The Summer Break Survival Kit: What To Pack In Yours


Now that the summer break is finally in full swing, you’re probably planning lots of fun days out, activities at home, vacations or playdates. In summer, it’s always all going on. So, that can often mean that you have to be prepared. You need to make sure that you have everything ready for your days out, for days in, to keep the kids entertained, safe, and cared for. To do that, it’s definitely a safe bet to have yourself a little survival kit. If you want to be ready for anything, then this put together kit should make your summer break so much more efficient.


Ready-Made Snacks


Firstly, how many times do your kids tell you that they’re hungry and need a snack on a regular day? Two? Three? Five? Regardless of how many snacks your kids seem to ask for, you’re going to want to have something quick, simple, and healthy at the ready. So why not make something yourself? There are so many different kid-friendly snack recipes that you could try out for this. Then they’re ready to be packed up for a day out or kept at home when you’re staying in.



Next, you need to make sure that you have sunscreen at the ready. Even when you feel like the weather doesn’t look that great, if the sun is shining, your kids need sunscreen. Yes, you may go through a few bottles of this, but if it helps to protect their skin this summer, it’s worth it. Whether you’re out for the day or playing in the garden, they’re going to need it, especially if they have pale skin.


Medical Supplies


You may also want to make sure that you have your first aid kit all topped up. Now, this could be something that you have stocked with everything from Tegaderm dressings to anti-allergy medication. But, you may also want to pack a smaller travel sized version for your days out or vacations too. If someone falls over or has an allergy, you’ll be glad you had it ready.




Next up, you need to think about the fun. When it comes to the summer break, you have lots of long days ahead with your kids. It’s not always possible to plan days out all of the time, so you’re going to need to think of fun alternates to fill your time with too. Whether you’re looking to have old-fashioned fun for free or to get out a board game or too when the weather lets you down, just be prepared. You should have a mental (or written) list of games to go with at a moment’s notice.


Mom Goodies


And finally, you may also want to get yourself a few bits and pieces for your summer survival kit too. When you’re going to the park or heading to watch them play soccer, you may need something to keep you company, like some music or a magazine and even a snack. Of course, you’re going to want to play with your kids, but they may not need you 24/7, so why not enjoy your own bit of respite too? Especially when you’re just chilling at home.

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