3 Summer Trip Ideas For The Whole Family

The summer break for schools is finally upon us and this means that we have to work around the children and teenagers in the house to decide what to do for the best. You need to be armed with activities and trips to keep the whole family happy and this is going to mean you need to schedule a family meeting and make a plan. The summer vacation may seem endless, but that doesn’t mean your wallet is!

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Summer break isn’t an easy thing to handle, especially when you have children of different ages who all want to do different things. The best thing you can do is choose one thing and hope for the best that everyone is catered for. The most popular thing you can do as a family over the summer vacation is book a trip away somewhere else. It doesn’t have to be a luxury five-star break abroad, but it does have to be something productive for all ages. It also has to tie in with your own work commitments, which isn’t always an easy prospect. We’ve got three great ideas for your family, so that you can make the best vacation decision all round:

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Summer Camp. Okay, so this one is more for the kids and not the parents, but summer camp is SO popular! There are so many genres, ranging from age 5 up to age 16. If you have budding cheerleaders in the family, you’ll love camps like this one. Camps are run by outside teachers and helpers and you have to take the time to research the right one for your kids. You also need to make sure you can afford the few weeks of the summer that camp will cost.

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Family Retreat. Families who follow their faith would love a break away in a Christian retreat center. Not only are you getting away from the rush of life with the whole family, but you are embracing God again as a group. You can partake in activities as a family, from kayaking to ice skating. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect as a family unit and a nice way to put down the technology and stresses of work and come together peacefully. Your family life isn’t always going to be smooth sailing and by putting in the time together, you can ensure that the busyness of life doesn’t get in the way of your love and bond.

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Adventure Vacation. With the whole world laid out before you, you could get the family together to discuss places that they want to visit and make an itinerary for your summer vacation. Sometimes a cruise like this one can be the best option for the family, as every taste is catered for. You can also map out educational activities as a family and discover new things along the way. There’s no need for anyone to be left out when the whole world is laid out before you to choose from.


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