost of Home Repairs

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At the center of family life, we rely on our homes as spaces of sanctuary, mental and physical comfort, and shelter from the elements. And we love to decorate and create welcoming family spaces. But just like owning a car, your home can also become a significant drain on finances. Once you own a house, all the responsibilities for the upkeep of the building and its systems are yours – and if things go wrong unexpectedly, the cost can be a huge shock. There are certain things to take account of when it comes to yearly maintenance. Scheduling these items in advance allows you to plan for costs, and when things are able to be serviced, it can stop minor issues from developing into major faults. Here’s what to look out for

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An unseen space, fireplaces are often easy to forget about, but as they present a point of exposure in your home, regular maintenance is essential and having an annual clean scheduled can help to safeguard you again mold and damp entering the house, fire hazards and worse. This could potentially save you thousands in repairs to your home.  Fall is the ideal time to have an inspection and cleaning carried out. Using the same company each year will allow them to spot any small patterns and problem areas as well. Think of the little outlay as being an investment in the health of your home.

Carpet Cleaning
It’s a small thing, but in high-traffic areas especially, if you have invested in a carpet, it pays to schedule an annual cleaning, either by a professional company or by hiring a carpet cleaning machine to use at home. If you or your family have allergies, it can also help to ease symptoms by doing away with deeply-embedded bacteria and dirt. Cleaning is a fraction of the cost of having to replace carpeting, so it makes sense to take care of it.

HVAC systems
Where would you be if your heating or air conditioning systems suddenly broke down?It may be a good idea to identify a helpful local firm that does quick emergency call outs, such as Fahrenheit HVAC. But prevention is better than cure – all HVAC units need to be serviced at least once a year, and this ensures that you get the maximum lifespan out of the equipment too.

Roof repairs
They say that the quality of a home is only as sound as its roof, so make a yearly inspection of your roof part of the drill, as needing a replacement if it falls into disrepair can cost big.  The older the roof is, the more it will require these checks. Missing shingles need to be replaced quickly to prevent water damage taking hold, and any vents need to be sealed up. Taking preventative measures can add decades onto the lifespan of your roof.

Pest Control
Finally, pest control needs to be part of your planning too. Termites are the single biggest infestation to guard against. If they manage to take hold, they can destroy everything from drywall to priceless antique heirlooms – and by the time you’ve noticed the damage, it’s usually too late. A thorough inspection as part of your yearly rounds could prevent costly and irreversible damage.

Managing Your Family Finances: The Basics

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Managing a family takes a lot of effort. The hardest part? You’re often thrown in at the deep end with little or no advice on how to manage your finances. One of the main causes of stress for families is debt. Sinking into the red can result in all sorts of arguments and tensions and can often cause problems with being able to afford treats or perhaps even essentials (such as new uniforms, healthy packed lunches or hobbies) for your little ones. So, to avoid all of this, it’s time to take your finances into your own hands and tackle problems head-on. Here are a few ways to ensure that you always have a positive cash flow in your family home.

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Consolidate Your Debts

First things first, you want to deal with any current debt that you may have. Many of us will already have different debts behind us. One of the most common ones? Student debts. Of course, higher education is brilliant and opens all sorts of doors when it comes to careers and other opportunities. But more often than not they prove more difficult to pay off than you expected. Why? High-interest rates. Most people with student loans make regular payments, but these generally only cover the interest, so they are never really clearing any debt at all, making the debt perpetual. Save yourself interest by wisely consolidating your student loans with a company that will offer lower interest rates. For more information on this, take a look at This method works for other debts too. Perhaps you have multiple credit cards. You can make life much more simple for yourself by consolidating them by taking out one large loan, clearing your cards with the cash and paying everything back to one lender. This means you are less likely to miss repayment dates, incurring fines and late payment fees, as you will have one date a month to repay your dues. You may also be able to get a lower interest rate than those of your current cards combined.


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Once you are in a better place with your financial organization, you want to keep your head above water, rather than accumulating any more debt. A budget is one of the most simple and basic means of financial management, but it’s effective. Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and note down your salary after tax. You can make your budget on a weekly, monthly or annual basis depending on what suits you best. Next, make a note of the cost of your essentials. This will cover things such as rent or mortgage repayments, bills and food shopping. Deduct the total of your essentials from your salary. The amount left is your disposable income. You now need to ensure that whatever you spend in the given time period doesn’t exceed this amount. If you find that you are spending more than your disposable income allows for, you’re digging yourself into debt. Start making cuts to luxuries. There are plenty of savvy ways to save on non-essential items. You can buy second hand and engage in more free or low-cost activities (such as trips to the park, visiting relatives or doing arts and crafts with recycled trash from around the house). This ensures that your little ones are still getting everything that they need and taking part in productive activities without breaking the bank.

By using these tried and tested methods, you will have a much easier time managing your family’s finances. This lifts the weight of financial stress from your shoulders and allows you to concentrate your time and effort on more enjoyable things.

Important Things To Consider When Building From Scratch

Over the past few years, building properties rather than buying them has become a much more popular option, with more people than ever before choosing to build rather than buying. There are so many benefits of choosing to build a house, rather than buying one, which is most probably why this is becoming a more and more popular option.

There is no getting away from the fact that building a house rather than buying one can be a good option for a range of reasons, from making it easier to cut costs to ensure that your home is built to meet yours’ and your family’s specific requirements. This is partly why these properties are so popular, along with the fact that they are often a more affordable option, compared to buying a ready built property.

Building from scratch might be a popular option, but it is one that can come with a lot of decisions to make. When it comes to building a property from the ground up, you have to decide about every aspect of the building, whereas when you buy a property, these kinds of decisions are already made for you. To make the process a little easier for you below is a guide to some of the most important things that you should consider when it comes to building a new home from scratch.

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