Keeping the Kids Healthy and Happy This Summer

Summer is almost every family’s favorite time of year. It can be difficult to keep the kids occupied during the winter season. They’re cooped up indoors, bored and staring at rain dripping down the window panes. They quickly complete their games, bore of other activities and start hassling you for things to do. But once the sun’s rays start to shine, they can venture outside and the world becomes their oyster. They can keep themselves occupied for hours on end. But there are a few things to do, however, to keep them safe, comfortable and happy when it’s sunny out.

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Sun Protection


Nothing ruins a summer day like sunburn. So make sure that your little ones are lathered up in high SPF sun protection. This will protect them from the sun’s rays and ensure that they don’t burn throughout the day. Remember to top them up regularly and to use waterproof lotions if they’re going to be playing with water or dipping in and out of a paddling pool. You should also make sure they have sun hats on, as the top of the head is a sensitive area, and sunglasses to protect their eyes.


Keeping Your Indoors Cool


Kids can get restless and night. Especially when it’s hot. So save hours of tossing, turning and complaining by ensuring that your air conditioning system is functioning and in good working order. If you’re experiencing any problems or difficulties, there is 24 hour ac repair available. Make use of it! It’ll make your home a cool haven to step into out of the heat of the day. If you still find that you’re hot, set up a couple of fans to get the air circulating more quickly around your home. Just don’t leave these on overnight and keep an eye on them while they’re turned on. You don’t want anyone putting their fingers through the bars.

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Food and Drinks


When kids are playing about, they won’t snack as much as usual. They’re also less likely to stop and ask for a drink. So make sure that you monitor what they’re consuming. Make sure that they’re well hydrated. This is essential to avoid sunstroke and overheating. Stock up on ice pops and ice cream too! Every kid loves cool treats when they take a break from their fun and games.


Water Games


Nothing beats playing with water in the sun. So get your kids a few different toys that will provide them with fun and cool them down all at once! It’s a win-win situation. Consider water guns, kids sprinkler systems and water bombs. Lay down the rules early on: no water toys in the house and they need to wipe their feet before going in. This will prevent slips and trips on wooden floors, or the inconvenience of soggy carpets. You could also get a little paddling pool. It’s easy for kids to overheat when they’re running about, so give them a little place to rest and cool off. They’re simple to set up, easily maintained and won’t cost you a fortune in water bills. Just remember to always supervise them while they’re splashing about!

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