Habits That Will Ensure You Always Have A Little More In The Wallet

There are a lot of factors that play into how much you see in your balance at the end of the month. Your career matters. Circumstances like having to commute or having a family matter. But there are all data-points that get added into an equation. What comes out on the other side depends on what that equation is. In most cases, that equation is your money habits. So, let’s look at improving the equation to improve the result we see on the other side.


Always be moving

A financially sensible life starts with goals. Most of us have them. They can be purely for something you desire, like a holiday each year. They can be for a big purchase like a house or a car. They can be for more income streams like buying a rental property or investing. What matters in meeting them is that you create a budget. Find the extra money that we’re all able to. Then, most importantly: pay yourself first. Take that extra money out of your regular account and put in savings before you spend a dime. Otherwise, it’s too easy to accidentally eat into savings. Procrastination is the enemy and paying yourself first is the weapon you need to beat it. [Read more…]

3 Summer Trip Ideas For The Whole Family

The summer break for schools is finally upon us and this means that we have to work around the children and teenagers in the house to decide what to do for the best. You need to be armed with activities and trips to keep the whole family happy and this is going to mean you need to schedule a family meeting and make a plan. The summer vacation may seem endless, but that doesn’t mean your wallet is!

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Don’t Let Summer Burn Up Your Cash!



Summer is finally here! But if you checked your bills and other expenses thoroughly at the end of last year’s summer, you may have found that you spent quite a lot more money than you’re comfortable with. That’s why it’s essential you have money-saving on your mind when the hot months come to town!


Think twice about air conditioning


When the sun blazes down upon your home and seems to turn it into some sort of oversized oven, it’s tempting to get the AC going at full blast. But you should consider all your options before turning to the AC, because it’s the most expensive option when it comes to cooling your home down. Open up all your windows to ensure there’s a good airflow. Use fans that are pointed outside; instead of having air blown at you, you should aim instead of getting the warm air blown out of the room!


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Affordable Escapes For When Mommy Needs A Break

Life seems to become more and more hectic, especially when you’re juggling keeping small humans alive, with housework, a career, more housework (you get the idea). However, if you continue working too much, you’ll end up running out of steam, and won’t be able to look after yourself, let alone anybody else in the family. Therefore, it’s vital that you take some take to yourself to escape it all.


You don’t have to book a six-month cruise around the Caribbean, sans children; however, finding some trustworthy childcare now and again will give you the opportunity to book some time away by yourself, or with your partner or friend. You’ll come back from your break feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the school run (and your family will appreciate the cheerful mood you’ve returned with); so, take a look at the following ideas (escape plans), and book yourself a treat. [Read more…]

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