Helping Your Children Cope With a House Move

Moving is a stressful time for everyone involved. However, if it’s inevitable, then it’s better you do it sooner than later. Perhaps you need to move because your house is too small, or maybe you’re moving to provide your kids with a better school. Sadly, it can be stressful trying to move with them especially if they’re already taking up a lot of your time. Between feeding them food, cooking their dinner and managing their lives, you also need to think about yourself. All of this stress can quickly add up, and moving home at the same time only complicates things further.


But it doesn’t need to be this way. If you’re planning on moving home soon and you have to take your child into consideration, then here are a couple of useful tips that can give you an upper hand and help you cut down the stress involved in moving with your kids.

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Let your children know


It’s one of your responsibilities as a parent to tell your children about things that are happening in the house that could affect them, and moving is no exception. Don’t randomly spring it on your children that you need to move. Instead, focus on the positive effects and comes to grips with what you’re asking your child to do. If they’re old enough to make friends and communicate, then chances are they’re going to be incredibly sad about moving homes because they have to say goodbye to the familiar scenery, neighbours and even friends.

Let your children know that you’re going to move so they can say their goodbyes, make memories with the other children they hung out with and also give them some time to let it all process in their minds. It’s going to be difficult to tell them, but it’s better to do so now than to leave it till the last minute. If you’re packing things up to move and you haven’t told your child, then they’re only going to grow anxious and suspect something is going on.


Look for help when possible


Ask friends or family members to give you a hand when you’re moving. This doesn’t mean physical help with moving either but can also mean emotional support for your children. For instance, you could let your children stay with a relative for a few days while you and your partner start packing things away and moving boxes to your new property. It’ll also help to hire a local moving company to help you instead of forcing yourself to carry your luggage and furniture back and forth.


If possible, try your best to get the children out of the house as the services come in. If you hired a service to clean up the home and pack away your furniture, then you’ll want the children away so they don’t get in the way of the movers and have very little chance of being injured during the move.

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