Don’t Let Summer Burn Up Your Cash!



Summer is finally here! But if you checked your bills and other expenses thoroughly at the end of last year’s summer, you may have found that you spent quite a lot more money than you’re comfortable with. That’s why it’s essential you have money-saving on your mind when the hot months come to town!


Think twice about air conditioning


When the sun blazes down upon your home and seems to turn it into some sort of oversized oven, it’s tempting to get the AC going at full blast. But you should consider all your options before turning to the AC, because it’s the most expensive option when it comes to cooling your home down. Open up all your windows to ensure there’s a good airflow. Use fans that are pointed outside; instead of having air blown at you, you should aim instead of getting the warm air blown out of the room!


Don’t turn your house into an iceberg


Of course, there are going to be some times where you simply have to get the thermostat to help you cool down the house! But don’t just crank it down as far as possible. Not only is a freezing temperature not all that comfortable in itself, but you’re also going to end up spending a heck of a lot of money. It’s recommended that you find the highest possible temperature at which everyone in your family is still cool and comfortable. You should aim for ‘neutral’ rather than trying to replicate the inside of a refrigerator!


Consider a staycation


When summer comes round, a lot of families start thinking about vacations. After all, with the kids getting so much time off, it seems to be the perfect time to think about getting some time off yourself, right? But you needn’t head all the way to some luxurious overseas destination in order to give your family the break they deserve. Consider a staycation instead of flying abroad to elaborate resorts and perfect beaches. Loads of fun can be had with the kids without having to pay the extortionate amounts that vacations often cost!



Upgrade your appliances


Refrigerators that are on the fritz tend to be very inefficient when it comes to cooling – and the amount of energy your refrigerator uses is a lot, so don’t underestimate the costs of running one that isn’t working properly! You can check out products from Frigidaire side by side if you think that upgrading your refrigerator might be a smart idea. You can look into financing options for new appliances if the upfront costs don’t quite gel with your aim to save money this summer!


Explore your transport options


When the sun is shining, going for a walk or taking a bicycle to your destination can be a lot more appealing than in the winter. There’s more visibility, less chance of slipping on wet or icy roads, and there’s definitely a lot of money to be saved! Instead of driving everywhere or relying on public transport, take advantage of the nicer weather and rely a little more on your free and environmentally-friendly transport options!


  1. For me, I would be spending more time at public places or shopping malls with air-conditioning.

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