The Mistakes You Really Don’t Want To Make When Buying A House

Buying a home is a big task and never something that should be done carelessly or recklessly. But if you’re a first-time buyer, it’s expected that you’re going to be pretty green. The process can be demanding and stressful, but if you’re not careful, it can go well beyond that. It can leave you broke before you even start or have you wind up in a home that you simply can’t stand. Check your numbers to find out “How Much House Can I Afford?“, and then read some of the most major mistakes you want to avoid before you start looking for a new home.


Failing to account for the hidden costs

Your budget has to be priority number one. Without it, you don’t have the practical plan to get the home you want. You’re probably already considering all the costs involved in getting a mortgage and putting it into place, but there are hidden costs to buying a home, too. After you’ve set up the mortgage and closed the deal on the home, your lender might have some extra costs to add to the process. Lender fees, a home appraisal, attorney fees, and more can accompany their services. Then you need to consider any funding needed on moving day or the money you’ll need for any work you need to do to the home so it fits your expectations.

Not knowing the house in detail

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. Still, there are plenty of first-time buyers who are surprised by how much a new house might entail. Air leaks, leaky plumbing, a jammed disposal, and a roof in need of repair are just some examples of the work that many new homes need. But sometimes it can get as dire as hidden water damage or faulty electrics, as well. A real estate inspection has to be done in detail, which is why many home buyers hire professionals to ensure they’re not missing anything hidden details about the home. If you find something that shouldn’t be there, you could end up getting the seller to fix it just by asking. If they won’t then consider the investment you have to make in fixing the home when you’re making an offer. [Read more…]

5 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Home On a Budget

Everyone feels the urge to give their dwelling a facelift with minimum effort. If you’re looking to give your home a much-needed makeover but are deterred by the expense, here are 5 practical tips to cheer up your abode without spending more than a couple of hundred dollars.

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Add brightly colored accents to each room

First, the bedroom. With a wooden or metal bed as the central piece, you have plenty of opportunity to play around with bright, fun colors that will accentuate your sleeping nest without taking it over. While adding pillow cases, cushions and throws in lively colors is the easiest way to enliven your living space or bedroom, we suggest that you think out of the box and focus on the walls as well. Paint one of the walls in a color that’s not too loud but can add a bit of drama to the area.

Decorate the walls with a family member’s artwork or with your children’s handprints and footprints. Make the kitchen a bit more inviting for everyone with family-themed or food-themed decals. Similarly, you can infuse life into your patio and entryway with inexpensive real plants with different-colored leaves.

Do a budget makeover

The holiday season is the perfect time for a quick makeover, but you need not lose sleep over the cost of changing your home’s décor at a time of the year when there are so many other expenses vying for your attention. Focus, instead, on a budget makeover. Set a limit to the amount of money you’ll spend on each room and shop for discounted home décor and accents online and at yard sales.

Whenever tempted to splurge on an expensive piece, remind yourself to consider an alternative. For instance, instead of buying an expensive painting, frame an artwork by a child in the family or paint your own abstract art. Buy inexpensive photo frames online and bring your walls alive with vacation photos that have a splash of stark color in them. Doing minor adjustments to your own perceptions of a home makeover will save you hundreds of dollars each year.

The best thing about a budget makeover is that you get the mental freedom to accentuate your home with a lot of small but beautiful additions without burning your pocket.

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Ant-Man Coming to Theaters July 6, 2018


Release Date: July 6, 2018
Genre: Action-Adventure
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Choose the right dental treats for your dog

Dental hygiene is as important for your pet as it is for you. If you overlook the pet’s dental hygiene, they will end up with an infection which can cause trouble for you and the pet. It is important to check your pet from time to time and to ensure that there is no dental trouble. Pets need to ensure a complete oral hygiene and fresh breath at all times. If you find it difficult to brush the teeth of your pet regularly, you can choose the alternative option-treats.

Treats are a way of showing love and appreciation to your pets. They could be anything, something your pet loves or a homemade cookie. However, in order to use treats for the dental hygiene of your dog, you need to choose the right products. With a number of options available in the market, it can be a daunting task to make the decision. Dental treats are like any other treats which are designed to enhance the dental hygiene of the pet.

Here is how you can find the right treats

  • You need to choose the treats which are specially formulated for your pet. It will make your pet happy and will not lead to an upset tummy.
  • Choose treats that have specific dental benefits.
  • Make sure the dog has limited number of treats and has a balanced diet.
  • Treats cannot be a replacement for dental hygiene. You will still need to check the pet from time to time to ensure complete oral hygiene.
  • Keep a track of all the calories that form a part of the treats.
  • Low-calorie treats are ideal for the pets.

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Why Is It Important To Combat Fleas On Your Pets?

Getting a pet is not just about having a little furry darling at home for you to play and unwind with. It is a commitment you make to bring up a four-legged baby with utmost love and compassion. Raising pups and kittens is indeed a delightful experience, but it comes with its own share of challenges. Although they emotionally grow into nothing less than human babies, their physical differences from the humans cannot be denied either. That’s one reason why they call for more detailed dermatological care than humans.

Why Care For Your Pet’s Skin?

You love cuddling your furry dogs and cats, don’t you? But it’s no secret that their fur is the perfect hiding spot for fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. Do you know that these parasitic insects love to suck the blood out of your meowing and wagging munchkins? If these bloodsuckers aren’t controlled at the right time, they can cause skin infections and other serious internal complications. Before it gets too late, you need to consult a vet or purchase suitable veterinary skincare products from a reliable site such as

Are Fleas Dangerous?

Don’t mistake fleas for mere pesky creatures. From uncontrollable itching to skin inflammation and infection, these tiny, wingless insects can turn your pet’s life into hell. The soft and fleecy body that you love to cuddle so much can become a despicable house of rashes and infections. In worst case scenarios, your pets may even develop severe internal ailments. Following a good anti-flea regime for your cats and dogs is of supreme importance due to the reasons given below:

  • Flea Bite Dermatitis

Of late, have you noticed a layer of your pet’s fur on your carpet and couch? Have you been worried about your pet’s persistent itching and scratching issues? It could be due to flea bite dermatitis. When the flea bites, it leaves its saliva on your pet’s skin. Your pet could be allergic to flea saliva which can cause endless itching. Continuous scratching on the itchy spots could cause swelling on the skin. Your pet may also start losing its fur, which is another serious consequence of flea bite dermatitis.  [Read more…]

5 Unskippable Steps People Forget When Applying Flea Medication

Not taking preventive measures against fleas puts your pet’s and your family’s health at risk. While most spot-on flea treatments do a great job, they do need to be administered with care. We are going to leave you with a few critical pet flea treatment steps people often forget or disregard. Skipping these can result in improper administration and more importantly can compromise the health of your pet and human family members. In this post, we will focus on spot-on application and how to be safe.

Before we move ahead, here’s something you absolutely need to know.
Flea meds that are meant for dogs should under no circumstances be used treat fleas in cats. It’s a mistake that has killed many cats over the years. There are certain ingredients in dog flea meds that can potentially be deadly if applied on cats. It doesn’t matter if your cat outweighs your chihuahua, you need to buy two separate packs for both pets. At the risk of stating the obvious, remember to get the dosage right. A safe flea medication is only safe when applied in the right dosage. Monitor your pet’s weight and buy a recommended spot-on pack.


Not Looking Up the Active Ingredients: When you buy from a reputed online pet pharmacy or a pet store, you are more or less safe. However, before you apply or even buy a flea med for dogs or cats it makes sense to look up the primary ingredients. Read the product label and Google the ingredient names followed by keywords such as “toxicity” or “safety.” This should open up a whole bunch of results. Do your research and keep your pet safe.

Not Hitting the Right Spot:
If you have a pet then you already know that you need to apply the spot-on product directly on to the skin. However, some people completely forget that it needs to be applied on a certain area. The liquid anti-flea solution needs to be applied directly between your pet’s shoulder blades. This is an area that’s inaccessible to your pet, which means they cannot possibly lick it and accidentally consume the pesticide. [Read more…]

7 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Preparing Home-cooked Food For Your Dog

It goes without saying that you should feed your dog with home-cooked meals. And while doing so, you must ensure that the meal plan takes care of all aspects of your dog’s nutritional requirements like protein, nutrients, and so on. In this post, we will look at seven simple things you should remember when preparing home-cooked meals for your pet dog.  

  1. Consult A Vet
    You should always consult a vet before you come up with a home-cooked meal plan for your dog. The vet will do a full test of your dog and understand its physical state, and can recommend you the foods that are ideal to be fed. More importantly, your vet will also tell you what food items to avoid while preparing the meal plan. If you start feeding your pets with foods that you randomly decide, it is likely that you might include items that can cause distress to them. 
  2. Select The Right Meat
    Dogs get most of their daily protein through meat. So you should ensure that you select the right kind of meat for your dog. And this includes items like chicken, beef, turkey, buffalo, lamb, etc. Though fish can be fed, it is better to keep it to a minimum. You can serve ether cooked or uncooked meat to your pet, but make sure that it is fresh and of high-quality. Plus, the fat content within the meat must be less than 15% to 20%. Anything more than that is undesirable since excess fat can lead to obesity and related health disorders in your dog.

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  3. Add Vegetables To Every Meal
    As far as vegetables are concerned, it is recommended that you steam them properly such that your dog will get the maximum nutrients from them.  Alternatively, you can also puree the vegetables and serve it to your dog. Vegetables that are good for dogs include carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, peas, beans, etc. However, garlic, onion, tomato, leek, spinach, etc. should be avoided from your dog’s meal plan. [Read more…]

How to Make Time to Spend as a Family

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Family life is completely full on sometimes and trying to find just a few minutes in the day to catch up all together is basically impossible. With your work schedule, all the clubs and social events the kids have on and everything else that gets in between, the hours quickly turn into days, weeks and months.

Though having such a lot on is often a good thing for people who like to be busy, it is still important that you don’t lose sight of what is really important. Even if you only get one afternoon in the month where your whole family is there, you should make the most of that quality time.

Plan Ahead

If you want to make some real time to spend together, you will have to plan ahead. A good way to do this is to have a family calendar in the kitchen or somewhere equally prominent where you can circle a day and allocate family time. This will help everyone see when your next family time is and make sure that no-one gets double booked!

You should also make a real effort to make sure that you haven’t got any work or prior commitments that might get in the way. Adults are just as bad at keeping commitments like this so make sure that you play by the rules too. [Read more…]

Tips on choosing flea and tick products

Every pet owner dreads the topic of fleas. It causes problem to the pet and the pet owners. Fleas feed on the blood of animals and a bite from the flea can cause irritation to the pet. If ignored, it could cause serious health conditions and medical trouble. It is important to protect pets from fleas and there are a number of products available in the market for the same. For every pet owner, it is important to check the pet for fleas. The visible fleas are only a small percentage of the total present on the coat of the pet. A lot of pet owners use collars to protect pets but the pets can still be infected by fleas. You need to take immediate action to protect your pet if you suspect that he is infected. You need to check your pet for fleas from time to time; this can be done with a white towel. When you rub a white towel on the abdomen of the pet, the fleas will fall off and you will gain an idea about the infestation of fleas. Take immediate action when you suspect that there are fleas.

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Signs of a flea infestation

You can determine the existence of fleas from your home. The most obvious sign is the presence of the insect on the pet. There are other signs which include the development of rashes and red colored patches on the skin, pale gums, black or brown speaks of flea waste on the pet and a change in the pet’s behavior. The animal will attempt to bite, scratch or lick places like neck, head, tail, and groin.  If you notice that your pet is constantly itching, you need to perform a visual check while grooming. It will help if you are able to detect the problem early. An early detection and treatment will reduce the chances of an infection or anemia.

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2018 Spring/Summer Jewelry Trends Straight from Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2018 is around the corner and jewelry trends this year incorporated summer essentials into their styles to look fashionably bold and season ready. From layered necklaces to shoulder length earrings, 2018 is all about being intrepid in your personal style.  

The fashion capitals are brimming with interesting trends and this article will share the upcoming styles that will take your chic game up a few notches. Let us see the jewelry trends that will rock the spring/summer this season.

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Jewelry Inspired by Architecture

If there is one thing that the fashion week taught us this season, it is that new-age style is anything that but conforming. The ramp models sported earrings in unusual designs that were inspired by architectural and geometric shapes. The runway displayed jewelry styles that are daring and fashioned from kinetic art. The earrings, accessories, necklaces etc., all seem to be in perpetual state of motion. Earrings with zig-zag patterns, clear lines, and twisted shapes look big this season. The extravagant designs look sculptural and artsy, something that has been derived straight out of space!


Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are the next big thing that has all the makings of lasting more than a season. Dress up your party dress with these opulent earrings and forgo the need for any other accessory. This is the trend that is likely to make its way into every jewelry buff’s repository of statement pieces. They are glamorous, attention-grabbing, and a standalone accessory. The fashion week saw models sporting variations of chandelier earrings. Some sported one, while other designers made them wear in both the ears. Take your pick from antique styles and sophisticated designs to complete your evening outfit.  


Reinventing Baroque Style

2018 is all about keeping it minimal and flamboyant at the same time. While the clothing is largely simple, the ensemble is completed with the heavy use of demanding jewelry that doesn’t need much else. The spring 2018 jewelry trend adds a bit of opulence, exuberance, and Victorian style drama to its statement pieces. From aristocratic designs to dramatic balance, the fashion designers were having a field day with these designs. The baroque art is special in the sense that they bring freshness and elegance to any ensemble. You can find many variations from out-and-about styles to minimalistic baroque, depending upon your personal preference.

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