7 Things To Keep In Mind When Setting Up Your Pet Care Business

If you are thinking of starting a business and you are very good with animals, you should definitely consider setting up a pet care business. With people spending more on the upkeep and safety of their pets, it can definitely be a lucrative opportunity. And for people who are not exactly sure as to what is involved in starting a pet care business, the following tips will surely be helpful.

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Decide The Pets You will Take Care Of

You need to first decide what type of pets you will be taking care of. Will you only focus on cats, dogs, or other animals? Or will your business focus on multiple animals?  Even if you decide on dogs, there are various types and sizes of dogs. Will you be able to handle all of them? If not, which types of dogs do you wish to avoid? When you have the answers to all such questions, you will have a clear idea of what type of pet care service you wish to start.

Find A Good Location

Next, you have to find a good location to set up shop. And as with all other businesses, the better the location, the better will be your location. However, since you are starting a pet care business, you can sacrifice some of the prime spots if you feel that they are too expensive. But do make sure that the pet care center you start is easily reachable by road. Otherwise, people will hesitate to make a difficult journey to the pet care center and you will end up losing a lot of potential customers.

Arrange The Funding

You will have to arrange the funds for the business. If you can fund the capital from your own assets, then all is well and good. But if you are short of funds, you will have to take a business loan. Make sure that the loan you take can be repaid easily by the income you earn from the pet care businesses. Otherwise, things can get too tough later on and you might find yourself in a big debt in case the business doesn’t run too well. Check out for partnership opportunities. This will give you the opportunity to avoid debt, albeit at the cost of sharing the business profits.

Decide The Services You Will Provide

You also need to come up with a list of services you will be offering at the pet care center. Will you only be looking after them until the time the owner comes back? Will you take the pet for a regular walk at a scheduled time? If so, how much will you charge for the service? You may also consider providing pet cleaning service. In such situations, you should also decide the process you will adopt for cleaning, whether you will be using Pet Action or some other products for treating the fleas, lice etc. on the pet, and so on.

Plan The Safety Measures

Pets under your care can run away. And if they do, then you will have to face some serious consequences. The owner can sue you for negligence and easily make you bankrupt. The reputation of your business will also take a hit and you will have fewer clients and less income. Plus, being responsible for the loss of someone’s pet can also be hard on you at a psychological level. Given such consequences, it should be easy for you to understand why it is essential to put all necessary safety measures in place so that the pets do not get out from the center.


All businesses require obtaining licenses from state and local governments to operate. And a pet care center too will require its own license. Generally, you might be charged a few hundred dollars for a couple of years of license to start a pet care business. In addition, the animal welfare authorities in the region will also inspect your services and the place of business to make sure that you are indeed offering a genuine service.

Get The Certifications

There are certifications available that will validate you as a genuine pet care expert. And having such certifications can have a huge impact on your business. After all, people will be far more comfortable about leaving their pets in the care of a business that has been certified to follow best practices of pet care. So, check out the prestigious pet care certifications in your area and look into how to get one for your business. You can also use the certifications in your marketing material and attract more customers.

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