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Cut Your Food Shopping Bill With These Cost Saving Tips

Your food shopping bill can be one of those costs that no matter how hard you try you can never predict. This is normally because many of us don’t have a plan or prepare when it comes to our food shopping. A lot of us can head to our local store and buy what we think we need, sometimes buying too much, often spending more than we should. Which is why, for many of us, we would like to save as much money as we can on our food bill. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can cut your food shopping bill with some of these cost saving tips.


Meal planning

Planning your meals in advance can be one of the biggest ways you save money. It can take a little time to prepare yourself, but once it’s done, you will wonder why you haven’t always done it. All you need to do is sit down and work out the meals you want for the rest of the week. From those meals, you can then create a list to head out to the food store with. You end up only buying what you need, which reduces the overall cost and also what you may waste.

Save on waste

It’s inevitable, at some point we will buy something that we don’t end up eating or using. For many reasons. You could have decided to eat out as a treat, or working late prevents you from wanting to eat the meal you planned. In that case, you run the risk of wasting the food you bought due to use by dates and them getting spoiled. So this is where buying a food saving machine could be a great thing to do. This is where you can vacuum seal the food and then freeze it to use another time. Overall you save on waste and create another meal alternative for the future.

Use vouchers and discount codes when shopping

Using vouchers can make a real saving to your overall food bill. You can find them anywhere. In magazines, on store websites or even specific voucher websites online. They only work if you use them on the things you would normally buy. It defeats the object by buying something just because you have a voucher if it’s not something you would normally use. Vouchers can offer money off or a percentage off the prices, either way, the total you save could add up. You could also consider discount codes if you do some of your shopping online.


Batch cooking

Finally, cooking food in batches can save you money in the long term. A lot of the time buying ingredients in bulk can offer you a big saving overall. This is where you could consider creating a certain meal and portioning it up for the freezer. These are very handy when you know you will have less time to prepare a meal. Having something ready made that’s healthy and nutritious is a great solution.

I hope these tips help you save money on your food shopping bill.

Danger lurks when using NEW Pokemon Go app

pokemon go

It’s all the rage now.

You see people out and about with their eyes glued to their phones trying to catch the elusive Pokemon.

Many you see have teenagers and small children with them.. and why not?  It IS a children’s and family app, after all.. is it not?

But please be warned, that Danger lurks in the use of apps like Pokemon Go.

Why, you ask?  Because you have to have your location enabled to use it, first and foremost.  The same “gym’s” and check in points are in everyone’s games who live in the same town.

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Stuff You Need For Growing Your Own Veg: A Simple Guide

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is such a great idea. Not only does it mean that you are not always reliant on buying your produce from the store, but is also helps you feel connected to your food. You’ll need a few bits and bobs to start growing your own veg at home. Read on for my simple guide.

Protective clothing


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First of all gardening can be a messy business, especially if you want to get the kids involved. This means you’ll need to get a bib and gloves. The bib saves your clothes from getting covered in soil. You should get waterproof gloves. These are useful for weeding, and it stops you getting soil stuck under your nails. Get the kids their own garden clothes and tools, as this will help them to get excited about the gardening process. Or you can just use some of their older stuff that you don’t mind getting dirty.  

Things to grow veg in

Obviously, you are going to need soil to grow your veg in. If you are growing outside, then take a look at the earth that you have in your yard. If it’s not excellent quality, add some compost to it to increase the nutrient level. This will give your veg the best start.

You can use planters, tubs and raised beds as well, so don’t think you have to put your plants straight into the ground. Do what suits you best. Root veg like carrots and parsnips work really well in tall planters and raised beds are perfect for all types of lettuce leaves.

If you are growing inside, you need to decide, the volume of veg you want to produce. For a small amount of herbs and tomatoes, window boxes filled with compost can work really well. Just make sure you water them often.

If you are looking to produce more veg, to feed your family, you can look buying in some hydroponic supplies. You can get integrated units that deal with light, temperature and water so you can place them anywhere in your house that is convenient.


Some essential tools that your will need to grow your own vegetables is a hand trowel and fork. These are good for up close work, like digging your produce up. If you are planting in the garden, you will also need a full-size spade, fork and rake, to turn the grown over and rid it of weeds.


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Seeds or plants

Obvious, I know, but plants have to grow from something. You can grow your veg from scratch and plant seeds. Or you can buy developed plants and plant them. You can even save seeds from pumpkins and other veg and try to grow your own from them.

When purchasing plants makes sure to read the labels thoroughly. Follow the instructions and plant them at the right depth. Find a spot where the will get the right amount of sunshine and make sure to water as directed to get the best results.

3 Ways To Make Homemade Family Meals Much Healthier

When it comes to making homemade meals for our families, we want to do the best by everyone. So, this involves creating something that is full of nutrition and full of taste. Something that is healthy as well as enjoyable to eat. This might sound straightforward when written down, but we all know that it is much more complex than that. Often, to make healthy things taste great, you have to work extra hard. You have to try different things, experiment a little. However, there are some shortcuts also! There are ways that you can make homemade family meals much healthier!

In this short blog, we’ll look at how you can bake sweet treats for dessert in a healthier way. We’ll also highlight a healthy oil you can use for cooking. That’s not to mention a quick pit-stop at the topic of fruit, and the sneaky sugars that it contains! Read on to find out more…


Use a replacement sweetener

Sugar, in small amounts, is fine for humans. We can digest it and break it down, and then flush it out again. However, this is only in very small and irregular amounts. If you pass this point, the side effects can be devastating. This is not an overstatement. Effects of excessive sugar consumption include memory impairment. They can also range from headaches to potentially even dementia. A great opportunity to swap out sugar for a replacement sweetener is when baking. There are many recipes out there, from cookies to cakes, which include sugar in the recipe. However, in many cases, changing it for a different ingredient is hard to detect. Agave nectar comes in liquid form and gives a similar taste without all the bad effects.

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Switch out olive oil for sunflower oil

Start using sunflower oil for healthy meals that you cook at home. Sunflower oil, which comes from sunflower seeds, is healthier than olive oil, which comes from olives. The former is classed as a vegetable oil, while the latter is classed as a fruit oil. Sunflower oil is a fantastic source of Vitamin E, which is great for your skin and eyes and is a powerful antioxidant. Many also suggest that sunflower oil is a better ingredient to cook with than butter or lard.

14421023480_38e1e43862_o (1)

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Eat your fruit whole, not as smoothies

You may provide you and your family with a homemade fruit smoothie for a breakfast meal occasionally. You probably do this with the best of intentions. After all, fruit is good, right?! Well, yes it is, but it also contains lots of natural sugar. This is especially true of ingredients often found in smoothies, like strawberries and mango. While this is okay usually, when you break down the fruit, your body find it hard to digest these sugars. You are also taking these sugars in via your teeth, which in both kids and adults can lead to rotting and damage. So, when it comes to fruit at mealtime, eat it whole. It is much healthier for you, in many respects.

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Easy Peasy Ways To Boost Your Income Without Having To Leave The Kids

As a mom, I know what it’s like to not want to leave your kids to go to work. Surely, if anyone is raising them, it should be you, not someone who you pay to do it? I mean, it’s senseless isn’t it, you’re going out to work to earn money, most of which you have to pay out in childcare fees. When you add it all up, you realize that actually, it makes little sense to leave the kids to go out and work. As after childcare costs, you’ll have very little left over.

That being said, kids are expensive, and you need a good income coming in if you want to live comfortably. As a parent, it can feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to increasing your household income. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, as there are plenty of options for earning a little extra money without having to leave the kids.

Photo source

To give you some ideas and inspiration, I’ve put together this handy guide. Have a read and see whether any of the below ideas could work for you.

Sell your old stuff

To make the odd bit of extra money now and then, a great option is selling your old stuff. Whether you’ve got old baby bits and bobs, old books and CDs, or old clothes you no longer want, selling them can bring in a good bit of extra cash. There are various ways you can sell your old and unwanted stuff, from boot sales to selling online; you’ve got lots of options. As well as sites like eBay, where you list and sell your own stuff, there are also sites that you sell your items to, they pay you, and then sell your stuff on. You can find out more about this from Buyback Express – an online selling site. Selling your stuff can be a great way to give your income the boost that it needs.

Start a blog

Are you a keen writer? Do you love the idea of sharing tips and advice posts as well as product reviews? Yes – then starting a blog could be a great option. The thing about starting a blog, like mine, is that it comes with lots of opportunities. Not only can you get paid to review products for companies, but you can also get paid for freelance content creation. As well as for reviewing products on your blog. It will take a while to build your site up so that you’re earning enough, but it’s a great long-term solution.

Be a childminder

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A great way to work around your little ones is by becoming a childminder. You can set up a childcare service in your home and take care of other people’s children while they are at work. Of course, to do this you’ll need to undertake a couple of courses, but it’s a great option. You’ll be able to make a good income and won’t have to leave your little ones to go out to work.

Join an MLM scheme

Have you always wanted to start your own business? Well, how about joining an MLM – multi-level marketing, scheme? While a lot of people aren’t sure about these types of businesses, they can be a great way to earn a good income around your children. Plus, there’s plenty of advancement opportunities, support, and types to choose from – what more could you want? The only downside, of course, is that most MLM companies come with a signup fee. This means that you’d need to pay that before you could join. However, this tends to simply be used to cover the cost of your startup products and information.

Work from home for an employer

If you want a role that comes with a guaranteed income, consider working part-time from home for an employer. Believe it or not, there are plenty of companies that offer the option of flexible home-working. Meaning that if you found a company that does, you could work comfortably from home around your little ones. These types of roles can be in a range of industries, so whatever your skills or experience, there’s sure to be a suitable one. If you’re unsure of what type of roles are available, take the time to research it and see what’s out there.

Work on a freelance basis

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Do you have a set of skills that you developed at your previous roles? Perhaps you’re a dab hand at writing; maybe you’re a fantastic accountant? Whatever your skills, you can use them to work on a freelance basis. If you can’t find an advertised work from home role, as mentioned above, consider going freelance. This is where you work from home providing a service to various clients. This could be anything from aiding them with their correspondence to working as a virtual assistant. The great thing about freelancing is that you can work around whatever commitments you have and work at times that suit you.

Sell homemade/homegrown produce

Do you have a green thumb? Do you have an aptitude for baking? Perhaps you make the most amazing chutneys and jams? Whether you grow lots of produce in your garden and always have spare or love baking cakes, consider selling your produce. You could start small with a stall outside your home, and then as business picks up, you could consider expanding. Obviously, this would take time, but it could be a great way to earn around your children.

So there you have it, lots of ideas and inspiration for boosting your income without having to leave your kids while you go out to work. While a lot of these ideas will take time to build up, they can be a great way to earn a little extra money. It just depends on whether they’re well suited to you and your family’s lifestyle and needs. Take the time to think carefully about what would be the best option for you, and then give it a try.

Must Have Cooking Gadgets For The Modern Kitchen

There are so many home gizmo’s now, it’s hard to work out which are essentials and which are just unnecessary. From egg poachers to rice cookers, the lists seem endless. Here are the top home gadgets that you really need in the everyday, modern kitchen. They cover all the needs of a home chef, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on any of them.

Image Source


A good set of knives are absolutely essential to any home chef. A blunt knife is very frustrating to work with, can take so much longer to use and may cause accidents. Make sure you have a set with a few different shapes and sizes to cover you for all your needs.

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are very useful for busy families. You can make a huge variety of meals in them; including casseroles, roast dinners, curries and soups. Make sure you get one big enough for the size of your family, fill it up in the morning, and you’ll have a delicious meal waiting for you by the evening.

Food Processor

A good food processor can be an investment, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. They make preparing meals so easy, slicing and chopping all your vegetables and ingredients for you. Different blades and adaptors are available, so you can also blend and mix a variety of dishes. This eliminates the need for separate blenders and juicers, saving you money and cupboard space in the long run

Coffee Machine

A coffee machine is vital for any coffee lover out there. Even if you don’t drink a lot yourself, it is handy to have for any guests and visitors that drop by. There are many different types, but take a look at the best espresso machines for less than $1,000 in 2016 and compare the variety of brands. The taste of fresh coffee is simply worlds away from the jarred types.

Electric Mixer

You really appreciate an electric mixer after trying to mix cake batter by hand! They are relatively inexpensive and make life so much easier. They normally come with different arms as well, so try them on bread and pastry dough as well.


Again, baking is pretty difficult without a decent set of scales. Whilst many recipes can be translated into cups or measurements, there are some which require precise amounts. Another inexpensive appliance which is a definite cupboard essential.


Some recipes are more lenient, but others have to be timed to perfection. It’s pretty easy to forget what time you put your meal in the oven, so a handy egg timer can ensure your meals won’t burn.

Non-stick cookware

There’s nothing more annoying than having to scrape your carefully prepared, burnt food from the bottom of a pan or baking tray. Non-stick cookware means exactly that, no more food catching and burning. This will help with the washing up and create healthier meals, with less oil needed.

Now all you need are the ingredients, and a few hungry mouths to feed!


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